Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

According to stats..The turnout was 73.71% .a lot lower than the 2013’s 88.3%. Her majority this time is lower than the previous majority for her husband in 2013.
However, she picked up more Malay votes from the younger generation, but lost some Chinese support.

In Rompin, Turnout dropped from the 2013’s 85.0% to 74%.

Winning majority dropped from 15,114 in 2013 to 8895.
Again some Chinese votes swung back to BN-UMNO

Perhaps the Chinese vote is just an indication of the pragmatic approach of the average Chinese mindsets of what best serves their interests.

Not based on  passionate loyalty rooted in idealogy.. A kind of  what BN vs PK candidate means to their own immediate  short term interests as  constituents..

Short term gains-as pragmatic as it can get- but it may not mean that they will stay loyal  to their chosen candidate from BN/UMNO.

Come GE 14, these voters can just as easily swing back to PK if they think it ll help effect any change in the Governing status quo  that is seen to be holding their enterprising achievements ,with no help from the government – as ransom.

UMNO Ministers issuing boycott threats specifically pointing out the ethnic Chinese  community, NGOs promoting hate mongering.etc etc.

And most damning and resentful of all has to be , the deafening  silence from the Government , and when there is a response, it is as if the behaviours are condoned or endorsed..

Until BN particularly UMNO  realizes that the Chinese can be an appreciative lot , but  gives loyalty only when deserved or as gratitude repayment-remember 1999 when TDM lost a big chunk of the Malay electorate coz  of a black eye incident and still retain 2 thirds because of what is arguably seen as a  gratitude endorsement from the Chinese votes –many avoided financial upheaval ,and credited  it to TDM—and they showed their appreciation  in their voting.

Promises means nothing  to the average Chinese mindsets ,not taken seriously ,unless there is a built up of trust over years of dealings.

“Action first talk later” is a very Chinese approach to many things.

But at the rate UMNO/BN are going –playing up race/religion/ allowing ferocious or aggressive defending of the ethnic  entitlement and racial supremacy  with threats verging on murderous violence.

All these troubles the Chinese electorate’s  peace of mind and sense of security in the lack of consistency  or assurances from the government.

Chinese can put up with a lot of nonsense  , but when the proverbial “Chinese Rice Bowl” is threatened- perceived or otherwise-they react defensively  en-bloc to stave off the threat.

So they will easily and instinctively  revert to supporting  PK. Chinese like to gamble- And like gambling  with their vote, stakes are winning a sense of (not equality) but a sense of fairness / stability/ an environment where they have a better chance of advancing without perceived obstructions-not feel threatened as a minority.

The negative perceptions which the UMNO led coalition is doing a damned good job of promoting.

LGE/DAP knew that – and used it effectively during  GE13 campaign in Penang.


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