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Can’t help but to ponder why Jho Low is back in the country ?

Hmmm.why would a billionaire take a risk with his physical presence coming back to Malaysia knowing so many are after his scalp,blaming him for his alleged role in the 42 billion 1MDB debt.

Why ?

Noticed the proximity in timing of Jho Low’s risky return to Malaysia and 2 events-

The 1B loan from the Abu Dhabi group -IPIC- being announced ?Jho ‘s turf – He seems to have a good network in that region ,its also where Petro Saudi is based-

And the 1 million bounty for info of TDM’s illicit cash hoard?

.Could be just co-incidence,nonetheless still – SO intriguing..!

Why would any sailor choose to steer and sail himself straight into a storm?

Of course in this instance ,it is the 1MDB storm that puts him at some risk merely by his physical presence in the country. .
When he is at a relatively safe and calm location in non-turbulent seas at a distance -at his super posh JynWei HQ office in Hong Kong?
Guess there has to be a crucial reason why the alleged 1MDB Money-Man needs to be in town-

maybe getting too dicey for him to do transactions /correspondence online from any international location..

Never know who may be hacking and leaking the info–

Then again ,if it is some straightforward business scheme to resolve the murky troubled 1MDB situation that is above board ,then there is nothing to worry about-

But if there were to be some diabolical scheme being hatched regarding the 1MDB fiasco-and the Funds ?
SInce Jho Low has built up a sterling repute with the 1MDB funds -as some innovative financial wiz esp in Laundering affairs.,its not inconceivable that ,all parties rather not risk any more damaging leaks.

And maybe Najib needs his input and be a proxy  or a middleman of sorts – in how to sort out the current 1MDB financial mess via their combined networks ,since Najib cannot afford to ,or risk to be seen to-

be directly involved or have anything in-appropriate or opaque financial dealings involving 1MDB that can be linked back to him.

Najib seems to be building a wall of expendable cannon fodder around him , individuals positioned to take most of the flak and even be set-up to be the fall-guy/guys.-if things get too dire to defend .

Shielding Najib from the brunt of the attacks.

And also perhaps Jho Low can be used to contribute his 2 cents worth of schemes in Najib’s war-room tactics against the weird mis-matched coalition of unified voices of the opposition – in the common siege on 1MDB – but more threatening UMNO old guards and warlords led by none other than the battle hardened giant-slaying  Generallismo TDM..

Hardly has the dust settled in Jho ‘s return to the country ,and there is a 1 million bounty on- for details of TDM’s financial mischief /misdeeds of the past..

Just mulling,whether this Jho Low may have a hand in it -or not.!

And just what is CAGM that just materialised from thin air,practically  overnight ?

And who are these CAGM members offering the 1million bounty?

Perhaps by scutinising who the members are and their financial resources and esp where the 1 million bounty will be sourced from -can reveal if they are legit ?

Then there is the proximity in timing of Jho Low’s return to the  IPIC deal being announced.

The US$1 billion that an Abu Dhabi group is to pay 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) by June 4 –

is no big deal as 1MDB is only getting back its own money.

The Edge Weekly reported in its latest issue out today that in September 2014,

1MDB had controversially paid the International Petroleum Investment Corp (IPIC)

and its subsidiary Aabar Investments US$1 billion to terminate an option granted to them to buy a 49% stake in any future listing of its power assets.

1MDB had borrowed US975 million from a consortium led by deutsche bank to pay IPIC/Aabar.

The Edge added that this latest deal is bound to come with conditions imposed on 1MDB and Putrajaya, which was not disclosed by Finance Ministry on Friday. – TMI

 ( Also the Players  seem to be also from the region where Petro Saudi is from,and where Jho Low seems to have a network / connections -or is he merely a Front for another?
Coupled with the fact that ,there is yet again , valid questionable details not fully revealed -,despite that -amidst the current  hostile environment to anything remotely to do with how 1 MDB financial affairs are handled .
Anything that has any links to 1MDB cannot afford the luxury of confidentiality,given the public’s Trust deficit in the Affairs.-Anything short of transparency in any dealings is unacceptable-)
Strangely ,this IPIC arrangement is vaguely familiar and reminiscent of the Petro-Saudi type of that it may have the fingerprints of the same main protagonist -Jho “the 1MDB money-man” Low all over it.-Where the 1MDB money was going round in circles on a round the world trip-
So ,as The Edge  reported-(1 MDB is only getting back its’ own money) after the  money goes around in circles
Did Jho Low also helped to put the deal together.?

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