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There are always 2 sides to a story but judging by the thuggish behaviour and the blatant “Taiko” gangster mentality.thes guys were exhibiting. It is a wonder they were not lynched by the mob ,who had restraint and not capitulated into violent “mob mentality.

Kuala Lumpur CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said police arrested a 22-year-old man who was believed to be one of the thugs.
Police are also hunting the remaining six men who smashed up RM70,000 worth of electronics.
The commotion began earlier in the day when the mall’s security guard caught one of the thugs shoplifting in the smartphone store and turned him over to the police.
“His friend was not happy and called other people to go to the shop to damage products,” he told reporters.
The thugs entered the shop at 7.50pm and began smashing the glass display, flipping over cabinets and smashing phones and other electronic product.
The sales clerks in the store tried to stop them and it resulted in an all-out brawl on the ground floor of the shopping mall.
Security guards and a police officer were seen standing a few metres away while the fight went on. The thugs shouted at them when they tried to subdue them.
SAC Zainuddin said the security manager of Low Yat Plaza had lodged a report with the police.
The case, he said, was being investigated for rioting and mischief amounting to damage of property.

The Thugs claim they were cheated !

It is more distressing to note that ,in many instances like this,when there is some fight or quarrel ,between the ethnicites ,like in traffic accidents or what not – that has nothing whatsoever to do with racism but just so happens to involve different races -there will always be idiots who will spin it into a racist confrontation. And worst ,there will also be those who buy into the racist accusations and contributing their bile and venom. It has happened before , more often than not.! .

In this particular Low Yat incident, remove the race equation,and all there is – is a group of thugs exacting “payback” to the shop sales people,because they helped in getting one of their buddies arrested earlier for shop-lifting – plain and simple.!

What has this to do with race,when even if the shop lifting dimension has more to it than thuggery or theft ,then it is a dis-satisfied or disgruntled buyer and seller..And if indeed scam was involved and the product sold was a fake,then it is a cheating case. However you look at it, nothing racist about it, if indeed it is a scam -scammers are color blind and see only money.,a police case .

And judging from the video,its clear the thugs were the troublemakers i


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  1. Anonymous said:

    This uploaded video certainly gives a clearer picture of the episode. Thanks

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