Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

If Johoreans are really united behind their Sultan..there is actually no need to call for secession- Just kick UMNO out when the next GE comes..Deny them every seat they contest in the state of Johore as a show of a united Johore behind their Sultan .. sending a message that Johoreans don’t take too kindly any dis-respect to their popular people’s Sultan they revere.
And then UMNO will no longer be relevant in Johore like – Selangor- Penang and Kelantan and perhaps recapture Perak and not forgetting Kedah , lest it is forgotten – it has been done before – This 2 states have had state Goverments not from UMNO/BN. No reason why it cannot be repeated again, if the Rakyat can be convinced of a better deal with BN /UMNO out of the picture.

The tides of dis-satisfaction and dis-illusioment of the people towards UMNO/BN are getting more palpable.

And even  by a long shot ..Sabah and Sarawak.. If these can come to pass – then it will be the end of the UMNO era and the dawn of a refreshing new age in Malaysia .
And that will lead to a complete overhaul of the Goverment ,and will be a people centred administration..

Where the Rakyat who voted the new administration in , can finally insist on and make sure that all the crucial check and balances for a transparent efficient Goverment with clear separation of the 3 main branches of powers that were dismantled are restored.
Things that UMNO/BN can no longer put in place, even if there is a genuine Will – Desire and Effort to do so. It is near impossible – because the culture of money politics so deeply ingrained and institutionalized in the UMNO/BN psyche for the last 50 years that , they are at the point of no return – Money politics has almost become a language. permeating the whole country- UMNO/BN Money talk. .

Only a complete overhaul , and a fresh infusion of new blood into Putra Jaya , can undo and rebuild the Govermental system.

Where politicians and those elected or appointed to senior Goverment positions take their jobs and accountability seriously and exercise power entrusted to them by the electorate responsibly.or else , they will be answerable .!
The Malaysian people no longer have the luxury of giving UMNO/BN the benefit of doubt .After so many years of UMNO led rule ,has anything changed in their style or Governing culture ? Instead ,it is getting worst.!.
How can they keep asking the people for the mandate but refuse to change their ways..
People’s power can be exercised through democratic means ..and replace an un-repentant administration so badly perceived as ” Damaged goods”!


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