Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

  • Even Fortune magazine gets in on the act besides NYT, WSJ of the US- The Independent, Guardian of the UK , And SCMP , Bangkok post of Asean , Al Jazeera etc etc.
    Just few ,among the world’s most influential media are highlighting and not at all flaterring reports on PM Najib’s 1MDB issue or controversy .
    These names are some of the globe’s more influential media ,read by millions, including Govermental leaders.
    .If indeed there is some conspiracy to discredit PM Najib,well the shat’s international.
    Or that this is a legitimately credible newsworthy controversy that is not unfounded or baseless.
    At this rate, there exist a possibility that the whole UMNO organization may see PM Najib as more of a liability to the organization and the super elite’s personal interests than he is a cash vending machine..
    Since many in the UMNO super elite, generate wealth internationally and if their interests are compromised because of links to a political hot potato in Malaysia’s domestic political climate ,an issue that many loathe to touch, and want to distance themselves from..
    But the media names are serious players in the investigative journalism arena , imagine if they pool their resources and share intel and investigate indepth this 1MDB issue.,these media names can be relentless and will sink their teeth into the issue, and dig up, questionable dealings or associations internationally that may put them or UMNO’s interests at risk of scandal or spotlight,internationally.just because of the association or link with PM Najib.or 1MDB…Reputation is one thing, but when wealth or fortunes are threatened, well, shats gonna hit the ceiling,heads will roll..
    When if they really think that the removal of a name puts everything back on normal and international and domestic heat cool down.Potential international financial scandals that risk exposure , averted.,but now the scandal of our PM and the 1MDB controversy heating up and generating humongous international interests and limelight of corruption(always been a fascinating topic) focused on this country.

    Interesting to mull on what UMNO/BN will do indeed , if they weigh in all these factors for consideration?

    Endure the pain or deal with the source of the pain ? Remove the thorn or hope it will dissolve itself into the bloodstream?


    Rumour has it …

    The latter below are as stated..Rumours !

    Read and use own discretion to formulate a personal conclusion.

    from Syed Akhbar Ali’s blog .. OutSyed the Box..

    Talk is some UMNO Ministers went to meet the No. 2 guy quite recently.  
    They told him that it was getting more difficult to support the No. 1 guy.
    They said that at the max,  the No. 1 guy should go by early next year ie 2017.
    They also said that if the No. 1 guy does not go, then they will not run for elections in 2018.
    Because they know they will lose in their respective constituencies.
    Support for UMNO on the ground is approaching zero. 
    Support for MCA, MIC and Gerakan is below zero.
    The ‘respectmyPM’ campaign is dead. Less than 50 people turned up on their own in Johor the other day.  Even the datang naik bas supporters did not come in any significant numbers.
    In Kelantan, Annuar Musa had to use some slick tricks to get people to sign that ‘Kelantan Declaration’.  
    People were not happy at being cornered to sign. 
    Only the IGP and the AG stand between oblivion and saving the country.  
    No one, repeat NO ONE, genuinely supports the…..
    Just tell him to resign and go. The country is going to …….

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