Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Tun M acknowledges the wisdom of the late Tunku

The dialogue began with an intriguing statement from Tun Mahathir regarding getting independence from the British colonialist:

From 4.20 – Getting independence from British and fears of the colonialist.

5.40– TDM finally acknowledges the wisdom of the late Tunku in his governing  strategy of power-sharing among the ethnic mix that can address  the colonialist fears of one race grabbing all power and show the fears are  unfounded.

Tun admits his brashness then ,on going against the Tunku.


Tun Mahathir’s reminder on Morality and Conscience

Even before the start off the dialogue .. the Tun posed a  intriguing thought provoking

statement on very pertinent issues of good conscience and morality.

9.29- Moral Dilemma of Tun M”.Tetapi walau kita sayang,kita harus juga ambil berat tentang apa yang


941-“Kita ta boleh sayang  satu orang sampai dia bunuh orang pun kita kata OK lah!”

9.40..Tun Says, “Saya Cuma bagi contoh..ta ada kena mengena  pada apa”- then he goes on to elaborate

“Kalau kita sayang pada Isteri pun, kalau Isteri melakukan jenayah yang dasyat-kita ta boleh terima –lah pasal “Dia isteri saya.!

Sins of a  Wife,A  Moral Dilemma ?

Reflecting on the statement  the Tun made above -It is a interesting  statement with a thought provoking  Moral Dimension .

Loosely translated ..“ we may love our wives – but if the wife commit a heinous crime ,it is un-acceptable if  the husband do nothing /say nothing ,even though he knows what the wife did-just because “ She is My Wife!’

For sake of contemplation:

Lets mull on a hypothetical  situation :

(In no way is this a inference to any person/parties,overt or subtle- alive or dead.Just a hypothetical scenario for  reflecting on the Morality dimension from an  active imagination)

(On another thought ,it will make a very interesting outline for a TV movie/mini series,in the hands of a brilliant script writer)…………

Anyway ———-

A  newly appointed CEO of a huge multi-national  corporation.

An idealogical individual with all the sincere  best-intentions to do good for the company he now leads.

With the job , the CEO will have the power and  access to commandeer at his disposal the huge financial resources

to how he sees fit, for the best interest of the company but somehow , with the power at his disposal – he deviates from that path – figuring out how to by-pass the process of doing things above-board or transparently –without seeking approval from the board of directors and shareholders.

But in fact ,as it turns out , he is a reluctant accomplice to his ambitious spouse who is the real mastermind behind the plot to divert the financial assets of the corporation to their private nest-egg. .

Aided and abetted by an assortment of hand picked conspiring parties /individuals ,all helping to connive the nitty details on how to pull off the heist.

And to throw in a evil moral conundrum into the plot

An individual that has a vested interests in the share of the embezzlement pie, finds that he/she has been left out in the cold and denied ,what is deemed to be their share..Resorting to blackmail /extortion with the threat to expose the entire sinister scheme.

But in panic and vengeful spite.The threatened  spouse used her wealth and influence to have the black-mailer and potential whistle blower silenced permanently.

But the spouse has no official portfolio not authority in the company. Except having access to and the immense influence she wields onto her CEO  husband.

Managing to persuade him to go along with her scheme to embezzle and commit CBT and worst even be complicit to a murder ,a plot which He may not be privy to initially.

So, based on the Tun’s  reasoning…The immoral wrong commited by the CEO must be pointed out, no matter how it pains the one doing so..

And if the wife did indeed commited the evil act of “silencing” another.  Its an act unacceptable and unpardonable and cannot be condoned even by the husband, if in fact he has knowledge on it..

The Tun’s point : ( It will be  immoral or unconscionable for the husband to stay silent)

And finally,  the only recourse is to ensure that no more evil diabolical schemes can be done to wreak more damage on the corporation- that the CEO must be removed-

In principle –remove  the head and the rest is neutralized.

At the heart of the above Hypothetical scenario –

Its all about the issue of morality, conscience  – pervesely – if real life imitates this Hypothetical poser above-

-and there are those caught in a similar conumdrum –

This morality issue is for their conscience to  wrestle with in their psyches.

A thought provoking Moral Dilemma indeed.

As if the Tun is hinting-Do you sell your soul for money and self-interests and forget about God given values guided by conscience or cast aside the moral compass that distinguishes a human with values premised on decency  or allow the sin of greed and unscrupulous ambition to dictate your life?

Quote from the Tun : “Kita harus ingat –kawan2 kita ,saudara mara kita,mesti laku yang betul ,kalau ta betul ,kita terpaksa kata ta betul, walaupun terasa terlekat dalam dada, nak kata sesuatu pada kawan ,dan pada orang yang banyak kita dapat nikmat.” Unquote!

Translated loosely “ We must be aware that ,friends /family  should  do what is right !

And if they have done wrong ! We need to  force ourselves to point out to them  what is wrong, even though we feel distress or  heavy-hearted  to voice out to the person – especially if the person is a benefactor from where we get many “benefits.”

In a nutshell, let our conscience be our guide.


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