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MAD MAN OF MALAY POLITICS: Spurned Hadi takes a swipe at 'chauvinists' DAP

“PAS will work with anyone except Chauvinists! ” Pa Hadi says….
Wonder where he got inspiration to use “Chauvinist” from ?
Or perhaps Pa Hadi sourced the term “chauvinist” , inspired from UMNO’s usage, and seeing that it works to a degree.
“Chauvinistic Party” has been among UMNO’s rallying clarion call against DAP for quite some time.

“Chauvinist! ” .. magic words to trigger-off a mechanism in the mind-sets of a ethnic community, that induces resentment/ hate- otherwise locked in the sub-conscious of these conditioned psyches-.
Activated by the word ‘chauvinist” mobilizing scores of mind-sets – harnessing the potent energy of Spite in a collective orgasmic emotional focus – vent the simmering emotional-spiteful fury at DAP.!

Or DAP ought to get the name “chauvinistic party ” patented, since most people know in Malaysia, which political party it is referring to anyway…

Seriously getting flustered -exasperated -flabbergasted and anesthetized with the term ” Chauvinistic”
Surely , there are more words in the vocabulary to used as political weaponry.
Used so often that it’s verging on meaningless nonsense already..Its been said-tell a lie often enough and people start to believe it as the truth.!

But ,in this case,say the word “chauvinist” enough and people get immune to it and feel nothing anymore.
Conceived in the beginning as a tool of hate-mongering towards DAP to stir ackward guilt conscience within the Malay community – that they shy away from associating with anything DAP. The idea is to imprint onto the Malay mindsets on a subliminal level that DAP and Taboo are one and the same.Like oil and water- DAP and Malays cannot mix, thereby thwarting DAP’s attempts to recruit more members from the community.
The term ” Chauvinist ” has been used so liberally and quite often by UMNO against DAP .

But whats intriguing now is – even PAS is using it.! Chauvinist !

With a bit of speculative ranting…..
Hmmmm…if there are any who have been wondering whether Mr UMNO and Mdm PAS are having an illicit affair.!
Look ,they are even speaking the same language ! Usually partners who are sleeping together have chances for intimate pillow-talk and will end up using same words against common foe./competitor which in this case is DAP!

Looks like Pa Hadi is dumb out of ideas to rally the Malay community of PAS and merge into UMNO and as always,what is better than a common focus- DAP is the so convenient target to direct good old fashion hate and spite..
Ethno-phobia will always be a useful tool for distraction and manipulation of the gullible.
Hoping to merge PAS and UMNO against one common enemy..
The word “chauvinist” is positioned right in the bullseye centre.

The hate-ful treacherous chauvinistic DAP..- who wants to take over Malaysia in a Christian conspiracy -supported by Jewish currency speculators ,who design to de-stabilize the economy that they(Jewish) can profit collosally and rule by proxy-installing a puppet Administration -definitely not from UMNO/BN or PAS .
Also funded by Chinese tycoons – easy to point them out, since they are always on the opposition side – who are dead set to proselytize all muslims and convert the country into a Christian country
.Never mind that many of them,aren’t even Christians but are practising Buddhist and on a slightly different stream ,they are also loyal to the Lord Buddha and Jade Emperor/Empress and Nine Emperors worship Goddess of mercy..KuanYin.
Thats why,they are against hudud..!

And if the Malay community are not careful, they risk ending up as slaves to the slit eyed conniving Chinamen who will con them out of their own country..

Of course, my fellow Malaysian country men with clear common sense and good friends from all communities,particularly from the Malay community, will know better than to buy into these rhetorical nonsense,but dear ole dear, alarmingly, there are mindsets who actually take these seriously..and ..Wow..!


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