Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Tun M says Najib has undermined democracy

just a basic understanding of simple maths is all that is needed to add up the summation of all the actions done,,without need for specifics,since the whole country knows whats been referred to-from the PAC chairman – AG-  DPM and Minister termination (for speaking out in concern and alarm ) and cabinet reshuffle,(all done within a space of one week plus-that most administrations will require a full term or 2 to do.! )

Bank Negara Governor intimidation, (At risk of destabilizing the country’s markets and financial well being,(anyone noticed the the RM depreciation and risk of it falling of a cliff as soon as a panic threshold is reached)

MACC (very high Ranking officers) detained and investigated..sabotaging or disrupted whatever they were about to conclude and take action on-Plus what else action unknown to the public.And there is only one single common thread that can make Sense of it all.- The 1MDB affair.- Evading  accountability in preemptive actions.Thats the public perception throughout the man in the street across political affiliations..regardless whether they are UMNO /BN or Opposition supporters..If there is one collective consensus that is agreed on by both sides, This is IT!

No Need to be rocket scientists to do the maths.

AT this rate-Even die-hard PM Najib’s supporters or apologist may need to struggle with their inner conscience slightly to convince themselves firsts , before speaking out in support.!

But perhaps Malaysians should be looking at it from a optimistic  perspective,- that PM Najib  has successfully done what no other PM or Govermental administration has achieved,that is -unite the political parties ,from grassroots on / upwards ,in a collective consensus of opinion regarding 1MDB in the  actions taken to dodge accountability.

Opposition and UMNO/BN almost never agree on anything but with 1MDB..surprisingly from many in the UMNO/BN camp , same sentiments are echoed in unison ..Kudos to PM Najib for that.!

Why does PM Najib even bother with the sandiwara, He has gone more than overboard already with the actions taken , the PAC parliment suspensions, DPM -AG sackings MACC disruptions of investigations -etc etc.
.Bank Negara Governor intimidation – may as well just go all the way, because all actions done has taken things already past the point of no return..
And those on his boat knows It as either they abandon ship and captain or they sail down the treacherous course together ,either drown together or reap the bounty together-
Its their choice to make now- those who are unwavering in
support of the PM now for they will live with their decision for the rest of their lives.
A calculated risk- all or nothing are the stakes in the current political game being played
.Maybe not sure of the outcome in whats ahead,but pretty sure of the wake or damage in the collective psyches of Malaysians left behind at a future point looking back on today.
Perhaps they will emerge victorious in one piece in future,but it doesn’t mean that what was done today will be deleted from memory of so many across all communities and political affiliations. Thats the reality of it.!.

The determining factor as to the PM tenous position may lie with the

Political ” Lallangs” in UMNO .

Those who will give their favour en bloc to the side they deem to be winning.

They that bends where the wind blows- yet “lallangs “are not really vertical when the winds aren’t blowing- and hence it may be noteworthy to pay attention to which side the ” lallangs “are tilted or inclined towards when the political winds has a lull..may be an indication on where the critical mass is accumulating- -since one can’t really tell when the winds are blowing in force.
Its somehow like damage assessment after each gale, but once the storm subsides-these “lallangs” may turn out to be the tilting factor onto one side or the other- till then they will remain incognito.-

And figure out amongst themselves , how to “win ,win” on whatever the outcome is.

The determining factor may lie within UMNO itself.

The faction that will TILT the weight “en bloc” as soon as they see which side is emerging as winner in the current political upheaval.

The “kingmakers” in UMNO now observing silently from the sidelines incognito- to wait and see –

but as soon as the dust clears,and wherever the odds seem to be stacking up in favor of
There they will go with their endorsement en masse and en bloc..
Nobody will back a lame horse-.too much at stake.!
SInce it involves a decision they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.
As the situation is now, the calculated risks are that.all or nothing -.

either abandon ship and captain while there is a window of opportunity to salvage their own situations or even emerge unscathed or choose to gamble with the risk of drowning together but continue on the treacherous course they are sailing on with their captain but if they are successful navigating through the treacherous waters, then they get to reap the bountiful rewards..

Whatever the outcome in their choices -years in future, those who decided can look back on today and ponder on the wake of the trail of damage done to the collective psyches of negative perception in many Malaysians and judge whether the decisions they made,either in support or not- was the right one.


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