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Living on borrowed time and Borrowed Billions?

Any acquainted with the idiom “living on borrowed time” will know what it means.

Among the definitions are “Lasting longer than they are supposed to.-” to continue to exist longer than expected:- Outlive reasonable expectations,

Living on borrowed time,

Literally or figuratively . This expression alludes to time borrowed from death.

A general rule of thumb is Discard things that have Past expiry date..

Generally people no longer trust the safety of the consumable item.- if its deemed to be past its’ shelf life.

That seems to be the prevailing circumstance the leadership of the current ruling administration is under.

And this “ Borrowed Time “ is descriptive /applicable to the leader- who also have steered the  country into a financial predicament with the “Borrowed Billions “ that is proving to be a very daunting quagmire to be extricated from –

A Government or its’ leaders ” living on borrowed time “ will find it difficult to be taken seriously and trusted to make serious decisions that affect an entire country.

A nation’s leader  who seem to have lost public confidence will have created a serious trust deficit .


Deficit on everything.!

Finances  – Public Confidence – Trust- Integrity – Morality-

And the worst maybe –Fundamental Decency.

Without trust – when public confidence towards their Government and Ministers or leaders is questioned or lost – via highly serious credible allegations of  financial impropriety .

Accusations of mis- behavior – abuse of power- Murderous conspiracy cover-ups involving the powerful and influential .

These are issues that can undermine the very democracy a country is built upon.

Where  respect for the rule of law and the sanctity of our constitution with a clear separation of the 3 branches of governance is written in by the founding Fathers .

And in particular the Executive and Judiciary .

When the Executive is perceived to have trespassed on the Judiciary imposing their dictates. It is not a fully functioning democracy.


To worsen the situation ,

Accusations or allegations of mis-conduct of Leaders are brusquely ignored –and are allowed to fester and not rebutted decisively or categorically denied.

And damning scandal after scandal surfaces – especially in ethical or moral mis-behavior .

The Deficits just builds and builds into alarming crisis proportions.

When all these are tallied- The  Leaders in such a Govermental administration stand to lose the Moral imperative to  govern effectively.

Even the President of the most powerful office in the free world –President  Obama caved in to a petty  Birth Cert issue that queried his place of birth , deciding  to clear the air because it  seem to be distracting a nation from serious issues of governance.

In comparison , it’s a virtual non-issue if were to be compared to  the very very serious “distractions” that affects PM Najib.

Yet , PM Najib confoundingly further exarcebates  his already  tainted reputation and image by himself maintaining an un-dignified silence?

Blind loyalty

No human being is perfect, political leaders esp.

Loyalty to those we choose to follow is a noble human  trait.

But when it comes to affairs that may question one’s own conscience ,

it is indeed an internal psychological struggle for those who may tolerate up to a degree ,their

leader’s imperfections but -where do they draw the line with regards to loyalty ?

Human beings may not be saints , but does it  mean they have to condone acts that may trouble their conscience un-questioningly and still observe blind obedience.-

What if their leaders may have  commited  acts that transgressed upon fundamental human decencies ?

Look the other way in the interests of ambition and self-preservation and live with their own conflict of conscience?


The Hang Jebat vs Hang Tuah /Sultan vicious loyalty triangle.

A perverse dilemma in loyalty.

Hang Tuah will be a classic study on blind loyalty /obedience despite perceived treachery on himself commited by the very one he surrendered his absolute loyalty to.

Hang Jebat is the anti thesis ,his sense of justice rebelling  against treachery and power abuse distraught by persecution of his innocent comrade in arms, “Hang Tuah” that he thought was executed unjustly.

And only to be killed by “Tuah” who emerged from hiding , with his own values of blind obedience to his Lord and Master, who had wanted to put him to death on a flimsy accusation.

And the 15th century Malacca ruler is a symbol of absolute power ,that can do no wrong.

If the debate is on morality grounds and justice ..Who is right and who is wrong?

Between Tuah and Jebat ,which of them does the term “misplaced loyalty” better describes?

Adapt the situation to the modern day and age of the current 21st century and then pose the question.

Do we side with Hang Tuah –celebrate his loyalty ? Or Hang Jebat for his sense of justice and also loyalty to his comrade ,rebelling against tyranny .

And not least , overlook the role of the sultan who betrayed his loyal warrior , sentenced him to death , just because he is the absolute power that cannot be questioned?

For with the power he possesses as absolute ruler , is He above natural justice and the dictates of normal morality ?

Hang Jebat’s famous quote was “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah” meaning “A fair and just  ruler is tobe revered- a cruel king is a king to rebel against”.

Just change the “Raja” into “Pemimpin”  (Leader) and it retains the significance of the meaning into the modern age and current status quo of Goverment.

This went against Tuah’s philosophy of loyalty without question.

Sandwiched in between as always !

And the ones who invariably are always caught in the middle will be the common people.

Their hopes and expectations yearning for their leaders to do right by them and with their best interests as the core priority.

Not be burdened by the game of politics at the expense of their welfare.


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