Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Clash of Morons

Imagery combined with sound can influence the mind and generate intense emotions

and this video of Alvin chanting the Azan with the ackward combination of the electronic piano music in background-

can culminate into two intensely real emotional paths of the viewer .

And how that person chooses to feel after watching may be a clue as to the average mindsets of the Malaysian muslims.

Its a choice .–Bemusement or Rage?

Pause awhile to contemplate on what public reaction may be to this video.

From Muslims and non-Muslims.

It can be a eye opener in understanding our fellow Malaysians of the Islamic faith.

Usually mindsets mostly see only what they want to see that can re-enforce their anger and will

resist thinking /considering other perspectives .

Filtering  any variation in perspective that may cause their anger to subside.

Such mind-sets tend to  cherry pick the thoughts that can amplify the outraged felt but prefer to tone down on the

thoughts and emotions of bemusement that Alvin prompted with his electronic interpretation of Azan..

In essence , the accusation of this video as dis-respectful to Islam, will hold firm -getting more to feel slighted and angry- .disregarding other points of view of it being just another silly provocative antic of a moron named Alvin,intentionally targeted at Malaysian muslims.

If the above video /imagery on a Azan “call to prayer ” is construed as an affront to Islam

and that the muslim mindset viewing it feels outraged and insulted that their noble religion is not respected,

then in likelihood , they will react in anger –

infuriated by their interpretation of what they see in the video.

But how these mindsets react is a small indication of how in-tolerant or accepting

, fellow Malaysian muslims have becomed in affairs of religion.

If there is a public out-cry protesting in  collective anger –  Be sure that  the more

radical Islamic groups will probably hijack it for their own nefarious design –

since  an issue like this  is in line with a sinister agenda of racial/religious dominance in this country.

It can offer an insight not only to the psyche of the average Malaysian muslims-

also the more extremist muslims in their midst. – and various  level of sensitivity to religious controversies.

Especially those mindsets who  sees Alvin’s  video as some un-forgivable act of malice.

and demand retribution in the form of violence.

For these mindsets are like conditioned /programmed to  react in a certain reflex instinct, when the perception of their own race/religion is being challenged.

And that , perhaps all perceived insults  to the noble Islamic faith deserves only  retribution/retaliation or only capital punishment,as violent as possible..

On another perspective,

The Azan performed by Alvin hasn’t any hint of

vulgarity or irreverent language to the Islamic faith..-prompting queries from inquisitive minds.

Which part is deemed offensive/insulting ?

Is it because the Azan is done by a non muslim?

Is it insulting just because the one doing the act is none other than the despicable Alvin?

Or is it because modern electronic keyboard is deemed offensive as musical accompaniment?

Is it allowed or is it like some heinous crime has been commited when a non muslim sings the Azan-and to

compound that , sings the Azan using modern electronic music in accompaniment?

Notoriety to rival the expletive loving -profanity expressionist-Famous Amos-from Singapore

But of course due to Alvin’s notoriety and past pattern of his nerve grating antics-the soft pornographic photos ,the Bak Kut Teh FB posting- that made his infamy.

Mainly most Malaysian muslims and non-muslims sees him as one who holds religion

in contempt  particularly the Islamic faith ” Made in Malaysia ” version.

Malaysian muslims in general already sees this Alvin Tan as a spiteful individual

( A version of Singapore’s Famous Amos who posthumously attacked Lee Kuan Yew in a vicious verbal diatribe that was overdosed with profanity.)

So it will be intriguing to observe what reaction will be generated.

Will the BN propaganda machine exploit this situation and spin it  into something ugly along the lines of the divisive

tactic using Religion?

Perhaps they may mull over pros  and cons of exploiting this issue into something more

And if the advantages outweigh the odds of it backfiring.

Whether the propagandist may or not  exploit this is to be determined.

Another religious themed contentious issue that needs a fire starter to ignite the religious flame.

that will  have the religious communities at each other’s nerves.

And causing much grief in the inter-ethnic/religious affairs,always a handy ploy to divert

or distract from the real plague of mis-governance

As for Alvin Tan-

Gambling people will probably lay their bets  that there will be screams for retaliation from extremist / radical groups in the most violent of ways.

To make an example of whats in store for any who dares to whimper any disrespect to Islam.

In this instance, Alvin Tan who has dared to chant the”call to prayer” Azan with a modern twist using electronic music

And if cries for retaliation indeed materialises-

then it will feel like looking forward in gleeful anticipation-knowing the antics of our

domestic religious extremist agencies like PKsa Isma etc . with their penchant for eloquent rubbish.

It will be a treat of what absolute  nonsense may be in store

-claptrap, balderdash,  hogwash,baloney, garbage,  drivel,  gunk ,

piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey,malarkey, hokum, twaddle,

gobbledygook, fart bunkum,, crapola-

absurdity,moronic, idiotic ,exasperating-
-stupid blood-vomit inducing statements that may be spewed.
With a whole lot of nonsense to justify what retribution Alvin deserves for this outrageous act of insulting Islam.

Think it ll take Morons to know how to react to antics of another fellow moron-in-arms.

Whomsoever acquainted  with the name of Alvin Tan- and what the name represents or  associated

with- will for a fact-  be absolutely convinced that Alvin’s musical cover version  of “Azan” is not an attempt of a mindset

who discovered some sudden sense of sanctified self -awareness and love for Allah.

therefore is hinting at  his new-found sense of spirituality in Islam .

Yearning to express  that sentiment in his own modernist interpretation and musical adaptation for a call to prayer.

With gathered knowledge about Alvin Tan-it is clearly  a prank on the mindsets of Malaysian muslims ,

conceived by the dark and evil mischievous mind of Alvin Tan-

who is bent on payback for the”debt of grievance” suffered on him by the

Malaysian system.of justice and a “Made in Malaysia”  version of religious/ethnic state of affairs.-

that he was made to suffer during the public focus of his moronic behaviour in the scandals

that drove him to seek refuge in US.



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