Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


Dedah apa benda.! satu dunia sudah tahu siapa tokoh2 yang dia merujuk itu….Abang oi..Tok ZAhid..akar umbi sokong mana dan taat setia pihak mana, atuk ini kena tentukan dulu.

Kalu baca salah ,kau sendiri di tumbangkan.


View this again and again and seriously,cannot help but feel that something is up but the DPM is keeping his cards very close to his chest..!

Read between the lines and ignore the intensity of his volume in his voice.

Listen very carefully to what Zahid Hamidi is saying…!

Quote.”.I know for a fact there are the Tokoh2 in UMNO who wants to change the Goverment and do not want to wait till next GE . They want to do so through the back door.!

Then the  strongest words in his statement in his speech is that merely .

Sebagai Timbalan PM,sebagai HM  and VP UMNO ” Saya tidak akan pernah mengizinkan perkara ini daripada berlaku”..”

As DPM -as HM-as UMNO Vice President

Like saying in English “I will not have ever allowed this thing to happen !” A continous tense in both BM and English- No finality to the phrase !

Very different if he had declared definitively and categorically in a very firm stern tone”I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!”..

And then cloak in a caution of repercussions that he is adept at..

As far as rebukes or warnings go-this is very mild and so out of character of DPM Zahid Hamidi-.

Who Malaysians are accustomed to his at times , very stern no-face-given style of rebukes.!

It is intriguing to mull on certain things in his speech..

“The public or rakyat is watching us closely on what action we are going to take?”

Then he mentions or bring up the reminder of where the  popular vote of Malaysians are at ? WHY?

Before he describes the 1st past the post system,for the benefit of the statement.
And then He goes on to describe what the plans and How they may go about  to change the current Goverment?

(He actually said Ubah this goverment, not guling or jatuhkan kerajaan which he used later)

Then his messages to grassroots..”Bangun untuk menentukan tidak akan menjadi”

” Division leaders state or national level, stand up to determine that they are not going to do it.!

Its the non-commital statements in continous tenses thats intriguing..

And that perhaps , where he stands on current issues is maybe still in the grey area-??

What he said in the speech is actually nothing new and is more or less common knowledge,all over media- down to who are the big names involved in the attempt to replace the PM.

But thought provoking is seriously the overall neutral non provocative and non intimidative tone that seems slightly out of  character from our normally abrasive confrontational  Home Minister/DPM.

So, thereby according to Zahid Hamidi, this may be  how PM Najib will be toppled by MPs  in Parliment led by the Tokoh-Tokohs on both sides.!

He said even now there are efforts to get Statutory Declaration  amongst opposition MPs and attempts to convince BN MPs to join in a consensus vote of no confidence.

All 87 opposition MPs  plus one released to become 88 MPs.

Now a 7 page memorandum with ballot with SD to declare a voice of marjority has been prepared.!

Hmmm..very interesting.-and again, not about the vote of no confidence but the overall gist in his tone of voice and selected words/ phrases in his message..

It really is wide open for interpretation as to his Real position on the current state of affairs.

Ending in a message;;This is a very serious matter that cannnot afford to wait any longer till next GE, because it can seriously undermine national politics.

And Loyalty is what its about..!

( A conumdrum here really to DPM Zahid and many within UMNO now across the ranks-..Loyalty Yes indeed-,but to Party interests or individual political interests-that/s the main blurry question they need to struggle with now?)

Personally , It seriously sound like a message to  PM Najib himself rather than it is a stern rebuke to the “back door” schemers.


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