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Mean spirited or misunderstood. ..
Are all of UMNO/BN leaders like this ? No sense of right and wrong ?
Ego and Pride so strong that even when it is so clear and obvious to all ,they still adamantly maintain they were misunderstood. .

Too cowardly to admit they may have said something offensive and hurtful to feelings of others.

It takes a Man to admit mistakes and face up consequences. ..and apologize

Only Cowards deny and blame others for what is so obvious their fault. it’s a character flaw frowned upon but when an elected MP and a govt minister displays such attitude and stubborn stupidity to admit wrong , when convincing evidence without doubt shows otherwise. .

It’s a typical example of the quality and substance of many leaders from UMNO/BN

.It was so plain to see on the video footage what he was saying and what he means !And he even managed a chuckle right after,as if he said something very clever.

And even despite that. He denies it and has the gall to lash back angrily blaming every body else but himself.

This is essentially so typical representation of arrogant leaders from UMNO.  For this attitude is not restricted to him and by far not an isolated incident. .

And here ,it just shows the measure of substance of the man. The level of integrity, principles, civility, decorum, honor and self respect.

Any self respecting decent, well mannered person will feel the offensive vulgarity of the description.

And he is an elected MP and deputy minister of the Goverment.
Using gutter language and sexual innuendos in Parliament chamber that he thinks is funny shows just how shallow his mentality is , and shames those associated to the ministerial level .

Imagine that the country’s affairs are conducted by some with such lewd. obscene ,vulgar mindsets. .
And with no sense of decorum nor knows what is mutual respect extended to his parliamentary peers.
Is this the acceptable common character of our Goverment ministers from Umno/BN or just isolated embarrassing few of them?

Some may say.
Cheeah.  Just being cheeky. No big deal. .
Which Yes !
If this is at a kopitiam doing thrash talking.
But gutter language should be unacceptable in revered Parliamentary chamber regardless which political party he is from. .

And the speaker should have known better than to let it slide without even cautionary reprimand.
What standards of behaviour does the Speaker deem acceptable?
Surely not thrash talking, gutter language.

Does the Speaker preside over the highest lawmaking chamber of the country.
Or is he warden to a monkey cage?

How much lower in standards of misbehaviour will the legislative hall be allowed to descend to?

How much more will compromise of decency ,decorum ,civility expected of MPs from society, who put them there to represent the best interests of their constituency ,not to behave crudely, vulgar and irreverently , be allowed?

The outrageous  immaturity on display by these so called people’s representatives in parliamentary chamber , can be  so annoying , exasperating and alarming.

And not only this particular time . Time and time again, Malaysians have witnessed video footage  to what is commonly observed as consistent behaviour by certain MPs.
Behaviour that reminds one of monkeys rattling the cage in the zoo.

MPs are there to debate and legislate better laws that improves society.
Not to insinuate , insult nor suggest sexual innuendos or misogynistic jokes  to get a cheap laugh.

People expect higher standards of behaviour from elected representatives.

They are supposed to be of a higher standing members of society.

At least pretend to have an iota of sophistication and intellectual predisposition.
Even if they happen to be intellectual numbskulls !

Who in their right minds will want to elect someone who seem to be lewd, vulgar with an uncivilised mindset to represent them as their MP.?


I.S. in Malaysia







Take away the Islam element here from the IS…with Malaysia..
Then there is not much emotional connection..but because of a common Islamic Faith,Malaysians have gotten involved n indoctrinated in the IS ideology..
How did that happen ?
And more importantly, what’s going on in the religious institutions in Malaysia, and what is being taught or preached.?
Is there a need for some serious soul searching of how to spend the billion dollar budget of Jakim ?

Is it religious moderation or subtle radicalism, taking root in the impressionable ypung student psyches of our religious institutions..?
Extremist ideology is not hard to take root in Malaysian mindsets, already outraged by perceived slight of their common Islamic Faith in Middle.Eastern countries ..Palestine ,Syria, Iraq etc.

Religion, Its an emotional subject ,that causes irrational thinking./anger and demands for vengeance or violent reprisals.
to counter an act of perceived or real insult,or transgression to satiate a lust for revenge which is pervesely proclaimed to be Divine commandment..
So many of our fellow Malaysian muslim’s world views are restricted to what they were told ,taught or preached to in sermons..
There are already a number of Malaysian..,who have been seduced by IS ideology and have actually gone there to Pick up arms and fight for them.,ready to kill or be killed in the name of religion and the god they scream allegiance to.
So should Malaysians be worried that the IS extremist idealogy may have infiltrated into and indoctrinated susceptible Malaysian mindsets. who find such violent radicalism appealing n persuasive.,and these Malaysians amongst us, will they be like a very volatile powder keg,that ll explode any moment unless defused in time.

Muhyidin Yasin !



Hmmm..So Curious , the manner in which this document is drafted.Particularly the selective words and sentences -in conveying the gist of the content.. Has a dark venomous the whole thing !

And very clear as to where /who this SD weapon is aiming at.

First off, As i am reading the SD , can’t help but noticed the name Muhyidin Yasin ! Numerous times ,
And seem to jump out of the SD.
Very pronounced.and positioning so strategically throughout document, and no intention for subtlety at all.!

One can’t help get a feeling that the,document seem to be screaming the name into your face…..
Muhyidin Yasin..!
And each time Name is mentioned, it is followed by a damning narrative description ,of something suggestively sleazy or unethical…
Hmmm interesting !

The author starts with stating” At all material times , i was “fooled” by Gee…..
and the marriage was a marriage of convenience..

My thoughts: (Well if She married him under false pretenses,and he didn’t know anything, then that ll be a fair statement to make – being “Fooled”)

(Yet , with his admission of it being “a marriage of convenience” he demonstrates that he is aware of the thing, and they actually have an arrangement..
The sentence contradicts itself already.! So, where does “fooled part ” apply?

As if he was duped unknowingly by the lady in question,but then he seem to contradict the statement himself throughout the document, because He seem to know exactly what is going on..
How is he fooled again ?

This is a sense of the gist of this SD document in relation to describing Muhyidin Yasin and Nika Gee’s seemingly sordid affair..e affair
And the picture He is trying to paint with his SD narrative.

He did assassinate her character subtly when he describe in the sentence “.intimate” relationships with other MEN..!
(plural. MEN !! Suggesting , Sleazy dame , she sleeps around , so not really respectable or elegant lady.)

How Muhyidin met her..!

1. Met in a Bar…( Dubious respectability suggested )

2 .-Money exchange for illicit sexual relationship..(this forms a cheap sleazy impression, loose morality., not some classy lady )
3.-Relationships with other men…(whooo…makes her a slut impression),

4-Then as MB awarded her a project – as Sports Minister again gave her privatisation project , and then appointed her Datukship and on to Board of Crime Prevention.= ( this touches on unethical abuse of power/position, even hinting on graft)

And weirdly , noticed the SD was stamped on 7th Dec 2015.. 6 months ago…
And timing of this SD made

It is also perplexing as to why this guy drafted the SD in the 1st place..after so many years that they have the “Marriage Arrangement” and knew about the affair.So why, all of a sudden, make an SD 6 months ago, when Muhyidin is in a life or death political battle, that started about same time?.
Thats ponderable to say the least !

Gradually Erasing Hang Tuah from the Malay Psyche.

According to the internet  versions.. apparently in June 1998, the government of Malaysia commisioned a team of researchers to conduct in Malaysia , a research project to compliment the historical annals of the Malacca Sultanate that was in the syllabus of the country’s secondary schools.

The objective of the research is simply:

To gather evidence that may indicate the origins of the early Malays to Malaysia.

To further research the subject and allow more credence to the claims of the Malays as the first settlers,  they determined that there is a need to find the graveyards of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and others.. to validate the existence of these pendekar (warrior) pioneers.

Intriguingly , a year later after the research , since 1999 or 2000, HANG TUAH as a important  historical figure in the annals of Malacca ,so fiercely identified as a beacon of Malay warrior spirit and so strongly symbolic of the Malays as a proud and strong culture dating back to the pendekars of the Malacca 5 centuries ago , the legend ,icon, hero  seems to have been put in the deep freeze?

What did they uncover that prompted  the government to decide to halt or gradually omit the Hang Tuah name in the syllabus and evade documenting  Hang Tuah and his warrior comrades and their links to the Malacca sultanate of that era ?

The  research team from the US ,  United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Yemen & Russia., found the ” claimed to be ” graveyards of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and others, their skeletons had been analyzed and samples of DNA taken with the results showing unexpectedly that Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu and  few other DNA  samples of pendekars,  in a surprising turn , showed that the DNA samples were  not of Malay ancestry but  matches DNA traced from  CHINESE origins  from China !!

Begging the questions of where their real birthplaces were.?  Or were they born in Malacca to parents of Chinese descendant?

Or were they Chinese warriors sent by the Ming Dynasty Emperor,perhaps as a goodwill gesture of diplomacy?

According to  earlier historical accounts (before their roles in Malacca history  were reduced to insignificance ,when the warriors were still thought of as full blooded heroic Malay warriors),

The Hang pack of pendekars  were duty bound  to help protect the MALAY Sultanate and thwart attacks by the neighbouring countries of Malacca.
They were the protectors of  the Sultan and the port of  Malacca .


And hence ,lingering question is , Did Hang Tuah and the other warriors sailed to Malacca  from China?

And they were assigned to the Malacca Sultanate as Royal guards as a gesture of goodwill from the Ming dynasty Emperor .??

And are they are linked to the  Seven Voyages to the Western Ocean by Admiral Zheng He who co- incidentally was a Chinese Muslim himself who had forged a close diplomatic relationship with the Malaccan  Royalty and adopted the port as a protectorate of Chinese navy.

In a impressive show of naval might with dozens of  gigantic vessels and thousands of crew , that would have deterred neighbours from any ambition towards the port of Malacca. .

Another version of Hang Tuah has it that……

Hang Tuah’s appearance in the history of the region began when some men ran amok near Kampung Bendahara.

Tun Perak , (whose rank is similar to Prime Minister of the Sultanate then ,) came with a party of guards to investigate the incident, but they were  also attacked.

His guards fled but when Hang Tuah and his friends, who happened to be at a nearby stall, saw what was happening, rushed to intervene and save Tun Perak.

They fought the group and, because of their ferociousness, chased them off.

Tun Perak was impressed by the courage of Hang Tuah and his companions.

He rewarded them for their gallantry  and presented them to Sultan Muzaffar Syah.


Hang Tuah’s Well in Kampung Duyong, Malacca.

Hang Tuah Mausoleum

Hang Tuah’s illustrious career as an admiral or laksamana includes tales of his absolute and unfaltering loyalty to his Sultan, some of which are chronicled in Sejarah Melayu (the semi-historical Malay Annals) and Hikayat Hang Tuah (a romantic collection of tales involving Hang Tuah).

Hang Tuah was chronicled to have been  the sultan’s constant aide, accompanying  his Ruler on official visits to foreign soil. As the account goes , during one such visit to Majapahit, Hang Tuah  duelled with the famed pendekar(warrior) named  Taming Sari.

And which he emerged the victor after a brutal ferocious fight , Hang Tuah was rewarded by the then  ruler of Majapahit who bestowed upon him Taming Sari’s kris (Malay warrior’s uniquely shaped dagger).

The Keris Taming Sari was named after its original owner, and was purported to be magical, empowering its owner with physical invulnerability.


Legacy of Hang Tuah in the Malay psyche.

The name Hang Tuah remains  extremely popular in Malaysia, embodying the values of  Malay “pendekar” spirit and  culture of that era in history.

Although the  historical accuracy has question marks hovering .(between myth,legend and historical facts)  nonetheless the legend is indelibly etched into the Malay psyche of the warrior spirit of loyalty and justice.

And the Keris a symbol of Malay pride and unique identity,particularly the name “Taming Sari” . Hang Tuah’s  ostensibly “charmed ” Keris ,a potent symbolic name of Malay pride strength and warrior spirit..

Like a version of King Arthur’s  sword “Excalibur.”.

The name ” Taming Sari ” conjures impressions of  power , strength , invincibility, and a mysterious aura of  supernatural power.The uniqueness of the curling shape of the  Keris  dagger and  the Taming Sari name ,adopting both and associating the strength and  pride of the Malay culture in both these potent symbols.

And also to cap it all on potent symbols of the Malays as a proud and strong race and culture with a warrior spirit.

There is the martial art of silat…a combat art as Malay as it can get..and Hang Tuah ,Jebat,Kasturi ,Lekir and Lekiu are very pronounced as masters of this combative art.

And in Malaysia, this martial art is exclusively identified with the Malay community,just like Kung Fu is identified with the Chinese.


The Hang Tuah , Jebat ,Kasturi ,Lekir ,Lekiu  pendekars , still serves as a compelling point of debate among students of Malay history ,literature or legend of  the Malay pendekar  spirit in the Malaccan era.

In contemporary Malaysia, Hang Tuah is purportedly quoted as saying

Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia” meaning “Never shall the Malay(s) vanish from the earth”.

The quote is a famous rallying cry for  Malay nationalism.


And  because of DNA…?????

Paradoxically,as it emerges that Hang Tuah had Chinese DNA,the legacy of the invincible heroic Malay warrior with absolute loyalty to Ruler ,evaporated , and made seemingly insignificant,despite all the embodiment of the noble virtuous values of the Malay warrior whose allegiance and loyalty to Ruler were paramount and above all else.

Even if it means the ultimate self sacrifice.!

The values Hang Tuah represented transcends cultures or race, for such are values that makes brave  heroic warriors into legends,no matter what country or Emperor or Sultan they are willing to fight and die for.

Particularly if accounts of Hang Tuah’s DNA are true, then it makes it even more of an incredible tale of loyalty and allegiance to Ruler.

Despite the fact that Hang Tuah and his warrior comrade in arms,were not of the same ancestry as that of their Ruler,but still they were ferociously loyal to the core.

And all the more significant when considering the tale of treachery and betrayal of Hang Tuah by the Ruler,and yet still, his loyalty was unflinching, and exemplifies the warrior code to the utmost in the protecting of their Ruler.

Based on the premise that , their lifes are not their own,and that it belongs to their lord and master,their Sultan. And that if they were commanded to take their own lifes by their Ruler, They will do so, without hestitating

A type of universal code of conduct of warriors of the era.To die in service for the lord that they serve,a glorious ultimate sacrifice.

Therefore, if Hang Tuah and his warrior in arms actually existed in  Malacca,and by separating the intertwining legend and real history and discovering that their heroism is indeed based on merit.

It will be  gross dis-service to the legacies of the names not to mention the perversion of Malaccan history  and the documenting of the Malays in  history during the reign of the Malaccan Sultanates ,and the thriving culture of that era,when Malacca was a trading hub.

So what does it matter,whether Hang Tuah was of what DNA or origin? It ought to matter more that He sees himself as a Malay warrior,with absolute allegiance and loyalty to his Ruler and of course his Country.! Or that he will willingly give his life in the defence of the Malacca and the Sultan he is loyal to !


Therefore,indeed, it will be a form of a perversion of historical accuracy. Just so that, to further some diabolical agenda of current day Governance and obsession  to govern based along ethnic lines, Fear monger and create non existent inter community threats..?

Just so they can create “designer history”, by cherry picking and composing or rewriting and worst omitting what maybe relevant facts to the real actual history of the sequence of events through the centuries  that eventually lead to contemporary Malaysia !

















What will UMNO do if ? PM Najib’s a liability?

  • Even Fortune magazine gets in on the act besides NYT, WSJ of the US- The Independent, Guardian of the UK , And SCMP , Bangkok post of Asean , Al Jazeera etc etc.
    Just few ,among the world’s most influential media are highlighting and not at all flaterring reports on PM Najib’s 1MDB issue or controversy .
    These names are some of the globe’s more influential media ,read by millions, including Govermental leaders.
    .If indeed there is some conspiracy to discredit PM Najib,well the shat’s international.
    Or that this is a legitimately credible newsworthy controversy that is not unfounded or baseless.
    At this rate, there exist a possibility that the whole UMNO organization may see PM Najib as more of a liability to the organization and the super elite’s personal interests than he is a cash vending machine..
    Since many in the UMNO super elite, generate wealth internationally and if their interests are compromised because of links to a political hot potato in Malaysia’s domestic political climate ,an issue that many loathe to touch, and want to distance themselves from..
    But the media names are serious players in the investigative journalism arena , imagine if they pool their resources and share intel and investigate indepth this 1MDB issue.,these media names can be relentless and will sink their teeth into the issue, and dig up, questionable dealings or associations internationally that may put them or UMNO’s interests at risk of scandal or spotlight,internationally.just because of the association or link with PM Najib.or 1MDB…Reputation is one thing, but when wealth or fortunes are threatened, well, shats gonna hit the ceiling,heads will roll..
    When if they really think that the removal of a name puts everything back on normal and international and domestic heat cool down.Potential international financial scandals that risk exposure , averted.,but now the scandal of our PM and the 1MDB controversy heating up and generating humongous international interests and limelight of corruption(always been a fascinating topic) focused on this country.

    Interesting to mull on what UMNO/BN will do indeed , if they weigh in all these factors for consideration?

    Endure the pain or deal with the source of the pain ? Remove the thorn or hope it will dissolve itself into the bloodstream?


    Rumour has it …

    The latter below are as stated..Rumours !

    Read and use own discretion to formulate a personal conclusion.

    from Syed Akhbar Ali’s blog .. OutSyed the Box..

    Talk is some UMNO Ministers went to meet the No. 2 guy quite recently.  
    They told him that it was getting more difficult to support the No. 1 guy.
    They said that at the max,  the No. 1 guy should go by early next year ie 2017.
    They also said that if the No. 1 guy does not go, then they will not run for elections in 2018.
    Because they know they will lose in their respective constituencies.
    Support for UMNO on the ground is approaching zero. 
    Support for MCA, MIC and Gerakan is below zero.
    The ‘respectmyPM’ campaign is dead. Less than 50 people turned up on their own in Johor the other day.  Even the datang naik bas supporters did not come in any significant numbers.
    In Kelantan, Annuar Musa had to use some slick tricks to get people to sign that ‘Kelantan Declaration’.  
    People were not happy at being cornered to sign. 
    Only the IGP and the AG stand between oblivion and saving the country.  
    No one, repeat NO ONE, genuinely supports the…..
    Just tell him to resign and go. The country is going to …….

Ignorance imposed by Muslim Goverments?

ISTANBUL — I recently spent a few days in Malaysia, where I was promoting the publication of the Malay edition of my book, “Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty.” The publisher, a progressive Muslim organization called the Islamic Renaissance Front, had set up several talks for me in Kuala Lumpur. As any author would be, I was happy to learn that the team was enthusiastic about my book and had been getting good feedback from audiences and readers. But I was troubled by something else that I suspect many Muslim authors have experienced: My publisher was worried about censorship.

The risk, I was told, was that the Department of Islamic Development, a government body that “was formed to protect the purity of faith,” could ban the book if it was viewed as violating traditional Islamic doctrine.

So far, the Malaysian government has not banned my book. But if it did I wouldn’t be surprised. The department has already outlawed more than a thousand books translated into Malay. Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was banned because, according to the home minister, it “goes against Islamic teachings,” and even “endangers public harmony” — whatever that means. “Islam: A Short History,” a fairly sympathetic study by the best-selling author Karen Armstrong, was similarly banned for being “incompatible with peace and social harmony.”

Malaysia isn’t an anomaly in the Muslim world. In the more extreme case of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Information can censor any publication it wants, and the religious police can confiscate books if they detect what they perceive as a hint of blasphemy. Even the Bible, the world’s best seller, is banned in Saudi Arabia — no matter that the Quran praises it. In Egypt, under the iron fist of President Abdelfattah al-Sisi, a range of literary works can be outlawed. Last month, a novelist was sentenced to two years in prison for “violating public modesty.”

None of this is news, of course. The scarcity of intellectual freedom under self-described Islamic states has received criticism from many corners, from Islamophobic conservatives to Muslim liberals. In response, the authorities who censor books or ban blogs usually shrug. They typically think that freedom of speech is a Western invention to which they don’t have to subscribe. In Malaysia, the government brazenly condemns “liberalism” and “human rights-ism.”

These censors like to think that by protecting believers from dangerous ideas they are doing a great favor to Muslim societies. They are doing the opposite. Their thought-policing only helps enfeeble and intellectually impoverish Muslims: When Muslim minds aren’t challenged by “dangerous” ideas they cannot develop the sophistication needed to articulate their own.

I first realized this limitation about two decades ago when Richard Dawkins’s books “The Selfish Gene” and “The Blind Watchmaker” were first published here in Turkey. The books presented an aggressively atheist interpretation of evolution. As a faithful Muslim and an aspiring writer, I wanted to write a rebuttal. As I started to do research, I realized that all of the reasoned arguments against Dr. Dawkins and other “new atheists” had been written by Western Christians. Since they lived in open societies where religion could be freely criticized, Western Christians had developed an intellectual tradition of apologetics. In Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries suffering under the yoke of censorship, however, Muslims hadn’t tried to counter the atheists. The government solved that the problem for them — by banning atheist books, if not also punishing atheists.

This willful closed-mindedness is not an inherent feature of Islam. A thousand years ago, Muslim societies were open and curious, while Christian Europe was insular and fearful of “blasphemy.” Aristotle’s books were translated and studied in Baghdad and Córdoba, and banned in Paris and Rome. No wonder the Muslim world was then the home to groundbreaking discoveries in science, medicine and mathematics. In theology, too, Muslim thinkers like Ibn Rushd, also known as Averroës, developed sophisticated arguments that would inspire Christian thinkers like Thomas Aquinas — thanks to the Muslim engagement with Greek philosophy.

Today, many Muslims, including those who censor books or punish “heretics,” long for that “golden age of Islam” and lament that our civilization is no longer great. Few seem to realize, however, that the greatness of Islam was made possible thanks to its openness to foreign cultures and ideas. The Muslim world began to stagnate and then decline after the 13th century, as this cosmopolitanism was replaced with self-isolating dogmatism. In the meantime, Europe flourished as Europeans began to think more openly.

The Muslim world today is in a state of malaise. Muslim societies are underdeveloped in science, technology, economics and culture. This will be overcome only with more freedom. Progress depends on more Muslims questioning whether policies that promote ignorance are really devised to protect their faith — or to protect the power of those who rule in its name.

Attacked by YouTube Troll

Bryan Wong

George Wanker Bush says – money trumps peace-commercial interests are worth much more than thousands of innocent lifes..they gotta die that Bush n cronies can make a profit or cover up illegal acts by destroying whole buildings-just unfortunate they were in those buildings


Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong You’re an idiot.


Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees A better idiot than millions of other worst idiots who buy in to the GWB’s BS rhetorics and deny all the controlled demolition hard facts as evidence and testimonies by numerous specialist ,building engineers ,scientist ,architects,demolition companies etc etc,,just You Tube 911 controlled demolition and digest it yourself


Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong No … you’re REALLY FUCKING STUPID and pretty much as idiotic as they come. There are NO HARD FACTS indicating controlled demolition. How fucking blind are you retarded cunts? Have you seen a controlled demolition you ignorant fuck-tard? It looks NOTHING like what happened when the towers fell.


Grow a fucking brain and move on already. It has been PROVEN UNEQUIVOCALLY that all your idiotic beliefs are fucking bullshit. Pack and up and go home you fucking moron. Why do you idiots insist on making yourself look so fucking stupid in public?

  • Bryan Wong

fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brainfucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid…Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining  GW’s…dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan.




Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong Oh … poor little ignorant fuck-tard can’t respond to my comments or supply any evidence so he just resorts to repeating my insults back to me. How pathetic can you get??? Where’s your fucking evidence shit-for-brains??? You haven’t got any! And you know anything you say will be instantly blown out of the water so you’re too fucking afraid to say anything.


No one is listening to your bullshit any more, except other brain-dead morons like yourself. Why don’t you all go and find a nice place to play where you can talk about your absurd little theories without bothering the intelligent people?



Irene Moran 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong I hear ya buddy. My name is Mike Moran and I am constantly trying to wake people up to facts such as this. It pretty much has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep however. Cognitive dissonance is a real bitch.


Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Irene Moran There’s a reason it has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep. You’re talking complete and utter bullshit, and of course people get bored and tired whenever they have to listen to a shit-for-brains idiot as they ramble on with ridiculous, unsupported theories. See … what’s really happening is that you’re a fucking moron who has no concept of critical thinking and logical thought. As such you believe idiotic things which are complete and utter bullshit and have no basis whatsoever in reality. You then expect other people – people that are actually intelligent – to follow your logic free, moronic reasoning, but they get drowsy and just want you to shut the fuck up because what you’re saying is idiotic and they’re sick of hearing it. You, having the retarded monkey brain that you do, mistake people’s boredom and tiredness for being a problem with them and not, as is the case, a problem with you. See … stupidity is like death. When someone dies it doesn’t affect them; because they’re dead. It does, however, affect the people around them. Stupidity is the same. You’re an ignorant fucking imbecile who is incapable of rational thought. You don’t know it though,which is where the problem lies; you, in fact, think that believing idiotic things that have no basis in reality makes you smarter than others, when in fact you’re incredibly stupid and much less intelligent than most other people. The only people who are affected by your lack of intelligence are the people around you; like me at the moment. Luckily I can leave though, unlike the people you live with and deal with on a daily basis. I truly feel very sorry for them, having to constantly put up with you trying to convince them of the insane, ignorant, idiotic things you believe in. Unlike me they can’t just leave; I’m sure they wish they could though…

Oh … but please … enlighten us with some of these FACTS which you try to wake people up with. What are they? Come on … let’s here them. I bet you don’t have a single one…



Bryan Wong

+Phil Surtees don’t forget to swallow the cum of GW,,do be careful lest you choke..!then after that u can get off licking leftover turd-juice on his A-hole,he doesn’t wipe it clean as all well know,thats why ,his presidency  tenure and the shit he did stinks to high heavens.

Bryan Wong

+Irene Moran like those words “cognitive dissonance” or “perceptual narrowing”…

Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong So I was right … you’ve got no fucking argument and you’re too fucking gutless to provide any ‘evidence’ because ou know it will be destroyed immediately. How very fucking typical of you shit-for-brains conspiracy morons. Why would I swallow GW’s cum? I hate that fucking guy; he was the worst President in history. The fact that I’m not an ignorant fucking imbecile with no evidence – like you – doesn’t mean I like George Bush. Ah … but that’s the way your pathetic little fucked up money brain works isn’t it? If I don’t believe your idiotic conspiracy theories then I must love George W Bush. See … THAT is a perfect example of how incapable you are of rational, logical thought. Trout are fish, therefore all fish are trout; that’s how you fuck-tard morons think logic works isn’t it? Fuck me dead – did you actually go to school and, if so, what the fuck were you doing in class for those couple of years? Clearly you weren’t paying attention because you’re completely incapable of anything approaching critical thinking. Or are you one of those people who tried, but were just too incredibly fucking stupid to learn anything? That was probably it. Obviously you never went to university; even to deliver a pizza. Whatever. Either way you’re a useless, shit-for-brains ignoramus. Now fuck off back to the kitchen and cook me some food; I mean … obviously you work in ‘hospitality’ because there’s no way a brain dead fuck like you could ever do anything else…



Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees Wow – ,Perfect ,fits so well, the crassness and the crudity of the foul month  language like diarrhoea  puked out, giving an impression of exactly what a shit for brains mentality may look like ,  and particularly retched out  in defence of the Wanker Bush, shows so clearly what type of nutcase profiles are the archetypal GW fans and supporters.. its no wonder you are in love with GW…good on you , your image of a reeking foul mouth GW supporter  is so befitting of ,and matches so well to the type of mentality that can only support the Wanker ,and i am sure you represent thousands just like you who voted for him..good on you,,!! Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off…still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.

GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!



Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong You’re obviously too fucking stupid to understand simple English so I’ll say it again.


Is that clear enough for you monkey brain??? What a fucking moron. Sorry … I missed your evidence. Where is it?


As for the foul mouth comments, go back and read your own comments you fucking shit-for-brains moron. According to your own ‘logic’, your “crassness and the crudity of the [SIC] foul month [SIC] language like diarrhoea puked out [SIC], giving an [SIC] impression of exactly [SIC] what a shit for brains mentality may [SIC] look like”. Right, so you agree that you’ve got shit-for-brains then?


But hang on … where’s your argument and evidence dick-wad? Why are you too gutless to provide an argument and evidence?

P.S. “[SIC]” is used when quoting someone to show that the mistake in the writing was the author’s, not the person supplying the quote. I know you’re WAY too fucking stupid to know that, or to understand that it means you’re so fucking stupid that you made SIX mistakes in ONE SENTENCE. Fuck me dead; you deserve a prize because I see a lot of shit-for-brains imbeciles on the Internet, but you are really in a class of your own:

  2. You claim insults show a shit for brains mentality after writing a number of insult filled comments YOURSELF; including, for example, this incoherent rambling – “fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brainfucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid…Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining GW’s…dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan.” – thus saying that you yourself have a shit for brains mentality.
  3. You’re completely incapable of providing an argument or evidence to support any of your claims.




Bryan Wong

+Phil Surtees  Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off…still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.

GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!

Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong Why do I have to be more discerning in selecting who I wanna cheese off? Do you mean it’s a waste of time owning a shit-for-brains ignoramus like you because it’s so easy? You’re right that it’s been VERY easy to completely fucking destroy you – you do half the work yourself, you’re so fucking stupid – but I’ve been having debates with some intelligent people elsewhere and smashing you has been fun and hasn’t required any effort or thought because you’re such a brain dead idiot. It has filled in the gaps while I wait for responses from the intelligent people who can think clearly and have more than a basic high school education. I mean … if you were actually capable of making some kind of argument, and didn’t make yourself look like such a complete fucking idiot with every post – being incapable of even writing a single coherent sentence, let alone displaying the ability to think rationally and logically – then I might have to start thinking and would have to weigh up whether or not to continue. Now that you’ve been completely owned and have publicly admitted defeat though, I guess that’s become redundant. Maybe next time you should pick a fight with someone who’s closer to your own intellect; like a 4 year old perhaps? You could probably hold your own with one of them and they wouldn’t notice all the idiotic mistake you make in even the most basic of sentences. Give it a try anyway. Now that you’ve been so comprehensibly smashed, the only way is up…



Bryan Wong 3 months ago (edited)

I surrender to your brilliance ..articulating in prose vile and foul ..i have been destroyed indeed and i crumble,,I give up-Stupidity cannot be understood..yup victory is yours,you fight with stupidity and i know not how to counter..

what you wrote is sheer brilliant lunacy only a moron pretending to be some eloquent wiz in penmanship can scribble..and the inadvertent cleverness of it is that, it reads like a morose and pathetically  self deprecating piece but you think its a notch above. Its like you inserting your finger into own anus and dig out shit in rectum,just so you can put finger to your nose and smell the shit , and say hoe sweet smelling your own crap is…

Written in the guise of some attempt to put down another but. so successfully conveyed a message of which screams of an image of a wretched angst filled tormented soul,penning down what reads like a confession of an insecure self caused by a worm sized dick..You must talk to yourself and touch yourself a lot .

Afterall ,just a matter of switching the pronouns from you to I ,or as mentioned before,,read what you wrote loud in front of a mirror, and for effect ,scream obscenities at that moronic schizoid staring back at you .


Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees So , linguistic purist professor,giving free english out of foul obscenities?..btw.the incoherent rambling you pointed out ,are actually choice selection

from your post, your words -wasn’t using it at all back on you.meant exactly what was suggested bout the mirror,thats all ..why so touchy? tsk tsk tsk…


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