Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Prelude to ” Hear YE Staunch Defenders of 1MDB! “

     First they pontificated the Racist Rhetoric ,

.And THEY did not speak out—

.                                  .Because THEY were not Racist

 .And it was not Expedient –    Politically !


.Then they came for the Moderates and Liberals 

.                                                         .who criticize the Bumi crutch  syndrome

     .And the religious and racist Bigotry 

.That was emanating from extreme elements

                                                                        .of our peace loving society

      And THEY did not speak out—
                                                   .Because THEY were all for affirmative action.


.And then surfaced voices of extreme Religious Fundamentalism ,

Disrupting our harmonious multi-cultural society

.                                                                .But THEY did not speak out-

because it would be against the “divide and rule” principle


 .Then they came for the  Seditious – 

                                And  THEY did not speak out—
                                                          Because THEY were not Seditious



First were Voices of suspicion

.                              .on off-shore accounts of some investment entity

that may be  linked to Finance Ministry

From Same voices that highlighted how National cattle feedlots

.                                             .becomes addresses of high-end condominium Lots
.Voices manifested from the Opposition.

.                                                .But THEY did not speak out ,

Because THEY were not from the Opposition!


.Then the Lid was blown and all came to know of 1MDB

.                                                 .A Saga of movie deals or multi-million pent houses

.                           .and Arab based Petro -Saudi –

.that turn out to be a shell  company !

And some guy named Jho Low who routed
.                                                  .700 million to his Goodstar company -via petro-saudi

. sourced from 1MDB

. in a transaction that only can be described as Dodgy

In spite of all that-

.                               .THEY did not speak out –

                     .THEY were claiming it to be some conspiracy

.Or were THEY compensated to be mis-informed – Lucratively ?


.Then came GST and the financial raids on GLCs.

                    . But THEY did not speak out.

     THEY were suppose to

                              .Loyally defend without question   

.Lest THEY be asked to hand in their resignations!


Now ,there has arisen – questionable transactions

.                                        .Possible CBT with alleged financial misappropriation

As things unravel- will THEY still be stubbornly muffled

.                      .By THEIR misguided loyalty ?

 For then eventually.

.                             . they will come for the malfeasant in 1MDB

To sought out the accomplices to the irregularities

.                                             .to demand for answers and accountability

If it is proven there is conduct of Criminal impropriety


.And then THEY will find that.

                                           As their past acts and deeds are Condemned.

.      .There will be No-One who will want to speak for THEM !

.        Hear Ye Hear Ye

 .                                  . All Ye  Staunch Defenders of 1MDB

.        .(inspired by Martin Niemoller’s poem” First They Came….” )



And for the Defenders-they can be ..

.A Classic Study of Figures in public service

.                           . Chastised names mentioned as

. Prime Examples of  —

.                                           . Misplaced Loyalties !

Cited for

.              . Displays of bizzare stubborn refusal of acknowledgement

.In  their collective repudiation

.               .Of reasonable logic and common-sensical conclusions

. In their defense of 1MDB


The question many fantasize …

If they be so lucky to be amongst Privileged guys

.                                        .Vengeful defenders of 1MDB

.What price will they want were it to be demand?

.That they need to

.                           .Pawn off principles -sell-off integrity

. Determine a price tag on Morality

.                 .Merely by ignoring and pretending they do not See.


. And if the Price is right –

.           .                         .Will any hesitate to –

.   .Give away Pride?

.                         .Reject conventional Human values

. Sacrifice their Dignity

.Even willing to Discard Legacies?


.                   .What price indeed –  How much is asked for?

.How much is Promised ?

.                                                .How much is Agreed on?

.To defend 1MDB..!

Elitist created 1MDB


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