Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Farouk-A-Peru/ /Farah-Ann-and-the-aurat-trolls/

After reading the opinion piece above,just mulling in my shallow understanding of affairs of Faith and Piety.!

These covering up of exposed flesh. Seem to be just another control mechanism of the sexist chauvinistic male gender-under the guise of Faith-to keep their women subservient and hidden away-.their beauty of mind and physicality not to be shared -more about selfish-ness than it is about piety.-

Perhaps relevant to the medieval desert tribal Arabian landscape thousands of years ago- where it evolved from-when such practices were necessary because women were like “Trophies -Prizes” to be captured by the victors of wars and feuds among the tribes.
-But in the 21st century??

And in this instance-In the SEA games- the Malaysian Aurat police , instead of lauding Fara’s sterling golden performance – glory and achievement..
Their mindsets  see only what they want to see and nothing else,,

Not glory for the country , Not pride to “bangsa “, but their minds are only given to harbor impure lurid thoughts everytime they see Aurat in whatever shape or form.
Like self anointed moral police , constantly looking out for Aurat with their vivid imagination , to chastise in order to protect the chastity and modesty of those They deemed to have transgressed their interpretation of indecency..

Sigh. ! Who among them has the Almighty’s disapproval,-is debatable,-but my money is on the ones with impure heart seeing vileness in everything,

Makes them hypocrites!

As Datuk Paduka Rafidah puts it…

Beliau berkata”Wanita tidak pernah mengadu pakaian yang di pakai kaum lelaki walaupun menyakitkan mata yang memandang-Anda fikir lelaki kelihatan elok dalm seluar renang mereka?”
Ya tak Ya –Betul juga -,Rafidah !– From lelaki-iman-rendah-punca-kontroversi.

Watching Farah’s  routine. All I can see here is perfect timing, Coordination -elegance and grace, beauty in motion, perfectly executed..from years and years of repetitive dedication and hard toil sacrifice and suffering- to this Level of performance!

Truly deserving the Gold..

On a more positive note..congratulations Ms Farah Ann..very seldom in athletics,can we feel proud of a fellow Malaysian.You Go Girl !

Angelina Jolie puts it best below…


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