Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Mean spirited or misunderstood. ..
Are all of UMNO/BN leaders like this ? No sense of right and wrong ?
Ego and Pride so strong that even when it is so clear and obvious to all ,they still adamantly maintain they were misunderstood. .

Too cowardly to admit they may have said something offensive and hurtful to feelings of others.

It takes a Man to admit mistakes and face up consequences. ..and apologize

Only Cowards deny and blame others for what is so obvious their fault. it’s a character flaw frowned upon but when an elected MP and a govt minister displays such attitude and stubborn stupidity to admit wrong , when convincing evidence without doubt shows otherwise. .

It’s a typical example of the quality and substance of many leaders from UMNO/BN

.It was so plain to see on the video footage what he was saying and what he means !And he even managed a chuckle right after,as if he said something very clever.

And even despite that. He denies it and has the gall to lash back angrily blaming every body else but himself.

This is essentially so typical representation of arrogant leaders from UMNO.  For this attitude is not restricted to him and by far not an isolated incident. .

And here ,it just shows the measure of substance of the man. The level of integrity, principles, civility, decorum, honor and self respect.

Any self respecting decent, well mannered person will feel the offensive vulgarity of the description.

And he is an elected MP and deputy minister of the Goverment.
Using gutter language and sexual innuendos in Parliament chamber that he thinks is funny shows just how shallow his mentality is , and shames those associated to the ministerial level .

Imagine that the country’s affairs are conducted by some with such lewd. obscene ,vulgar mindsets. .
And with no sense of decorum nor knows what is mutual respect extended to his parliamentary peers.
Is this the acceptable common character of our Goverment ministers from Umno/BN or just isolated embarrassing few of them?

Some may say.
Cheeah.  Just being cheeky. No big deal. .
Which Yes !
If this is at a kopitiam doing thrash talking.
But gutter language should be unacceptable in revered Parliamentary chamber regardless which political party he is from. .

And the speaker should have known better than to let it slide without even cautionary reprimand.
What standards of behaviour does the Speaker deem acceptable?
Surely not thrash talking, gutter language.

Does the Speaker preside over the highest lawmaking chamber of the country.
Or is he warden to a monkey cage?

How much lower in standards of misbehaviour will the legislative hall be allowed to descend to?

How much more will compromise of decency ,decorum ,civility expected of MPs from society, who put them there to represent the best interests of their constituency ,not to behave crudely, vulgar and irreverently , be allowed?

The outrageous  immaturity on display by these so called people’s representatives in parliamentary chamber , can be  so annoying , exasperating and alarming.

And not only this particular time . Time and time again, Malaysians have witnessed video footage  to what is commonly observed as consistent behaviour by certain MPs.
Behaviour that reminds one of monkeys rattling the cage in the zoo.

MPs are there to debate and legislate better laws that improves society.
Not to insinuate , insult nor suggest sexual innuendos or misogynistic jokes  to get a cheap laugh.

People expect higher standards of behaviour from elected representatives.

They are supposed to be of a higher standing members of society.

At least pretend to have an iota of sophistication and intellectual predisposition.
Even if they happen to be intellectual numbskulls !

Who in their right minds will want to elect someone who seem to be lewd, vulgar with an uncivilised mindset to represent them as their MP.?


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