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Muhyidin discussing 1MDB with Mahathir’s son (Mukhriz) and the leaked video.??

To be fair,viewing the “leaked footage” from a neutral perspective – something about the video that has a weird “staged” feel.

Body language and position toward the video recorder is ackward for a candid conversation –

Yet the “giveaway “ surely has to be  the emphasis of Muhyidin on the mentioning of  “ Najib Razak “ and “700 million” , mentioned clearly as if , just to make sure whoever watches the footage – about to be leaked – is clear that’s who they are talking about in their “candid “conversation.

Unlikely they don’t realize the conversation is being recorded.

In all probability, it could have been suggested to him to make the damming unofficial remark in an ostensibly candid moment ,to Mukhriz-

so that it can be leaked.

.Watch the video again and listen carefully as he drops the operative words-

Middle east, Najib Razak, 700 million, 2.5 billion and personal ke ke.!

Besides ,the symbolism of it being Mukhriz Mahathir and Muhyidin,discussing this in a face to face should be noteworthy.

.No need for words in this picture-by itself is a narrative.!



Although in terms of exciting developments of the 1MDB fiasco.

This latest allegation by Sarawak Report that the AG was replaced was because He has been preparing the arrest warrant for Najib Razak ,seen in the warrant..which SR also claimed the report has been verified,.

Sourced from Sarawak Report website..Validity of the documents as yet not 100 percent established.,although it already is being shared and circulated on social media.

arrest warrant

This alternative warrant below even has the  the term “Perdana Menteri.Malaysia”!



1 MDB PAC’s investigation status and PM Najib’s show of disdain!


As the PAC chairman ,Nur Jazlan will be privy to confidential info on 1MDB that may be incriminating but not allowed to be revealed to the public,.

And  info that PM Najib’s camp will be very interested in ,as to what and how much the PAC investigations have come up with.

That will be a very interesting position for Nur Jazlan to be in. Now that  Nur Jazlan is appointed  minister that give rise to conflict of interests, so he resigns from the chairperson of PAC..

.A situation that also holds up investigation and just when things are heating up and close to conclusions that may result in arrests.. His ministerial appointment happens- the timing that leaves many wondering if it is a Delay tactic of PM Najib’s camp ,being executed from  amongst their contingency scripts for counter strategies , in dealing with 1mdb.

And  besides that , also since  Nur Jazlan has been wif the investigation since it started,will it affect anything with him pulling out? Can it slow down the investigation or allow justifications to put things on hold, even gives a passable “excuse,”to the highly anticipated and potentially damaging incriminating high profile witnesses “need to” attend – the scheduled PAC  hearing.

With 1MDB things as tenous/ fragile as they are – any excuse, no matter how flimsy,as long as it can justify that no action can be taken if the witnesses evade testifying,  will be shamelessly exploited!

In light of all the events past few days-cabinet reshuffle and terminations etc..- particularly the sudden replacement of the AG without due notice -? Could it have been a pre emptive action to prevent what damage or havoc the AG  may have been intending  for whatever reason-to clear a troubled conscience or something more sinister of the other extreme-before he officially resigns in a few months?

As Delay Tactics  to thwart 1mdb linked situations, what has happened seem to be effective to a degree..


As for the sudden pre-emptive strike of PM Najib against his detractors from within his own political organization.!

One can imagine the thoughts of the PM as he thumbs his nose on those who wants his head and that he resigns..!

” Told ya ! Money is King- I am invincible ! You can’t touch me! I ve still got the power to promise favours and positions and money to buy all the sycophant’s support ! Integrity, Principles ? Set aside lah or Name a Price for those qualities..

Look at Me Now- I am gonna rub salt In your Faces and what can you guys do about it? Your move!”

Yup-It is going to get really interesting from now as the situation gets more tense and as yet,still early to tell who ll have the upper the PM and his dwindling group of defenders fends off onslaught from many separate camps..Fortunately ,His detractors have not formed any united alliance ,and their onslaught has different intensities.- some merely critical on PM’s actions but some – at all cost must resign -borderline vicious.

With the cabinet reshuffle and termination, it remains to be seen if there will be any changes in Govermental discharging of duties in a more principled accountable and transparent ways.

And probably, won’t need to wait very long to find out what mettle,are the new ministers.

And even the newly appointed AG,  as eventually  the 1MDB investigations will wind up to a conclusion, and turns out arrest are made,some will eventually end up with the AG’s chambers.
And all will see if this new AG Apandi’s appointment has been  politically motivated, with suspicions of pre-emptive positioning for handling 1mdb linked cases or that Malaysians will have a breath of fresh air with a honorable”No Fear nor Favour” new AG.

The man on the street and a large proportion of Malaysians will certainly say that-  there are prerequisites for promotion under the current PM Najib’s  administration and  as it has been administrations past under UMNO/BN.

As an example-
Just Like the PM Najib friendly IGP,  when he took over the position and high profile rank promotion as top cop of the country.

And ever since He has been made to “work so very hard to Earn his promotion and show to PM Najib’s administration that they deserve Him as IGP.   Needing to use so much of his energy and resources at his disposal expended on mainly defending the PM and of course his ruling political party from media or NGO onslaughts.-clamping down on voices of dissent and detractors -many of which are from the opposition political parties. .

And perhaps now more challenging than ever,is on how he  will handle the 1MDB affair and more seriously is the allegations of  conspiracies of “Toppling the Goverment” and present his conclusions after investigations to a impatient suspicious public.

For the IGP need to address and present his case logically to explain to the public – How is it “Toppling the Goverment”? when what is being demanded  by many ,including leaders from same political party of the goverment-seems to be for the current individual in the position to vacate the PM’s seat?

Everything else is still going to be the same and in place.,perhaps a reshuffling of cabinet ministers  yet.-power is still with UMNO/BN whom will still be the same Goverment- The business of Governing UMNO style is not going to be drastically revolutionalized.

The PM’s office is still intact and as powerful -,just occupied by another human being from UMNO whose name is not Najib Razak.

. Maybe now he can sigh a little in relief.!

Because— now- with the Cabinet reshuffling by PM Najib showing his stamp of authority ,for the time being, ,among the 4 most powerful Ministerial portfolios in the country-PM-DPM- Finance-Home- are concentrated in the hands of 2 Ministers.

And another -Defence -is controlled by the PM’s allied cousin.,meaning Police ,Military and Money is in their capable  united hands of solidarity.

In terms of stability, and show of a united front, at the moment ,the GOVERMENT is strong and unshakeable .! about power consolidation and and concentration..!


What a Great Visual Metaphor of our Politicians-  (Past and Present) .

If they have a whiff of their past odious deeds, In all probability ,they will respond- more or less the exact same way as the Chimp in the video..!.

Some Low Yat CCTV footage!

This is another hand-phone grab incident at Low Yat that happened on  6/7/15 ..

Different from that of the LOW YAT  Incident that led to the brawl and ensuing riots.

And it was quickly solved  by the Police and the perps were arrested!

Nonetheless,it gives an idea on how common theft like these happen in Low Yat plaza.!

But the car(Proton Wira) being wrecked and occupants attacked happened at Imbi Rd few hours

after the rioting in Bukit Bintang



As for the actual incident ..What IGP says….


But coming across the YT video below, It is distressing to note that such extreme positions and viewpoints

are  being held by certain individuals of the Malay community.and the lengths they will go to coerce others to see

things from their own racial lens or to play their politics along racial lines.

The individual speaking below – a Mr . Mohd Ali Haji Baharom..sure did not help to calm things down giving such a

confrontational , inflammatory speech on the night of the Low Yat / Bkt. Bintang incident.

Besides trying to flare it into a racial issue,also tried to drag politics or racial politics – into the incident,when the person named DAP at the end of his speech.

Unsurprisingly,turns out he is another aspiring /ambitious UMNO member / politician and staunch supporter of PM Najib.
And like many of his UMNO counterparts,have similar controversial viewpoints..


And his speech (YT video)  and message posted from his FB, offer a small insight or glimpse of his public stance on social issues.-

“Selaku Presiden Persatuan Veteran Melayu .. Nasihat saya kpd Ts Ketua Polis Negara jangan terlalu Emosi sampai nak jaga hati Bangsa lain.. Sanggup tuduh Bangsa Sendiri bersalah secara terbuka.. Orang yang Ts tuduh (PapaGomo) belum dijatuhkan hukuman oleh Hakim didlm Mahkamah.. Adakah tindakan Ts tadi Betul ?
Bagaimana Rakyat nak hormat Ketua Polis Negara ? Sebabkan Ts tidak tahu menghormati Maruah orang lain.


Even the IGP is not let off hook by going after PapaGomo..





Did the speech above contributed to the flare up in violence ?

That is debatable – yet it is likely among one of the reasons.

But  for sure it did not help to calm things down..

Many other factors can be added on that may have been the causative factors.

Apart from the inflammatory speeches-,it was  coordinated with social media posting lies-

with pictures of some bloodied victim of mob violence but irresponsibly suggesting the injured person

was also the  Low Yat victim (Malay youth) beaten up by the LY workers.

It was picture like this  posted by low lifes on the blogs that enraged

many who actually believed that It was True ! But whoever this poor injured guy is – He is definitely not involved in the Low Yat incident. And nobody was injured this seriously in the Low Yat melee..!

low yat vctm

Blatant Lie ! Some blogs used this picture to claim that the Low Yat mob beat him up..

Coupled with half truths all over social media and those who chosed to believe the claims that

the guys were scammed and were sold a cloned phone and they wanted a refund.

and those who had seen the video of the melee online and saw a group of Malay youths fighting

and being overwhelmed by a mob of angry Chinese (and the picture above of an seriously injured guy )

and that was enough to enrage many which  clouded their judgment


that in turn led PEKIDA to respond

with a 200 strong mob -mobilized in less than 24 hours-amazing response in such short notice-

Claiming in protest ,  biased police investigation – before the case was even closed and investigation still ongoing. .


Perhaps the harsh lessons here PDRM can look into are -..

The racial dimension should never have been to allowed to gain traction.

and things nipped in the bud as soon as potential trouble-makers are sniffed out.

Neutralize potential instigators and assume commanding presence.

Firm stern  strong Statements by PDRM and heavier police presence in anticipation at the plaza,

With no nonsense response till investigations are concluded,may have deterred the violence..

Preventative Lessons can be learnt by PDRM from this affair…

BTW,Whatever happened to the  Datuk Bandar or even the Home Minister?

Apart from the IGP who was at the scene and the MCA youth chief and the PM issuing a brief statement..

The Mayor of KL and the Home Minister seem reservedly silent on this incident.

And even senior Goverment Ministers ,and particularly and peculiarly , noticed UMNO seem to be low keyed and muffled on this incident.

When the public would have expected more stern voices of rebuke and concerned alarmed that something

like this happened- because it is a highly sensitive incident that involves Racism which should never have happened

and which the Goverment has been harping loudly for so long- about racial tensions- or how important it is to preserve racial harmony and those who incite racism and hate-mongering- will be dealt with severely.

Or how serious the Goverment is regarding Sedition and provocateurs etc etc… di da… la di da…

So..what say UMNO/BN now ?

Because,there are clear elements of racial provocation – plus attempts by some in exploiting a situation that had

nought to do with race in the first place, and worst, violence that was racially charged -did happen

Whereas the Opposition has been quick to respond ,and actually making a presence at the scene .

In  a show of force with many of the high profile opposition figures from PKR-PAS-DAP in a united voice reminding

Malaysians that our society has no place for such nonsense.!

Low Yat thugs ! Lucky they were not lynched

There are always 2 sides to a story but judging by the thuggish behaviour and the blatant “Taiko” gangster mentality.thes guys were exhibiting. It is a wonder they were not lynched by the mob ,who had restraint and not capitulated into violent “mob mentality.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said police arrested a 22-year-old man who was believed to be one of the thugs.
Police are also hunting the remaining six men who smashed up RM70,000 worth of electronics.
The commotion began earlier in the day when the mall’s security guard caught one of the thugs shoplifting in the smartphone store and turned him over to the police.
“His friend was not happy and called other people to go to the shop to damage products,” he told reporters.
The thugs entered the shop at 7.50pm and began smashing the glass display, flipping over cabinets and smashing phones and other electronic product.
The sales clerks in the store tried to stop them and it resulted in an all-out brawl on the ground floor of the shopping mall.
Security guards and a police officer were seen standing a few metres away while the fight went on. The thugs shouted at them when they tried to subdue them.
SAC Zainuddin said the security manager of Low Yat Plaza had lodged a report with the police.
The case, he said, was being investigated for rioting and mischief amounting to damage of property.

The Thugs claim they were cheated !

It is more distressing to note that ,in many instances like this,when there is some fight or quarrel ,between the ethnicites ,like in traffic accidents or what not – that has nothing whatsoever to do with racism but just so happens to involve different races -there will always be idiots who will spin it into a racist confrontation. And worst ,there will also be those who buy into the racist accusations and contributing their bile and venom. It has happened before , more often than not.! .

In this particular Low Yat incident, remove the race equation,and all there is – is a group of thugs exacting “payback” to the shop sales people,because they helped in getting one of their buddies arrested earlier for shop-lifting – plain and simple.!

What has this to do with race,when even if the shop lifting dimension has more to it than thuggery or theft ,then it is a dis-satisfied or disgruntled buyer and seller..And if indeed scam was involved and the product sold was a fake,then it is a cheating case. However you look at it, nothing racist about it, if indeed it is a scam -scammers are color blind and see only money.,a police case .

And judging from the video,its clear the thugs were the troublemakers i

1MDB and Najib’s Lawyer’s Letter to WSJ – Challenge to Read with a Straight Face




The  letter to WSJ from Najib’s Law Firm ,that’s got many ”  Stumped  in a Bewildered or Downright Amused  way .

For the “Multi-Speak”  causing readers to do a “Double Take “Effect –

A type of “Scratch Head – “Huh…? What Does That  really MEAN??”  situation –

They are  Highlighted in Bold Letters.

And You thought that only Politicians do this sort of thing. !

Spewing statements that no one knows for sure what it means!


A Wall street Journal had published an article dated 3rd July 2015, implicating our client Datuk Seri Najib.

Immediately, our client had instructed us, Messrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak to scrutinize the said article.

.The article is tainted with numerous allegations against our client

.which involved several companies and transactions.

.Combing through the said article, we have concluded that the language is intentionally or otherwise has made reference to  several facts and companies which are vaguely described.

.Reference is made to the said article wherein it has been stated that our client had been directly probed into 1MDB,

.However contents of the article  refers to indirect transactions

where our client has been implicated with 1MDB-linked companies.

.A clear contradiction which requires further clarification.

.This article by  WSJ   was issued, published and circulated through WSJ web portal .

.Firstly, we have been instructed to identify the parties involved in the authorship, distribution and publishing,

.for the purpose of naming the appropriate parties in any

.potential actions which requires deliberation and research

as the article

” does not reflect extensive details for service of any legal letter or court documents.”

Secondly, another issue of concern is, jurisdictional issues of which the publication originates from United States of

.America and accessible worldwide. We have been also instructed that.

a local presence of WSJ is also available and we are pursuing further clarification and details on this matter.

.Since the article involves several parties, we have also been instructed to consider a joint action

.or an action against, in the event evidence shows a conspiracy against our client.

.Kindly note that the companies named as conspirators with our client, in the article are; International Petroleum Investment Co, Tanore Finance Corp, SRC International Sdn. Bhd, and Ihsan Perdana Sdn. Bhd.

.Several names of companies or organizations had only been referred to as the related companies or companies

.belonging to certain organizations or companies, and also the sources or destinations or the alleged transactions has not been disclosed.

This in itself -either intentionally or otherwise- has caused further identification of facts been required.

Once we have identified the parties, the jurisdiction, and the involvement of conspirators or are they merely parties which also had been innocently imputed in the article, we can then proceed to address the third issue.


.The third issue is to tackle all possible or plausible legal remedies of which our client shall be given advise on an

.action of defamation, further tortuous actions and remedies including any statutory violations by WSJ and related companies and (if any) conspirers.

.This is not a straightforward legal action due to the national and international imputations. 

.We have been instructed to identify facts and lay full facts, before our client, is able to proceed with further instructions.

.The purpose of clear explanation is to avoid unnecessary objections by WSJ

.on the imputations that are made.

.Once our client has obtained all necessary facts and the position of WSJ is ascertained,

.we have strict instructions to immediately exhaust legal avenues and remedies.

.Yours faithfully,






We act for the Right Honourable Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, in his personal capacity.

We refer to the Articles dated 2nd July 2015 and 6th July 2015 in your Wall Street Journal which, we state, contains a

.plethora of convoluted, scurrilous and vague allegations against our client.

.In the circumstances, we are instructed by our Client

to seek confirmation as to whether it is your position as taken in the Articles that our Client misappropriated

nearly USD 700 million from 1Malaysia Development Berhad?

We are instructed to procure your position because the Articles collectively suggest that you are unsure of “the original

.source of the money and what happened to the money” whilst on the other hand, the general gist of the Articles create

.a clear impression that our Client has misappropriated about USD 700 million belonging to 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

In the circumstance and in the interests of our Client, we would expect a Newspaper of your international standing and

.reputation to

state unequivocally and with clarity as to whether it is your contention that our Client

misappropriated about USD 700 million belonging to 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

You will no doubt appreciate the seriousness of the allegations made against our Client in the said Articles and this

confirmation is sought to enable us to advise our Client on the appropriate legal recourse he can take to seek

redress in relation to the publication of these Articles.

We demand a reply within fourteen (14) days of the date hereof and please let us know whether you have

appointed solicitors in Malaysia to accept service of legal proceedings on your behalf and on behalf of the

reporters who wrote the Articles- in the event –  that legal proceeding become necessary.

We hereby reserve all our Client’s rights in this matter.


By The Way ,some High Lights of the Jargon (in Bold) and My Interpretation..

 .potential actions which requires deliberation and research as the article

” does not reflect extensive details for service of any legal letter or court documents.”

We want to Sue but We do not have enough Grounds and a Weak Case that may get thrown out of any Court room.

jurisdictional issues:  
We are not even sure Where and under whose  Laws and Which Court to Sue You At ,
since WSJ is a US based Media Organisation.!
exhaust legal avenues and remedies.: 
But Still , It is Hoped that WSJ Consider the Best Interests of ALL Parties and Adopt a Less Antagonistic Position Towards Our Client in Future. No more Bad Press !
. and (if any) conspirers:
Well ,this speaks for itself.! Although it suggest that “We know who put you up to this.!
state unequivocally and with clarity as to whether it is your contention that our Client

misappropriated about USD 700 million.:

Are you accusing our Client of Corruption or not ?  Be Clear and Specific!  So that We can Sue for Defamation if you are.!


We demand a reply :

We are Demanding  but whether you Comply or Nor is Another Matter thats up to You!!


appointed solicitors in Malaysia –  to accept service of legal proceedings : 

We want to Sue You and Get the Lawsuit proceedings on our Home Turf!

And I say Good Luck to Them!


in the event  that legal proceeding become necessary:

We may not Sue after-all , If we think we cannot put a case together.It will be highly embarassing!

No Guarantees in a Court of Law.Horrors ! What if We Lose ? Our Client may get incriminated with Criminal behaviour and answer to the Law.


In a Nutshell , The Letter Above Reads like …….
        “We want to Sue You-But You Need to Tell Us How and What Grounds We Can Sue You On !
        ” Because We are Not Sure What You Mean in The Article “
        ” Please Clarify Whether You Defamed our Client or Not .You See.!
         ” We want to be Sure , That if We Sue You, We Have a Solid Excuse.That You Need to Provide us With .”
        ” Maybe You at WSJ  can Help Our Case  by Claiming Openly  –
            That Our Client Embezzled Goverment Funds and Accuse our Client Openly of Corruption.”
   So, Please State Whether it was WSJ’s Intent or Not To Defame Our Client ,PM Najib Razak
   It’s a headache for Our  Law-Firm ,
     Since in the Article  WSJ just reported Facts with Evidence That Only Verify Up to a Point but Could Not Go Further
Because There wasn’t Any More Verifiable Facts.!   But That’s Why We Are Asking WSJ to Respond to This letter
Affirming or  Concluding that our Client is Practicing Corruption And Or Accuse Openly that our Client Mis-Used Goverment  Funds.!
    Even a Hypothetical Analysis will be Appreciated- That Insinuates Our Client Commited Financial Mis-Conduct
Or it be Better If WSJ Makes an Outright Accusation.! Our Law Firm Need Stronger Grounds for Our Lawsuit against WSJ!
  So ,Would You Guys at WSJ Mind Terribly If You Openly  and Publicly Claim our Client is Engage in Corruption?
 Then ,It Will Make It So Much Easier to Make a Case for Defamation..And Of Course to Sue WSJ !
 I am by No Means a Lawyer ,and usually the “Mumbo-Jumbo” Legal Jargon used by Legal Profession can get many minds reeling in a spin  for at times it seem to be Some Alien  Language.
   Spoken on Planet Vulcan.?
 .Although it may seem that to  – Whoever drafted the letter  – Spock will Say “Live Long and Prosper “.
And they most certainly Can-  yet maybe not of the .Legal profession.!

Money and Proxies or Cronies ! And Why Tun M want Najib out!


.  According to RPK in MT , and if the revelation can be taken seriously –

.   since  MT and RPK  are perceived to be as apologist for PM Najib.-

so it’s only fair to read and form our own opinions based on what is penned down.!

. Then it does offer an interesting insight and an added perspective – of the reasons and motivation of

.Tun M and Tun Daim’s  in their quest to replace PM Najib .

In the Malaysian political arena,- things are never straightforward as they seem-

particularly now-as PM Najib’s premiership hangs on a thread ..

Any added element thrown into the volatile mix can be fascinating read..Just maintain an open mind !


. Proxies !

The most important and crucial  of all is regarding the story of the proxies.

Rumour has it  Dr Mahathir is trying to get his proxies to transfer back his assets

but they need government approval first and Najib is not giving this approval.

Many of the proxies are playing the wait and see game.

If Dr Mahathir cannot get Najib to agree then the proxies need not do anything and can hold on to  all those assets that run into billions.

The only way Dr Mahathir can solve this stalemate is to get Najib replaced so that the new Prime Minister can unblock the freeze.

And Dr Mahathir no longer has time on his side so this must be done soon.


How the Proxies came about !

When Umno was declared illegal in the late 80s –  all  assets in Umno’s name and bank accounts were frozen – and this triggered a financial crisis.

It was decided that Umno must no longer hold any assets and its billions of cash in the name of the party.

Trustees  would manage Umno’s assets and cash on behalf of the party.

3 people in Umno were the trustees: the Umno President, the Umno Deputy President and the Umno Treasurer and/or Finance Minister

But these 3 people could not hold all these assets and cash in their personal names because they were also ‘public servants’

So they created nominees and put everything in the names of these nominees.

And as a result ,  many Malay, Chinese and Indian millionaires .. turned into billionaires because of  Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, etc.

They became cronies . and because of this association they became super-rich.

Therefore ,the billions they owned does not fully belonged to them..Some of it belonged to Barisan Nasional.

So that whenever  an election is held , each of them can be called on to hand back a few hundred million to

Barisan Nasional . And the ruling party will be able to raise RM1.5 billion to RM2.5  billion needed to finance an election.

But along the way –  some of those nominees who were now billionaires got greedy.

They refused to hand back what they were holding as nominees of the ruling party.

Furthermore, some died and their families decided to keep whatever the deceased left.

And money that was previously collected, billions of Ringgit, are still in the name of nominees

and BN  is having a hard time to get the cash and assets back .

Approximately RM15 billion to RM20 billion was spent in the 1982, 1986, 1990, 1995, 1999, 2004, 2008 and 2013 general elections –

There is still the balance of  hundreds of billions that was raised and parked somewhere ?

And question is, what has happened to that balance which is UMNO’s money?

Najib wants what belongs to Umno to be returned to Umno.!

That is the crux of the matter. Tun Mahathir and Daim are two of the biggest nominees who have parked Umno’s cash and assets

in the names of other nominees and they  are not co-operating to give what they are holding under trust back to Umno.

Tun Daim was smart enough to transfer out everything that his nominees were holding on behalf of Umno.

into his name, and He is unwilling to  surrender everything back to Umno.

Dr Mahathir, however, has not done so yet and Najib is making sure that he cannot do what Daim has done

Because Najib wants the assets and cash returned to UMNO .

And so without Najib’s approval –  Tun M or  Daim’s proxies/nominees  will not do anything with the assets  preferring to wait and see.

And that may be  why Tun Mahathir and Daim want Najib ousted.!

In the meantime , It is about making sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional no longer have a source of finance.

If Najib dissolves Parliament and calls for a new general election he is going to need around RM2 billion or more.

And Dr Mahathir and Daim are going to make sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional do not get this money unless Najib resigns.

Above is a condensed account of 2 articles from MT

full article-shoot-dont-talk

Full article: 1mdb-was-it-to-finance-the-2013-GE


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