Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

From the latest trending social media shares on “what to do if tear-gas is present,who to call if arrested etc etc ” one can almost sense the nervous energies permeating the atmosphere – emanating from those who with absolute certainty – plan to attend the rally ,

And so , it’s like , they have to muster their resolute and mobilize their wits to march into battle ,as if conflict is inevitable and almost assured.!

But ..YE shall endure,and the spirit shall triumph..! And We will be Heard.!

And who knows,it may turn out to be a festive mood afterall-,as Unity of hearts and minds is celebrated,as all come together in a common cause to air grievances.

The  Bersih 4 rally is a chance for common folk to show their disapproval  and disdain at the state of affairs of governance and the attitudes of the leaders to the common people.  The rally is not a regular calendar event.

People owe it to themselves or their descendants or be representative of many unable to attend ,  to make their presence known and felt and show that the people’s sentiments cannot be trifled with and played /manipulated and taken for granted.

At some point,the people patience have worn so  thin , they have to make a stand to express the collective disapproval of being ridden roughshod again and again – and after having to put up with so much for far too long.

Bersih 4 just like past Bersih rallies is the platform to vent the anger and resentment.!

To Cow Bersih 4 Rally participants

The other Trending topic on social media pre-Bersih 4 are many high profile personalities and Goverment ministers, opposing the gathering and declaring all the negativity that the Bersih 4 protest will garner..

WIth warnings and antics..although  it is so transparent what these voices are attempting- regardless of where you stand on the Bersih rallly.

That is -to deter many attending Bersih 4– they seem to be using Psy-Ops…dropping insinuations that there may be Violence..and associating visual imagery and stern warnings suggestively– power of subliminal messaging..maybe the ones behind the scheme are die hard rock fans of Led Zep and the classic “Stairway to Heaven”.

It ll be more intriguing actually if the public has an idea who these diabolical schemers are.

For they seem to recognize that there are many among the public who have misgivings about attending-the pacifist or the irresolute about things and the “blase” and even “wimpy” lot.

Like it or not, they do exist. and targeting these mindsets do make sense..


As for them who refuse to be cowed by anything .

and will take part in the mass protest to show their real sentiments.

Also to show a message to the powers that, Malaysians are no longer ignorant and easily accomodating to be force fed nonsense.

Mutual respect and accountability is demanded,  that all under the Malaysian sun can benefit,not restricted to the elite few.

That Malaysians want and  will support only a Goverment that puts their best interests 1st-and not have their intelligence consistently insulted ,disrespected and held in contempt.

The emotional energies of an angry population. Sentiments that have been bottled within the psyches of many ,  need to be vented .

But if the establishment continues to ignore the clear signs of discontent-or denies that the issues Malaysians are upset with- matter – and needs addressing and give the public an acceptable accounting.

Things will just degenerate into a more tense volatile atmosphere.

The nation seem to have descended into a sense of disorientation.  And the leaders of the country are the very figures leading the way to limbo merely by virtue of many of them , seem to be absolutely clueless on what it takes to be a strong decisive and popular leader.

Unflattering Analogies

As it is now , the country’s leadership is  like a serpent thrashing wildly about –

The serpent’s head stunned by electrocution,  and the main body just reacting in wild gyration- crawling wildly around , wiggling to escape somewhere- but -.Neither here nor there, but where ?

Or another analogy ,is the very Ostrich like behaviour.- our  leader is sticking his head into every sand pit he comes across. And soon as he emerges from one pit and is yanked out, he just as quickly dashes in search of another pit  to stick his head in it.

Meantime, those who will speak in his defence-do so with releasing statements verging on bland sheer stupidity..

Never mind the fact that they are attempting to defend the indefensible,but they do so in saying things that actually does more damage to themselves and He they defend.

So  much  so that , the vocal detractors and critics of PM Najib merely have to come up with allegations but based on credible sources ,and  then just allow these defenders to do their worst. Saving them time effort and lessening the risks of them  getiing afoul with the law.since the defenders by and large have some form of immunity from prosecution from the law.

And , they all question the motivations of Malaysians who want to protest in the Bersih 4 rally..?

No Rocket science- a basic understanding of simple Arithmetic and addition -subtraction-multiplication etc is really all the knowledge needed to figure out why Malaysians feel angry,dis-contented.-and why the need to protest in the streets.

Bersih 4 and Malaysian mindsets about Protesting?

Things have a way of fizzling out if a cause doesn’t have traction on mindsets and fail to capture public imagination.

Protestors can scream all they want in downtown city centre ..but it is not easy to get public support to rally if the public have mis-givings of the cause for protesting..

And many Malaysians are generally blase or downright wimpy when it comes to calls to protest against the Goverment in public..

Political or idealogical passions ,very different from western mindsets.-more informed as to options on what may be effective, how to use so called 4th estate-public opinion on their side.(Not much use for these in Malaysian)..

But,to be able to convince Malaysians to the streets.the justification or what emotional trigger for it,, is definitely strong.
By and large-think Malaysian public will ignore calls to gather and protests.-unless of course..theme for them feels like a vent for releasing angry energy and lack of choice.

That can be explosive when the mass outrage is a common pent-up anger felt by all.

And ,PM Najib has made himself into the Target by the very recent past events .
Talk about,pressurized angry energy-like an air compressor forcing pressurized air into a air tank.

The protest will be like,the tank’s air valve is opened to release the pressurized air-after that, hard to say what follows- energy has been expended-pressure released but by no means fizzled out.!
And if PM Najib survives this , absorbs it and still endures- then what He does-during and after the Rally- in response to the public’s expression of mass dis-approval is going to make or break his political lifespan.!


And why the Tianjin explosion is relevant to the development in  Malaysian politics is for individual  the blast and contemplate on the explosive energy that was released and how devastating the explosion was…

The symbolism that there were 3 blasts…each more powerful than the other…until culminating in the horrifically powerful and devastating  last explosion.

The force of which was a result of those  there to try to control and attempt to put out the fire..

And the tragic error ,of introducing water with the chemicals , causing the most powerful blast of the tragedy..That cost them their lives, through ,lack of knowledge in handling the fire that contains those chemicals.

A tragedy of errors, one on top of another, and resulting in a mass lost of lives and injury and billions of dollars in properties..

Tragedy that can be averted…

A matter of fact is, Bersih 4 will be a expression and venting of energy pressured in the psyche of Malaysians concerned over the socio / political developments of the country..

A small blast.?

And /  but how will it be handled, the burst/blast of the energy in protest by thousands, how will they contain it?

The TianJin Blast was a tragic event that could have been avoided…

Lets hope Bersih 4 and the explosive energy of the mass protest will not be handled wrongly or will not get out of hand on all sides.

The reason it’s scary – looking at the last Blast in the video – just observe the sheer scale of the explosive force in size and energy -that had to be 3 times more powerful than the initial blasts.

And the Fireball ensuing must have covered 5-6 times the initial explosion area and destroyed everything in the Firebomb.!

And tragically ,all because of human error, who probably would never have realised, the horrific consequence of the error they were doing !

And this Cause and Effect equation , needs to figure very prominently ,for those who ultimately will be deciding how Bersih 4 Rally is handled.-particularly the authorities or those in power that the rally is against !


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