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Bersih 4-Warnings .Threats and Bans!

Hmm Lets see..Where shall we start with the attempted intimidation to thwart Bersih 4 rally..

How about the Red SHirts anti Bersih group,insinuating there may be violence…

Violence–The Common Theme being used by most voices that is against Bersih 4.

As of this Posting,the Red Shirts above had a meeting with PDRM and as a result has called off their planned confrontation with Bersih supporters.


military caution == The military will intervene in the Bersih 4 rally this weekend if the government declares a state of emergency, Malaysian Armed Forces chief Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said today.


minister not to be left out-


The communications and multimedia minister -Salleh Said Keruak- reiterated that the Malaysian Communications and and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) would only block access to websites that breached Malaysian laws, and this could include news portals if they did so.

But just 2 days later……

MCMC .stated that .because these websites may be threatening national security /stability. so they will block websites that promotes  , spreads information or encourage people to  joining Bersih 4..statement issued from Home Ministry !


Ban  on yellow t-shirts and  words”Bersih 4″ .

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has banned the use of yellow with the words Bersih 4 in whatever form ahead of the rally in three Malaysian cities tomorrow.


The actual video posted by ‘Anonymous Malaysia’ on YouTube warning internet warfare and  PM Najib highlighting  all the  corruption.


And the IGP uses the video below to scare monger..

Although it seems doubtful that the ones whop posted it are the same as the Anonymous Malaysia of the video above..

Less professional,more designed to scare off the public than anything else..

The police are taking a serious view of a video titled ‘We Will Blast Malaysia!!’, uploaded on social networking sites as a threat that could jeopardise national security.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police remained vigilant of issues which could jeopardise national security and public order.


Tasers–to use or not to use..thats the question! And no need to answer,because its a message hint or suggestion..

Not really a question in the real sense.

PDRM has indicated Tasers will not be used on Rally protestors.

agents provocateurs would be out to sabotage the event. They have urged the police to ensure the safety of rally participants who will be gathering in peace.

Bersih 4 will be disrupted with the action of just one “stupid fellow”, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar was quoted as saying in The Star Online today. He said when large numbers of people gather during the rally tomorrow, anything could happen. “Anything can happen. One stupid fellow may cause (all the) chaos,” he was quoted as saying. –


Questioning the legality of bersih as an organization.suggesting those who take part maybe commiting an illegal act.


Seems like open psychological warfare being terrify those not sure to attend or not–
Just hope that the threats are nothing more than empty threats.Imagine the consequences if something seriously happened,and by that ,its a reference to the mass public sentiment /anger that will erupt and directed at those who failed miserably in prevention- not doing their jobs protecting the people -and worst,the co-incidence of it happening at the rally on PM Najib’s shift..won’t take much to guess that he will be blamed,and potentially a devastating wave of destructive public anger aimed at him and his admin..

bersih warning

This picture clearly has been designed for 2 main purpose..To incite anger along racial lines and to further try to scare of protestors .Scare the Chinese and Bersih protestors by threats – Tactics are being tuned up a level– Or they are trying to go with the racist approach-worried what a force united people of all communities are.,Divide and Conquer. The Malay has his very ethnic baju Melayu and Chinese with his Bersih t shirt at his mercy,Designed to incite and outrage with the image. And if you are Chinese and feel angry at the image,then ,guess the result they hoped for is working.!

To deter many attending Bersih 4– they seem to be.dropping insinuations that there may be Violence..and associating visual imagery and stern warnings suggestively– power of subliminal messaging..

.It ll be more intriguing actually if the public has an idea who these diabolical schemers are.For they seem to recognize that there are many among the public who have misgivings about attending-the pacifist or the ir-resolute and blase and even “wimpy” lot. Like it or not, they do exist. and targeting these mindsets do make sense..

The conclusion from all the statements compiled above leads to that conclusion.

That they are trying their hardest, to create fear in the public mindsets, to make them worry of their own safety. That there threats and they risk their personal safety going to the Bersih protest.

QUestion is, how many will be affected? Definitely there will the ones who think that it may not be worth the risks- at the same token- these attempts could have convinced some others who were not planning to attend but felt that-they are being insulted again.And rather than be intimidated, nope ,they choose to go make a stand.

Human psychological dispositions are finicky…or reverse psychology. tell a child not to do something-leave them alone and chances are they will do precisely what they were told not o.

Rebelling without a cause–so human nature..


Protesters and Politicians.!

My personal 2 cents worth of opinion to the politicians and power players across the Malaysian political divide……..

Some thoughts for Malaysian politicians and civil service leaders and Ministers..

Hundreds of thousands will be watching or will eventually watch online- Bersih 4 -and unfolding events that takes place-

And that number will increase eventually to build up to more thousands of views online -in Malaysia and internationally on how Bersih 4 turns out.

Local media and international media will be in attendance and form their own perceptions and writing editorials – airing footage of Bersih 4 , of Malaysia and writing opinion pieces on the leaders.

Briefly ,Malaysia is going on the international exhibition stage again come Bersih 4..

As it was past Bersih demos, – Anwar’s show trials – 1 mdb affair…etc
From Domestic , Regional , Global media-there ll be opinion pieces, editorials,news articles,

investigative journalism that ll focus whatever is deemed “good press” that sells-

which usually means “exposes- of shady and dodgy dealings in high places or arrogant high handedness of power intoxication..

Perceived oppression,suppresion,subversion .-greed corruption,and few other terms ending with ” tions” .
Typical “good press” topics that foreign media loves to exploit..

But occasionally, press also likes to champion underdogs or the noble intentioned going against the odds..

Players / participants of Bersih fits that bill.- absolute darling topics Media loves to write about or report.
Bersih 4 is not merely an event on the 29th and 30th ,like a concert- excitement fizzle out.after the show!

The reverberations will be rippling outwards for quite some time..
There is a sense of anticipation,that Bersih 4 maybe a prelude for what else is going to happen

in domestic political arena and international attention –

generated in part recently by the 1MDB affair, that is slowly gaining volume and the building up leading to Bersih 4 protest.

Imagine the perspective of a foreign press correspondent coming across the subject.

“Accusation of a conspiracy to topple the Malaysian Goverment by NGOs- organizing street protest to demand resignation of the PM.”  Conspiracy to topple Goverment?”

In any country,it counts as treason,some will arrest and put the perps in front of a firing squad.

Here,in Malaysia , its accuse and going as far as telling accused perps – they know how they ll do so.-Toppling the Goverment.
What international journalist will not have a “What the Heck? moment,finding out about this.?

And not want to look into it more?

.And our political leaders names ,reputations will be shaped or can be shaped with Bersih 4 as a platform-

If they are astute enough to be aware of it .
How they are to be seen and what impression they will make on the millions of mindsets- esp Malaysians who are in the electorate…
Whatever happens,ambitious politicians but who chosed wrong side- do all the dirty work -say all the nasty things during Bersih 4 –

Seen to be trying their worst to thwart the Bersih planned rally / protest -.incurring the wrath of a discontented marjority –

will feel the repercussions not immediately but in future,probably next GE.
Things politicians do in public , have a way of coming back to haunt them or bless them..
And politicians who are more keen on instant gratifications rather than long term career advancement

,may live to regret the choice-

Particularly for them involved in the current status quo in our Govermental administration.

Bersih 4 has the potential to make or break political careers and expose more rogues as they crawl out from the woodwork,like insects sprayed by dis infectant.
But then it can also enhance reputations of those principled political leaders who hitherto has been maintaining low profile.

The public’s judgment of the leader/leaders tasked to deal with the  Bersih rally is based on their handling of it,

And also for other public figures ,civil society or political leaders , public impression of them is based on their attitude and statements on the Bersih 4 protest rally.
How these leaders read and decipher Malaysian marjority sentiments will be either their blessing or curse.

And whichever side of the political divide they are from, its now or never to grab this chance ,

Bersih 4 can offer to show to the hundreds of thousands and eventual millions of Malaysians

who will eventually vote,- What calibre these politicians / civil servants/ leaders /public figures are of..

The entire nation’s collective focus is going to be on Bersih 4 for the next few days.

Smart indeed will the person who figures out how to surf this wave of excited uncertain energy.

That can help focus some of the energy on themselves, provided that they genuinely want to

relate to the masses and vice versa.

Long Term think ahead of a calculated gamble of which Horse to bet on.
And eventual Hero or Zero,,win big or lose all, their call!

Bersih 4 is Trending on Social Media for all the alarmist reasons..

From the latest trending social media shares on “what to do if tear-gas is present,who to call if arrested etc etc ” one can almost sense the nervous energies permeating the atmosphere – emanating from those who with absolute certainty – plan to attend the rally ,

And so , it’s like , they have to muster their resolute and mobilize their wits to march into battle ,as if conflict is inevitable and almost assured.!

But ..YE shall endure,and the spirit shall triumph..! And We will be Heard.!

And who knows,it may turn out to be a festive mood afterall-,as Unity of hearts and minds is celebrated,as all come together in a common cause to air grievances.

The  Bersih 4 rally is a chance for common folk to show their disapproval  and disdain at the state of affairs of governance and the attitudes of the leaders to the common people.  The rally is not a regular calendar event.

People owe it to themselves or their descendants or be representative of many unable to attend ,  to make their presence known and felt and show that the people’s sentiments cannot be trifled with and played /manipulated and taken for granted.

At some point,the people patience have worn so  thin , they have to make a stand to express the collective disapproval of being ridden roughshod again and again – and after having to put up with so much for far too long.

Bersih 4 just like past Bersih rallies is the platform to vent the anger and resentment.!

To Cow Bersih 4 Rally participants

The other Trending topic on social media pre-Bersih 4 are many high profile personalities and Goverment ministers, opposing the gathering and declaring all the negativity that the Bersih 4 protest will garner..

WIth warnings and antics..although  it is so transparent what these voices are attempting- regardless of where you stand on the Bersih rallly.

That is -to deter many attending Bersih 4– they seem to be using Psy-Ops…dropping insinuations that there may be Violence..and associating visual imagery and stern warnings suggestively– power of subliminal messaging..maybe the ones behind the scheme are die hard rock fans of Led Zep and the classic “Stairway to Heaven”.

It ll be more intriguing actually if the public has an idea who these diabolical schemers are.

For they seem to recognize that there are many among the public who have misgivings about attending-the pacifist or the irresolute about things and the “blase” and even “wimpy” lot.

Like it or not, they do exist. and targeting these mindsets do make sense..


As for them who refuse to be cowed by anything .

and will take part in the mass protest to show their real sentiments.

Also to show a message to the powers that, Malaysians are no longer ignorant and easily accomodating to be force fed nonsense.

Mutual respect and accountability is demanded,  that all under the Malaysian sun can benefit,not restricted to the elite few.

That Malaysians want and  will support only a Goverment that puts their best interests 1st-and not have their intelligence consistently insulted ,disrespected and held in contempt.

The emotional energies of an angry population. Sentiments that have been bottled within the psyches of many ,  need to be vented .

But if the establishment continues to ignore the clear signs of discontent-or denies that the issues Malaysians are upset with- matter – and needs addressing and give the public an acceptable accounting.

Things will just degenerate into a more tense volatile atmosphere.

The nation seem to have descended into a sense of disorientation.  And the leaders of the country are the very figures leading the way to limbo merely by virtue of many of them , seem to be absolutely clueless on what it takes to be a strong decisive and popular leader.

Unflattering Analogies

As it is now , the country’s leadership is  like a serpent thrashing wildly about –

The serpent’s head stunned by electrocution,  and the main body just reacting in wild gyration- crawling wildly around , wiggling to escape somewhere- but -.Neither here nor there, but where ?

Or another analogy ,is the very Ostrich like behaviour.- our  leader is sticking his head into every sand pit he comes across. And soon as he emerges from one pit and is yanked out, he just as quickly dashes in search of another pit  to stick his head in it.

Meantime, those who will speak in his defence-do so with releasing statements verging on bland sheer stupidity..

Never mind the fact that they are attempting to defend the indefensible,but they do so in saying things that actually does more damage to themselves and He they defend.

So  much  so that , the vocal detractors and critics of PM Najib merely have to come up with allegations but based on credible sources ,and  then just allow these defenders to do their worst. Saving them time effort and lessening the risks of them  getiing afoul with the law.since the defenders by and large have some form of immunity from prosecution from the law.

And , they all question the motivations of Malaysians who want to protest in the Bersih 4 rally..?

No Rocket science- a basic understanding of simple Arithmetic and addition -subtraction-multiplication etc is really all the knowledge needed to figure out why Malaysians feel angry,dis-contented.-and why the need to protest in the streets.

Bersih 4 and Malaysian mindsets about Protesting?

Things have a way of fizzling out if a cause doesn’t have traction on mindsets and fail to capture public imagination.

Protestors can scream all they want in downtown city centre ..but it is not easy to get public support to rally if the public have mis-givings of the cause for protesting..

And many Malaysians are generally blase or downright wimpy when it comes to calls to protest against the Goverment in public..

Political or idealogical passions ,very different from western mindsets.-more informed as to options on what may be effective, how to use so called 4th estate-public opinion on their side.(Not much use for these in Malaysian)..

But,to be able to convince Malaysians to the streets.the justification or what emotional trigger for it,, is definitely strong.
By and large-think Malaysian public will ignore calls to gather and protests.-unless of course..theme for them feels like a vent for releasing angry energy and lack of choice.

That can be explosive when the mass outrage is a common pent-up anger felt by all.

And ,PM Najib has made himself into the Target by the very recent past events .
Talk about,pressurized angry energy-like an air compressor forcing pressurized air into a air tank.

The protest will be like,the tank’s air valve is opened to release the pressurized air-after that, hard to say what follows- energy has been expended-pressure released but by no means fizzled out.!
And if PM Najib survives this , absorbs it and still endures- then what He does-during and after the Rally- in response to the public’s expression of mass dis-approval is going to make or break his political lifespan.!


And why the Tianjin explosion is relevant to the development in  Malaysian politics is for individual  the blast and contemplate on the explosive energy that was released and how devastating the explosion was…

The symbolism that there were 3 blasts…each more powerful than the other…until culminating in the horrifically powerful and devastating  last explosion.

The force of which was a result of those  there to try to control and attempt to put out the fire..

And the tragic error ,of introducing water with the chemicals , causing the most powerful blast of the tragedy..That cost them their lives, through ,lack of knowledge in handling the fire that contains those chemicals.

A tragedy of errors, one on top of another, and resulting in a mass lost of lives and injury and billions of dollars in properties..

Tragedy that can be averted…

A matter of fact is, Bersih 4 will be a expression and venting of energy pressured in the psyche of Malaysians concerned over the socio / political developments of the country..

A small blast.?

And /  but how will it be handled, the burst/blast of the energy in protest by thousands, how will they contain it?

The TianJin Blast was a tragic event that could have been avoided…

Lets hope Bersih 4 and the explosive energy of the mass protest will not be handled wrongly or will not get out of hand on all sides.

The reason it’s scary – looking at the last Blast in the video – just observe the sheer scale of the explosive force in size and energy -that had to be 3 times more powerful than the initial blasts.

And the Fireball ensuing must have covered 5-6 times the initial explosion area and destroyed everything in the Firebomb.!

And tragically ,all because of human error, who probably would never have realised, the horrific consequence of the error they were doing !

And this Cause and Effect equation , needs to figure very prominently ,for those who ultimately will be deciding how Bersih 4 Rally is handled.-particularly the authorities or those in power that the rally is against !

cimb chairman

Morons are the Bersih crowd?

Read somewhere in media  that the Bersih organizers and supporters are described as morons and even terrorist.!?

If that is the case, then there are millions of morons,huh- across the strata of class ,age ,academic or intellectual dispositions.

I count myself as among the “morons”.


In a sense ,if causing fear can be labelled as such .

And then those thousands who will show up at the rally – will be actually protesting licensed terrorism of the kleptocrats,

Terror vs terror and see who is more terrifying.?

Pent-up frustrations of the people.

People are angry and frustration may be too  mild a word- the sentiment now on the ground is  

somewhere between sheer intense outrage and disdain , an anger from a feeling of being, intelligence insulted and taken for granted by the current and past goverment administrations and instinctive need to lash out.

Every living adult now ,is more or less familiar with,or has personal experience with, the system of Governance,and of those in positions of power.

From  the petty to big time power abuses or corruption.From a 50 Rm bribe to the Thousands of RM asked for in high places.

It permeates everything in the society. and it is a norm rather than exception.

No need for specifics,when every Malaysian knows exactly what is being alluded here..And not once for the past 60 over years has there been any real serious concerted effort to reel in this rot.

Grandiose posturing by every single administration and leader past 50 years , on battling corruption has been made again and again in fantastical but rhetorical statements that never leads anywhere nor effect any drastic change.

Is it any wonder that the results of the last 2 GEs were as they were. It is a manifestation of a very genuine impatience of the people who have had to put up and shut up post Tun M premiership.

PM Najib had his shot,but he blew it big time, when he – out of spite or political expediency-decides to court the extremist in the midst,further alienating the other communities that was caught up in the euphoria of change.

It really wasn’t his fault then ,that he didn’t get the support he went after, Blame that on TDM’s legacy and his cavalier methods with Pa Lah.

That cause so much distrust for UMNO by the non-Bumis and the opposition just happen to be prescribing the antidote.

And ever since then ,downhill all the way.

Bersih 3 and the looming Bersih 4

For it is doubtful that mere frustration or exasperation of people  is enough cause  to prompt people onto the streets.

State of deteriorating affairs

BTW,anyone checked forex and investor sentiment lately and get their feedback on the cause of the potential looming crisis in the making .

That if unchecked -may just wipe out or devalue standards of living many are accustomed to..

Just one example among hundreds, ,may be good idea to exchange whole lot of RMs into USD or what corresponding currency ,esp those who have been  saving their entire hard working  lives for it.Or may turn out they need double or triple the amount.- esp for those thinking of sending kids to be educated abroad .

Things noone is talking about considering – since average” morons” cannot understand whats going on-or what may happen.

Chinese saying ” Noone cries ,No tears flow but until the Coffin is seen!”

.Sigh ,guess so much for that Singapore -US tour I have been saving up for in RM..if only i bought US or Euros or even Sing or Thai Bahts.

Now what..should there be a worry of runaway inflation or may be panic selling till the political mess or dust settles..

Personally,thoughts on what Bersih rally should be about!

It ought to be about optimism – – Where  people come  together to celebrate the unity that Bersih will gather.

As diverse backgrounds gather in unity to collectively voice a common sense of alarm on the state of the country.

Bersih organizers should tone down the rhetorics of anger protest and highlight more on the sense of unity /solidarity of all Malaysians across the ethnic political divides in a common cause.,

To Change the System of Governance and reel in systemic and endemic corruption in the highest corridors of power that can effect a chain reaction across the entire status quo.

May not be able to wipe it out but at least do not be seen as endorsing or even tolerating it till blatant acts are ignored.

The people will respond if they see genuine efforts in their best interests and well being .

Come this  Bersih Rally the whole world’s media will be observing,as it builds up to when the calendar date of the rally approaches.And it will be good if Malaysians can show to the world what are the themes  being rallied for.

People will come out in a show of support ,  if their misgivings / uncertainty on the intent of the Bersih rally can be addressed..

And they can be convinced to  believe in the cause they are gathering for!

 HAS Bersih been hijacked by political organizations?

Bersih is supposed to be non partisan politically but focused on causes that distresses the people of the nation..

So if ,there is any whiff of it being some political party’s agenda. It will confuse and dis-illusion many.

Although , it is understandable that political entities may try to hitch hike on the wave of support for Bersih, but if thats allowed to happen, then so much for a non partisan NGO.

Bersih cannot and should not allow public perception to see it as a political tool of  any party.

At the same token Nor should the political parties attempt to hitch hike or hijack the ideals Bersih strive to champion that needs to transcend partisan political idealogy..

“Bersih” -Clean- and thats is what Malaysians want, Clean or at least by and large ,a Goverment seen to be clean and power abuses and unfettered corruption in checked.

And also ,it is what  Malaysians hope of Bersih to fight for on their behalf across the political divide.

Bangkok Erawan Bombing suspects- could be 4 of them

Bangkok Erawan bombers ,there could be 4 suspects…
Watch closely the footage ,pay attention to 2 guys and girl and their actions
Red shirt guy n white shirt guy with him and black shirt girl acting very suspicious
Yellow shirt comes ,Red shirt stands up and yellow shirt takes his vacated seat
Then 2 guys and Black shirt girl block the view (body language of Girl suspiciously weird as if checking to make sure coast is clear )

Yellow shirt ,slips out of backpack with the bomb.
Giveaway ,may be when red shirt could not resist last minute side glance as he walks away,
Girl and other guy also gave more discreet last minute side glances.
Both guys left scene but body language of black shirt girl stiff and suspicious ,
as she left scene immediately followed by the yellow shirt guy..

Robert Kuok thoughts and commentary on Malaysia- translated..!

Encapsulating thoughts of Robert Kuok on Malaysia.

Malaysia’s tycoons are investing heavily overseas instead of re-investing in Malaysia.

This definitely does not bode well for the country & her citizens.

As history past decades  has shown, many of the Chinese businesses have been taken over by either GLCs or Malay businessmen aligned with politicians.

Bit by bit , many of the  huge family corporations and big businesses are leaving for safer havens such as Singapore or Hong Kong, where they feel their fortunes and business empires are relatively safe and secure  from greedy hands.

Come to think of it, it’s an oxymoron.

On one hand, the Malaysian government tells us that they are trying to attract foreign investors / investments..

On the other, they are pushing away local investors (many of whom happens to be of Chinese ethnicity).

Another  interesting reply from Robert Kuok in the Star interview below:

Asked about the sense of discrimination among the Chinese in Malaysia, Kuok demurred, saying:

“This will lead only to highly controversial statements, which is not good for anybody.

It may cause grief or  hurt those Chinese who are living in Malaysia, one must never be the cause of any kind of inter-racial hostility.

To me, the future of Malaysia rests on the economy. It always has.

Only when the greedy grabbing of wealth & power stops, will Malaysia have a chance to progress.

Else, it will go downhill.

For now, the people can afford to make noise on a full stomach. Wait till their stomachs are empty.

All the racial & religious issues will lead to conflict when the economy tanks.

And it is prudent for politicians to stop playing up these issues, before they really get out of hand.

I’m not raising these points because these businesses are owned by the Chinese.

Businessmen are businessmen.Particularly the big fishes in the Chinese community.

Their wealth do not belong to all the Chinese. The point is, regardless of ethnicity, a growing economy is important to sustain this country.

More so for the Chinese whom are largely in the private sector. And many, many Chinese these days are losing hope.

The Malaysian economy and the Malays

Before the Malays start accusing & calling the Chinese unkind names, maybe they ought to pause and consider  about how far they have come with a growing affluent middle-class and benefiting from affirmative policies.

It does not come free. It does not come solely from petro-money. It came from a strong and stable economy.

Indirectly , It came from sacrifices by the normal non-Malays who had to give up some of their rights.

It came from the risks non-Malays had to make to build up their businesses, and then share it with Malay businessmen.

Whatever the Chinese own, they paid for it. They did not get it for free.

Some had to borrow from loan-sharks.,taking most of the risks. Most sacrificed family time.

Not all benefitted and became wildly successful. Some lost everything, fortunes & family.

At the lower spectrum, they sacrificed years working overseas illegally to save enough to buy their home & capital for business.

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