Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Datuk Seri Najib Razak says he will resist pressure to step down as prime minister, that he will remain in the job with support from Umno and trust from the people. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, May 10, 2015.

Najib Razak said tonight he would not bow to pressure and quit as Prime Minister or Umno president .

“I will only bow to the people and party members. As long as the people and members of Umno support me and have trust in my leadership, I will continue to carry on,”

It was the first time he had openly come out with such a strong-worded statement since coming under heavy criticism and demands by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that he resign.

Najib recited a Bugis saying

‘Kendati tergantung awan di langit.

Telah terlanjur kubentang layar.

Walau badai datang menggunung.

Walau berdentum guruh di langit,

walau bumi berkeping dua,

tak kan mungkin ku berbalik haluan’. 

Closest translation into English of the above:

Though the  sky suspends storm clouds

May be too late to for me to open  the span of the sail

And Even as the mountainous storm approaches

Even as the sky thunders –

Even if the earth splits in two –

It is impossible i will turn back and retrace my course.

Different people may have differing interpretation on the above

Yet some may read it to mean something like this

Whats happen has happened, already 1MDB owes 42 billion.

Its done ,too late to do anything about it …

And so makes no difference who is complaining and screaming,

So what, the whole country is screaming..they can scream as loud as they want..

The last 2 verses is a bit chilling ..walau bumi berkeping dua -takan ku berbalik haluan( even if the earth splits in 2, its impossible i will turn back and retrace my course)

The alarmist will read it to mean …

Even if the country gets into a financial crisis.

I still am not going to budge from my position..

Najib’s Jab at Tun Mahathir !

(The bold letters  are just having some fun with an  interpretation of what may be inferred..

PM Najib  said every leader, including himself, would face severe tests during their tenure as leaders.

Dr Mahathir was no exception. He had gone through even more tests during his 22 years as Prime Minister.

“Who said there were no tests? During the Team A and Team B test (Dr Mahathir) nearly lost.

( Tun M,You old fox, you need to remember that you also kena hentam before and nearly lost your shirt )

Almost 50 per cent of the Umno members called him to step down.

( There were factions in UMNO who wanted your head as well then ,Ingat tak?)

But what was his answer? ( referring to Tun M )

Even if I win by a single vote, I will continue to be the Prime Minister..!

( same same lah now , i refuse to budge just because you said so, I will hang on as long as I can, I can be as stubborn as you too,you know)

Oh! That was a great answer.!   ( Take that ..!! You Sly old fox..You.. dooosh..!)

“In 1987, I was among those who supported him. Why he (Dr Mahathir) remained as Prime Minister?

Because we were united in difficult times. When in difficult times we support him to remain in power.

If we did not support the leader during “trying times,” Dr Mahathir would not have been the Prime Minister for 22 years,” said Najib .

.( Ya..loh ..I helped You back then , What are you doing now? You are supposed to be supporting me and help me get out of “Trying times”   – meaning this 1MDB messy stink i made)

“Therefore, do not forget the past, when he (Dr Mahathir) was the Prime Minister, we fully supported him..

(Swear that the Tun’s voice is chanting in the background ” Sorry la Najib , Apa boleh buat..Kan Melayu mudah lupa?)

Now he is not the Prime Minister, so return the support..(please la old man , you have no power now la,I am the PM now, so know your place,sedar la sikit ! )

Even if cannot support, don’t make too much noise and disrupt the party.!

( Don’t kacau lah ,if you have nothing good to say , or contribute , just diam saja ,  this 1MDB already reeks  to high heaven, stop stirring it up some more,like shit stirring , you will make it stink more worst) 

We can clarify the (1MDB) issue,” he said..

.( give la  face and some time for us to come up with another flimsy  excuse to fool the masses and ram down the the throats of the ignoramuses known as the Malaysian public.. since dear Tun , you know how easy that can be for you have done the same before !) 

He said Dr Mahathir had made misleading and contradictory statements about troubled

government company 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

“At one time he says 1MDB lost RM42 billion and then says 1MDB did not lose but owes RM42 billion.”

( See ..Maybe the Tun might be nyanyuk..and not know what he is talking about..can’t even get his facts right .COnfused lah Tun M..Are you sure He can be taken seriously-ka ? )

PM Najib  said the Tabung Haji purchase of a plot of land from 1MDB was an investment and not a bailout;

full article: defiant-najib-vows-not-to-back-down/

To quote PM Najib  “I only bow down to party members and the people.
As long as the party members support me, and as long as people give their trust “

On a more serious note:

If PM Najib has the people’s trust then the 1MDB mess will not have traction in their mind-sets and more may give him benefit of doubt.

To have trusts of people ,Leaders must be seen to be ethical and responsible deserving the trusts..

And he has forfeited that right to be trusted,when he breaks the promises made to the people- and conduct dealings with the people’s money in dubious questionable dealings.
But that is exactly the problem-he no longer have that right to be Trusted .

People are uncertained -troubled and worried about what financial black hole he is steering the country into..
And even within his own UMNO party, there is a rift between factions who wants him to step down..

The dis-unity He is largely responsible for creating..


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