Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia





Quite many may not have  noticed, – or it didn’t cross their minds to observe –

just because it was the highly endearing and respected Tun Siti Hasmah who said it -very briefly.

Simply because Tun Siti Hasmah is such a well loved gentle grand-matronly soul in the psyche of Malaysians -that in the few seconds that transpired ,

When Tun M and Tun Siti Hasmah came back from the Umrah, .

Particularly Tun Siti Hasmah sounding very concerned in her voice referring to Najib..

Quoting her brief remark…

“Saya berdoa depan Kaabah untul keselamatan bagi semua orang

Saya sebagai Ibu..Saya juga doakan untuk Najib pun

Supaya dia jangan membuat sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi Agama kita.”

(Lets consider Tun Siti Hasmah voicing her concern from a  perspective of a concerned Mother /Grandmother or simply a woman really worried about the well being of her close friends and family,-in light of whats happening in the political arena where her Husband is directly leading the charge in trying to dislodge the most powerful man in the country-(when they are at a golden age where most will just take it easy and do flower nursery or farming etc)

And indirectly her children , who are high profile personalities in their own right .. may get nudged or drawn in to the political battle royale  ,not to mention ,it may involve confronting close family friends/associates.

Worry may be too mild a word to describe how she may be feeling.!

Something’s gotta give, a winner means there will be a loser, and in the process , there will be the bruised/wounded-

Somebody may get hurt but  now the ones confronting each other are ,on one side is  Family (Tun M) and on the other Friends /Acquaintances She has known for decades..(Najib)  who is the son of someone they had a bond with Decades ago.. (Tun Razak)

Tough spot to be in between !


 In a nutshell, She said above…

I prayed in front of the Kaabah for the the safety (well being) for Every one!

I – As a Mother—I included a prayer for Najib.

That he may refrain from doing something that  is not good in our Faith(Religion)

Its so noticeable the seriously genuine sense of worry she expresses  about Najib.,and a certain sense of anxiety in the tone of her voice – as she tries to retain her composure but yet ,if one pays attention.. the saddened emotional tinge to her voice can be sensed -revealing her worry or she speaks about Najib,

In a tone that is reminiscient of what  Mothers usually use- when they talk about their own wayward  children- that sounds much like a very concerned mother whose worried that their child

“may have already done something wrong -but might be about to do another wrong and make things worst .”

A situation that may get most Mothers or parents so anxious and even frantic with worry.!.

Wonder if Tun Siti Hasmah in this instance  is feeling that way about Najib.?.



Being presumptious here a bit –perhaps she sees herself as a God-Mom to Najib besides his real mom. Tun Rahah Noah..She probably was already acquainted with Najib when he was in his diapers. and She feels a certain instinctive  maternal responsibility towards him.

And as with all Mothers..and the protective maternal instinct ,that will stand by their children/charges –

and forgive whatever transgressions regardless – without conditions..makes no difference..whether its a God son or adopted or their own..( An unconditional forgiveness that  is something that even Fathers cannot do ! )

Nonetheless,they can’t help but worry..!

Guess Women especially Mothers may know and understand this maternal instinct better..

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. who afterall probably watched Najib grow up, family friends with the Razaks-and perhaps have a close kinship / relationship with Tun Rahah..

Wonder how close were the Razaks and Mahathirs in the early years,especially the spouses , Tun Siti Hasmah and Tun Rahah..when their husbands were young turks and comrades-in-arms carving out their niche in Malaysian politics.,whilst they took care of the domestic front.

Between the 2 men in a common political struggle,there is bound to be a bond between them that includes their spouses and the protective paternal / maternal sense  extended to their children.

(Just being presumptious and mulling the above !)

On a more thought provoking stream

Gaging from Tun Siti Hasmah overall body language and tone of voice.

Is there something more alarming that  Tun Siti Hasmah knows about that is nor revealed.?

That lovely woman whose demeanour or aura genuinely projects a kind – warm and caring personality ..says out openly her worry about Najib – is in itself a cause for concern and contemplation.

For if there is something that we should have learned to take seriously ,it’s women’s intuition and  when they make remarks that directly affects them stemming from their emotional disposition ,may be wise to listen and mull on it- if there is anything to be deciphered!  Very different from reticence of men held back by pride and ego.!

And noteworthy is that Tun Siti Hasmah is not a politician . She is more known for her compassion and caring persona in public life when Tun M was PM.

She is definitely not the type who does  political double speak,, She is way too elegant -dignified and noble .

A lovely kind hearted Grand-motherly soul like Tun Siti Hasmah voices out a worry – may be a good idea to take it seriously and ponder on it – for it’s without doubt  genuine and sincerely  from her heart.,revealing her real feelings!

Hence when she expresses concern about Najib and  openly says that She earnestly “Prays for his well-being and that He will not do something drastic against His Faith.”  Its food for thought.!

It prompts one to think  whether , if it is  based on something – some knowledge  – she may be privy to -but She hope will not come to that..

Or then again –  She may be actually hinting a message  to Najib himself ,hoping he might be watching – Or as it turns out , is merely a genuine concern.!

But it does get one to wonder what the grounds are for the worry of  Tun Siti Hasmah

 Just mulling here,maybe reading too much into it and baseless afterall..nonetheless…

Viewing the video ,can’t help but  notice..!

The  emphasis in her tone of voice when she said…  “Keselamatan…….”


Then what was noticeable also was that it seemed to pain her a little when she said

” Saya sebagai Ibu…………………”

And the whole country knows about the spate of Tun M and Najib..

Therefore , its not too unreasonable to contemplate on – Just how far will Najib go to ensure he survives the onslaught from Tun M ?

And in his slug-fest  for his political self-preservation or survival…..

Will Najib  duel a gentleman’s feud?

Or is he capable of really fighting dirty to fend off the attacks and launch a counter offensive?

Tun M so far seems to be focusing on mainly the financial scandals and irregularities of Najib’s premiership,and trying to avoid getting personal ,apart from references  to Najib’s stepson.but then that was unavoidably questioning the source of the wealth..

Although there have been inferences to the spouse,yet it was still around the unexplained conspicuous excesses in  wealth and obscene spending ..

Will PM Najib extend the same courtesy to Tun M and detractors by not getting too personal and not drag family into the scrap?

Still  Tun M ‘s hint at the way the Penang UMNO vice chairman   and how they dealt with him  after he made a police report on 1MDB ,may be indication of what Najib may be prepared to do to fight off detractors..

Seriously seriously hope that Tun Siti Hasmah , when she said “Saya berdoa untuk “Keselamatan”  semua orang”.

She was just simply expressing a worry for the well being of all..

And she was just being a” woman- like the average women -who have tendencies  to worry or be alarmed in a over hyped way..

And that she  “was not feeling “threatened”  in any way.or She really knows something others don’t that is causing her anxiety .!”

Just like when she expresses, ” Saya sebagai Ibu……….”

” She is obviously worried about her family and those whose well being she cares about .”

As for this statement

“.Saya juga doakan untuk Najib pun

Supaya dia jangan membuat sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi Agama kita.”

Only the dear sweet lady herself Tun Siti Hasmah may know what she may be alluding to..

And does prompts the highly intriguing albeit sinister connotation in the query..

How  Far or Vicious  will  Najib and His ” Significant Other ”  and  His crew be willing to go to Win or Preserve his Position?

Is it “survival at all cost ,take no prisoners  ” type of confrontation?

What collateral damage will he be willing to put up with?

Of course ,who will be the ultimate expendable sacrifices in the UMNO stable?

Whether Tun M will get his way or Najib emerges intact is still to be seen,and the final bell is still many rounds away.

Its just gets more intriguing by the the show unfolds and things unravel slowly for PM Najib.




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