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According to the IGP …why he decided to stop the “Nothing to Hide” dialogue.

IGP nothing to hide

Sourced  igp-says-event-cancelled-due-to-two-unruly-groups/

General Public perception has it that – PM Najib wanted to avoid confronting Tun M and also avoid giving satisfactory/acceptable explanations to the damning allegations about 1MDB- because He hasn’t any plausible answers for a more accountable explanation.

Although by and large -the Public impression on PDRM stepping in to stop the Dialogue has a general consensus in that-
It just seem to be another  highly foolish un-imaginative staged ploy using the IGP’s name to play Bad Cop.

Nobody in their right mind will believe that the IGP is so powerful as to make decisions on the PM’s behalf …and to use the flimsy excuse of potential unruly behaviour – in a way denying this as a charade, may just get many within the public – feeling that their intelligence is insulted and taken for granted yet again – as fools.

Its just feeding the public resentment with more intensity- causing cynicism of the public towards  PM Najib and his “Allies or Tools”  to rise many notches- that it may come to  a point -that everything that comes from Him will not be taken seriously regardless whether its the truth or not – contributing to a serious deficit in credibility in His leadership !

“Nothing to Hide ” or Nothing to Say?

Would PM Najib been able to or may not have lasted  3 questions if He had really taken on Tun M in a debate ?
All the damning allegations on 1MDB that they desperately tried to conceal and hints of impropriety on handling of the 1MDB funds that they tried so hard to be hidden from Public knowledge /awareness , has somehow slowly and gradually  -with bits and pieces of the incriminating damaging details are / and still  being ” Exposed”.

That in a way- gives the “Nothing to Hide” theme a perverted truth on another perspective!

Perhaps more accurate may be to describe the 1MDB situation ” Nothing Much Left to Hide ” !

The whole “Nothing to Hide” and almighty IGP preventing the PM from attending ” charade ” – is so easily interpreted as -or perceived as – a highly shallow and unimaginative ploy by PM Najib or his Advisers to avoid answering confrontational questions around 1MDB controversy.!

Questions PM Najib has no answers for , and nor does He feel confident enough to attend and address the damning allegations satisfactorily to the public .

Much less a debate on the whole 1MDB affair with Tun M  – in which  He may not survive 3 questions without floundering !
So, yet again , as if on cue – a decision is made  to take the intelligence of the average Malaysians for another ride -thinking that the public are mostly fools anyway – taken for granted.!

Not realizing that when He makes people with genuine intelligent queries and concerns – feel that their intelligence is being insulted-

Then the resentment level towards Him ,only increase in intensity – for failure to respect the public’s legitimate and intelligent queries / questions and desire to understand the whole controversy.

And it just serves to add more salt to the festering 1MDB wound.

There are still those on neutral stand and need to determine if the accusations of –

FInancial mis-behaviour involving the country’s funds are founded on legitimate grounds or are just allegations that can be disproved !

Although so far – the Former impression rather than the Latter seem to have gained more traction  amidst the public’s imagination.

And the more evasive measures PM Najib does to dodge the issue..the more dodgy his reputation will be perceived by the public- a reputation already deeply mired in “crisis of trust to lead the country”.

Until PM Najib decides to take the intelligence of all those who question 1MDB  seriously-.and respond to the accusations and allegations at the same intellectual level with acceptable explanations based on reason and logic and transparency

And not seem to take for granted ,the so mis-leading mis-perception that , all the public are fools -and easily fooled-

with  Himself foolishly convinced that All will swallow anything and everything He dishes out -without any doubting nor questioning – Its a un-realistic expectation that has the potential to backfire!.

Then ,He is only deepening the grave that is being dug for Him by all the 1MDB detractors..!

In a nutshell.

Public perception now has an impression of..PM Najib using IGP as the bad cop shield ..

Avoiding the Nothing to Hide dialogue because of Nothing to Say ,that’s plausible or valid in his own defence?
Like some kid afraid to face off with another lest they wet their pants.
Running away from confrontation on the 1MDB affair ,

despite after stating his Bugis warrior blood-line so proudly in front of thousands ,

Exclaiming “I don’t back off from a fight !”

Warriors do not shy away from a battle ,esp when their own honor/integrity is at stake..

But what if  their own conscience manifests a confidence crisis in themselves – creating doubts as to their  own capability to engage their enemies /detractors  in defence of their own honor?

All these factors just generates more public cynicism,more resentment towards PM Najib, as the affair is alleged as a staged ploy to evade confrontation with Tun M on 1MDB issues.

Its intriguing to note that as Marina M pointed out in this video, the PDRM officers immediately stepped in to interrupt Tun M as soon as He started to mention ,perhaps “The One / Name  ,The “He Who Cannot be mentioned “-meaning Jho “the1MDB moneyman” Low.

Thought provoking co-incidence ? The Juicy Plot with 1MDB Thickens!

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