Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia




Out side Central Market-Downtowntown KL noon Sat 29th


Emerging from Train Station Already greeted by Yellow everywhere


Walking towards Petaling Street-Yellow is all I see


Into Petaling street


This is Chinatown–Swarm of Yellow-And not yet at Dataran Merdeka where the protestors are gathering


Banner at Puduraya bus station


Then I came across this sight..Jln Tun Perak stretch,as far as the eye can see leading into Dataran Merdeka

Lim Kit Siang walking amongst the crowd

Lim Kit Siang -wearing cap-walking amongst the crowd


Among the Reasons of the Protest


Meet Rosie the Chick with a cool Wig!


People’s podium.Anyone from the Public who has something to say can use this as a platform to share


A citizen capturing attention with his grievances and captivating the crowd with what he was saying


Bersih 4 affecting Businesses..Yes without doubt..This Mamak shop was practically full of yellow shirts for the next 30 hours. Mcdonalds along Jln Tun Perak had to lock their doors temporarily to stop people going in the cramped space-because too many people and a long Q formed..All eateries was doing roaring business .


Whoever claimed the Malay community was not present gotta blind. “Taking a break from the Rally for prayers”


This really impressed,despite the protest-the organizers made sure it will indeed be Clean”Bersih”


Every bit of rubbish was picked up by the volunteers..


It Starts with Us-Inadvertently even the Pillar of the LRT Add has a relevant message to the Bersih 4 rally!


Sun Morning 30th..crowd already building up


As far as the eye can see,Sea of Yellow!


Bar Council Lawyers standing by just in case Legal Aid required


Sat night..Packed crowd


City Hall in backdrop


Emergency vehicles on standby,


Old High Court building in background



Medical station with First Aid team on standby


Message not only on Banners and Placards..These guys are like saying”PM Najib,Wanna cross the road ,You will hafta clear the Bersih people’s obstacle!”

Hundreds of thousands made the effort to attend the rally-each single one is representative of perhaps hundreds more who were not there for one reason or another-easily represents voice of sentiments of millions-
And all they do (ministers and authorities) is to issue statements on the legality or the haram /halal dimension.
Totally ignoring nor addressing the reasons of what the people are expressing and protesting..Mind boggling they are so easily manipulated into positions and making banal statements that just worsens public opinion against them.particularly PM Najib..
Hundreds of thousands of people rally in a show of disapproval of his Goverment,and all he can do is ,state that He can rope in Felda in bigger numbers..

PM Najib ,it is not comparing who has the bigger” stick”..
And labelling the rally goers as unpatriotic- so far from reality a statement-for it is precisely their patriotism and love for the country and concerns what Najib is doing to it that has got the Bersih 4 protestors so riled up in protest=braving threats of violence -of being tear-gassed-of harassment-being labelled outlaws for wearing yellow.etc..not to mention thousands sleeping on the street on hard concrete pavements and road surface and getting soak and drenched in the rain,to show their resolve and un dampening spirits.

They should be taking the message of the Bersih 4 protest much much more seriously and not brush it aside.
And worst part is ,Najib hides behind the rhetorics of racial politics which his ministerial loyalist defenders use and he uses it as a shield to fend of detractors and to defend himself.against the mass disapproval of his premiership



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