Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

My personal 2 cents worth of opinion to the politicians and power players across the Malaysian political divide……..

Some thoughts for Malaysian politicians and civil service leaders and Ministers..

Hundreds of thousands will be watching or will eventually watch online- Bersih 4 -and unfolding events that takes place-

And that number will increase eventually to build up to more thousands of views online -in Malaysia and internationally on how Bersih 4 turns out.

Local media and international media will be in attendance and form their own perceptions and writing editorials – airing footage of Bersih 4 , of Malaysia and writing opinion pieces on the leaders.

Briefly ,Malaysia is going on the international exhibition stage again come Bersih 4..

As it was past Bersih demos, – Anwar’s show trials – 1 mdb affair…etc
From Domestic , Regional , Global media-there ll be opinion pieces, editorials,news articles,

investigative journalism that ll focus whatever is deemed “good press” that sells-

which usually means “exposes- of shady and dodgy dealings in high places or arrogant high handedness of power intoxication..

Perceived oppression,suppresion,subversion .-greed corruption,and few other terms ending with ” tions” .
Typical “good press” topics that foreign media loves to exploit..

But occasionally, press also likes to champion underdogs or the noble intentioned going against the odds..

Players / participants of Bersih fits that bill.- absolute darling topics Media loves to write about or report.
Bersih 4 is not merely an event on the 29th and 30th ,like a concert- excitement fizzle out.after the show!

The reverberations will be rippling outwards for quite some time..
There is a sense of anticipation,that Bersih 4 maybe a prelude for what else is going to happen

in domestic political arena and international attention –

generated in part recently by the 1MDB affair, that is slowly gaining volume and the building up leading to Bersih 4 protest.

Imagine the perspective of a foreign press correspondent coming across the subject.

“Accusation of a conspiracy to topple the Malaysian Goverment by NGOs- organizing street protest to demand resignation of the PM.”  Conspiracy to topple Goverment?”

In any country,it counts as treason,some will arrest and put the perps in front of a firing squad.

Here,in Malaysia , its accuse and going as far as telling accused perps – they know how they ll do so.-Toppling the Goverment.
What international journalist will not have a “What the Heck? moment,finding out about this.?

And not want to look into it more?

.And our political leaders names ,reputations will be shaped or can be shaped with Bersih 4 as a platform-

If they are astute enough to be aware of it .
How they are to be seen and what impression they will make on the millions of mindsets- esp Malaysians who are in the electorate…
Whatever happens,ambitious politicians but who chosed wrong side- do all the dirty work -say all the nasty things during Bersih 4 –

Seen to be trying their worst to thwart the Bersih planned rally / protest -.incurring the wrath of a discontented marjority –

will feel the repercussions not immediately but in future,probably next GE.
Things politicians do in public , have a way of coming back to haunt them or bless them..
And politicians who are more keen on instant gratifications rather than long term career advancement

,may live to regret the choice-

Particularly for them involved in the current status quo in our Govermental administration.

Bersih 4 has the potential to make or break political careers and expose more rogues as they crawl out from the woodwork,like insects sprayed by dis infectant.
But then it can also enhance reputations of those principled political leaders who hitherto has been maintaining low profile.

The public’s judgment of the leader/leaders tasked to deal with the  Bersih rally is based on their handling of it,

And also for other public figures ,civil society or political leaders , public impression of them is based on their attitude and statements on the Bersih 4 protest rally.
How these leaders read and decipher Malaysian marjority sentiments will be either their blessing or curse.

And whichever side of the political divide they are from, its now or never to grab this chance ,

Bersih 4 can offer to show to the hundreds of thousands and eventual millions of Malaysians

who will eventually vote,- What calibre these politicians / civil servants/ leaders /public figures are of..

The entire nation’s collective focus is going to be on Bersih 4 for the next few days.

Smart indeed will the person who figures out how to surf this wave of excited uncertain energy.

That can help focus some of the energy on themselves, provided that they genuinely want to

relate to the masses and vice versa.

Long Term think ahead of a calculated gamble of which Horse to bet on.
And eventual Hero or Zero,,win big or lose all, their call!


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