Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

The leaked documents on 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) 2009 business deal with PetroSaudi International Ltd were edited before they appeared on the Sarawak Report website, an international cyber security firm has said.

According to a report in pro-government English daily, the New Straits Times (NST), the firm Protection Group International (PGI) said the data was stolen from PetroSaudi and subsequently edited before it was published on the Internet.

Full article : petrosaudi-documents-doctored-

This event may or may not be amongst the strategies of “How” Najib has planned to resolve the 1MDB he confidently ” promised” to do , within 2 months or by year’s end merely few weeks ago..
Questions on the minds of many after the  arrest of this former employee of Petro Saudi “Justo ” , and subsequent revelations –

whether there will be clues for Forensics team to uncover ?

Does this have Jho Low’s fingerprints or money trail.?
Or it is valid.!
And if this validity can be maintained, PM Najib scores a victory..
Because All he needs is the Benefit of Doubt extended to him by the public and he ll survive TDM’s relentless attacks.

It’s just starting and will get more interesting as more details are revealed or un-covered.
Chinese saying ‘ An Egg-shell is perfectly formed ,but still eventually cracks and emerges a chick.

For this situation – will really Make or Break PM Najib,-who is running out of options..

Exonerated or Incriminated beyond Salvaging!
A new beginning or is it -Beginning of the End.for PM Najib Razak.!

Imagine , PM Najib making the promises confidently  to resolve the 1MDB controversies within 2 months or by years end .And then , by luck or co-incidence – this Arrest event – like a God-send -.drops into His Lap.! if PM Najib possesses a sharp Intuitive INSTINCT – or a supernatural ability for premonition

that He can achieve the feat of a 1MDB fiasco resolution and even predict a 2 month time period to settle the problems.!

Either that ,or he has been planning everything all along ! And this arrest and revelations is but phase 1 of his master-plan with more to come  in  the next 60 days.!


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