Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy says relevant documents are with the authorities and questions from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad have been answered. – Reuters filepic, June 18, 2015.



We gave Facts ,He says ? What facts? Most of the facts were debunked by 1MDB detractors simply by pointing out the so valid inconsistencies in the “Facts”. And no attempt to rebut convincingly – the counter claims of inconsistencies by 1MDB detractors were made.!
And inadvertently creating the impression that-the only thing Arul Kanda has been attempting to feed to all and sundry is mis information or blurred half-facts and
incomplete questionable details of 1MDB dealings.
With hardly any semblance to indisputable concrete facts that can be easily verifiable with solid evidence.– that may silence detractors once and for all .
Instead , his “claims ” and behaviour are worsening and damaging more,the negative public perception that only succeeded in generating more suspicions and mistrust from the public on the 1MDB scandal.

Blatantly evading attending PAC hearing just creates an impression of fear of incriminating themselves and a lot to hide ,knowing they have no satisfactory answers-
were they to be grilled by PAC..literally “roasting” themselves if they attended un-prepared .

Weirdly ,he seems to be so blase , and allow the charade to drag on as a willing participant -despite knowing full well ,how damaging it is to his own reputation and credibility.
Still he doesn’t seem to mind at all to take the flak – at risk of being labelled an untouchable outcast in the financial community with no credibility nor integrity left to associate with his own reputation and trustworthiness..

As if he is already prepared to be set up as the ” Fall guy”, to take the bulk of the blame eventually for this 1MDB fiasco- that- should the heat be overwhelming for Ah Jib and Co- and needs to ditch .
Then he will stand in the line of Fire and take the bullets.

Prompting speculation that there is a “Price” maybe.! Perhaps an agreed upon “understanding” of a gargantuan “severance package” worth lots and lots of zeroes that he can have an early retirement with , and even afford to buy a Tropical island to retire to.!
Afterall ,what respectable top echeleon executive will willingly subject themselves to public ridicule and scorn ,staking their personal honor and integrity – if they haven’t readied an acceptable lucrative Exit as an “ejection seat” if the 1MDB craft were to really go on a hopeless “crash and burn” flight trajectory.


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