Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


“Suddenly we are treating new immigrants as if they’re the problem when your grandparents were treated like the problem, or your great-grandparents were treated like the problem, or were considered somehow unworthy, or uneducated, or unwashed?

Because unless you are a native American-Your family came from someplace else!


President Obama Speaks with Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Fellows at the White House!

“The one thing I know is that countries that divide themselves on racial or religious lines, they do not succeed,” he stressed. “Each country is different, but there are some rules if you look at development patterns around the world that are pretty consistent, and those are two pretty good rules. Don’t divide yourself on religious and ethnic lines and racial lines, and don’t discriminate against women. If you do those two things, you are not guaranteed success but at least you’re not guaranteed failure.”

One of the reasons why Singapore has been so successful is because “it has been able to bring together people who may look different, but they all think of themselves as part of Singapore”, said US President Barack Obama yesterday (June 1).

“That has to be a strength, not a weakness, but that requires leadership and government being true to those principles,”

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