Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Bryan Wong

George Wanker Bush says – money trumps peace-commercial interests are worth much more than thousands of innocent lifes..they gotta die that Bush n cronies can make a profit or cover up illegal acts by destroying whole buildings-just unfortunate they were in those buildings


Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong You’re an idiot.


Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees A better idiot than millions of other worst idiots who buy in to the GWB’s BS rhetorics and deny all the controlled demolition hard facts as evidence and testimonies by numerous specialist ,building engineers ,scientist ,architects,demolition companies etc etc,,just You Tube 911 controlled demolition and digest it yourself


Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong No … you’re REALLY FUCKING STUPID and pretty much as idiotic as they come. There are NO HARD FACTS indicating controlled demolition. How fucking blind are you retarded cunts? Have you seen a controlled demolition you ignorant fuck-tard? It looks NOTHING like what happened when the towers fell.


Grow a fucking brain and move on already. It has been PROVEN UNEQUIVOCALLY that all your idiotic beliefs are fucking bullshit. Pack and up and go home you fucking moron. Why do you idiots insist on making yourself look so fucking stupid in public?

  • Bryan Wong

fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brainfucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid…Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining  GW’s…dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan.




Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong Oh … poor little ignorant fuck-tard can’t respond to my comments or supply any evidence so he just resorts to repeating my insults back to me. How pathetic can you get??? Where’s your fucking evidence shit-for-brains??? You haven’t got any! And you know anything you say will be instantly blown out of the water so you’re too fucking afraid to say anything.


No one is listening to your bullshit any more, except other brain-dead morons like yourself. Why don’t you all go and find a nice place to play where you can talk about your absurd little theories without bothering the intelligent people?



Irene Moran 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong I hear ya buddy. My name is Mike Moran and I am constantly trying to wake people up to facts such as this. It pretty much has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep however. Cognitive dissonance is a real bitch.


Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Irene Moran There’s a reason it has the same effect as trying to have a conversation with someone in a deep sleep. You’re talking complete and utter bullshit, and of course people get bored and tired whenever they have to listen to a shit-for-brains idiot as they ramble on with ridiculous, unsupported theories. See … what’s really happening is that you’re a fucking moron who has no concept of critical thinking and logical thought. As such you believe idiotic things which are complete and utter bullshit and have no basis whatsoever in reality. You then expect other people – people that are actually intelligent – to follow your logic free, moronic reasoning, but they get drowsy and just want you to shut the fuck up because what you’re saying is idiotic and they’re sick of hearing it. You, having the retarded monkey brain that you do, mistake people’s boredom and tiredness for being a problem with them and not, as is the case, a problem with you. See … stupidity is like death. When someone dies it doesn’t affect them; because they’re dead. It does, however, affect the people around them. Stupidity is the same. You’re an ignorant fucking imbecile who is incapable of rational thought. You don’t know it though,which is where the problem lies; you, in fact, think that believing idiotic things that have no basis in reality makes you smarter than others, when in fact you’re incredibly stupid and much less intelligent than most other people. The only people who are affected by your lack of intelligence are the people around you; like me at the moment. Luckily I can leave though, unlike the people you live with and deal with on a daily basis. I truly feel very sorry for them, having to constantly put up with you trying to convince them of the insane, ignorant, idiotic things you believe in. Unlike me they can’t just leave; I’m sure they wish they could though…

Oh … but please … enlighten us with some of these FACTS which you try to wake people up with. What are they? Come on … let’s here them. I bet you don’t have a single one…



Bryan Wong

+Phil Surtees don’t forget to swallow the cum of GW,,do be careful lest you choke..!then after that u can get off licking leftover turd-juice on his A-hole,he doesn’t wipe it clean as all well know,thats why ,his presidency  tenure and the shit he did stinks to high heavens.

Bryan Wong

+Irene Moran like those words “cognitive dissonance” or “perceptual narrowing”…

Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong So I was right … you’ve got no fucking argument and you’re too fucking gutless to provide any ‘evidence’ because ou know it will be destroyed immediately. How very fucking typical of you shit-for-brains conspiracy morons. Why would I swallow GW’s cum? I hate that fucking guy; he was the worst President in history. The fact that I’m not an ignorant fucking imbecile with no evidence – like you – doesn’t mean I like George Bush. Ah … but that’s the way your pathetic little fucked up money brain works isn’t it? If I don’t believe your idiotic conspiracy theories then I must love George W Bush. See … THAT is a perfect example of how incapable you are of rational, logical thought. Trout are fish, therefore all fish are trout; that’s how you fuck-tard morons think logic works isn’t it? Fuck me dead – did you actually go to school and, if so, what the fuck were you doing in class for those couple of years? Clearly you weren’t paying attention because you’re completely incapable of anything approaching critical thinking. Or are you one of those people who tried, but were just too incredibly fucking stupid to learn anything? That was probably it. Obviously you never went to university; even to deliver a pizza. Whatever. Either way you’re a useless, shit-for-brains ignoramus. Now fuck off back to the kitchen and cook me some food; I mean … obviously you work in ‘hospitality’ because there’s no way a brain dead fuck like you could ever do anything else…



Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees Wow – ,Perfect ,fits so well, the crassness and the crudity of the foul month  language like diarrhoea  puked out, giving an impression of exactly what a shit for brains mentality may look like ,  and particularly retched out  in defence of the Wanker Bush, shows so clearly what type of nutcase profiles are the archetypal GW fans and supporters.. its no wonder you are in love with GW…good on you , your image of a reeking foul mouth GW supporter  is so befitting of ,and matches so well to the type of mentality that can only support the Wanker ,and i am sure you represent thousands just like you who voted for him..good on you,,!! Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off…still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.

GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!



Phil Surtees

+Bryan Wong You’re obviously too fucking stupid to understand simple English so I’ll say it again.


Is that clear enough for you monkey brain??? What a fucking moron. Sorry … I missed your evidence. Where is it?


As for the foul mouth comments, go back and read your own comments you fucking shit-for-brains moron. According to your own ‘logic’, your “crassness and the crudity of the [SIC] foul month [SIC] language like diarrhoea puked out [SIC], giving an [SIC] impression of exactly [SIC] what a shit for brains mentality may [SIC] look like”. Right, so you agree that you’ve got shit-for-brains then?


But hang on … where’s your argument and evidence dick-wad? Why are you too gutless to provide an argument and evidence?

P.S. “[SIC]” is used when quoting someone to show that the mistake in the writing was the author’s, not the person supplying the quote. I know you’re WAY too fucking stupid to know that, or to understand that it means you’re so fucking stupid that you made SIX mistakes in ONE SENTENCE. Fuck me dead; you deserve a prize because I see a lot of shit-for-brains imbeciles on the Internet, but you are really in a class of your own:

  2. You claim insults show a shit for brains mentality after writing a number of insult filled comments YOURSELF; including, for example, this incoherent rambling – “fucking stupid ,idiotic ,fucking blind,retarded cunts..ignorant fuck tard,..grow a fucking brainfucking moron, idiots insist on making yourselves so fucking stupid…Say all those again in front of a mirror, then jerk off imagining GW’s…dick in your mouth,since you obviously such a fan.” – thus saying that you yourself have a shit for brains mentality.
  3. You’re completely incapable of providing an argument or evidence to support any of your claims.




Bryan Wong

+Phil Surtees  Or are you just Trolling You Tube for poor kid..! But then,u gotta be more discerning in selecting who u wanna cheese off…still thanks for the chuckle prompts ,needed a lift to my spirits  and contemplation of what a One with a maggot infested and pus filled  brain, may be like..spitting out foul smelling language. and yup,i m smilin.thanks mate.

GW will be so damned proud,you deserve each other.!

Phil Surtees 3 months ago

+Bryan Wong Why do I have to be more discerning in selecting who I wanna cheese off? Do you mean it’s a waste of time owning a shit-for-brains ignoramus like you because it’s so easy? You’re right that it’s been VERY easy to completely fucking destroy you – you do half the work yourself, you’re so fucking stupid – but I’ve been having debates with some intelligent people elsewhere and smashing you has been fun and hasn’t required any effort or thought because you’re such a brain dead idiot. It has filled in the gaps while I wait for responses from the intelligent people who can think clearly and have more than a basic high school education. I mean … if you were actually capable of making some kind of argument, and didn’t make yourself look like such a complete fucking idiot with every post – being incapable of even writing a single coherent sentence, let alone displaying the ability to think rationally and logically – then I might have to start thinking and would have to weigh up whether or not to continue. Now that you’ve been completely owned and have publicly admitted defeat though, I guess that’s become redundant. Maybe next time you should pick a fight with someone who’s closer to your own intellect; like a 4 year old perhaps? You could probably hold your own with one of them and they wouldn’t notice all the idiotic mistake you make in even the most basic of sentences. Give it a try anyway. Now that you’ve been so comprehensibly smashed, the only way is up…



Bryan Wong 3 months ago (edited)

I surrender to your brilliance ..articulating in prose vile and foul ..i have been destroyed indeed and i crumble,,I give up-Stupidity cannot be understood..yup victory is yours,you fight with stupidity and i know not how to counter..

what you wrote is sheer brilliant lunacy only a moron pretending to be some eloquent wiz in penmanship can scribble..and the inadvertent cleverness of it is that, it reads like a morose and pathetically  self deprecating piece but you think its a notch above. Its like you inserting your finger into own anus and dig out shit in rectum,just so you can put finger to your nose and smell the shit , and say hoe sweet smelling your own crap is…

Written in the guise of some attempt to put down another but. so successfully conveyed a message of which screams of an image of a wretched angst filled tormented soul,penning down what reads like a confession of an insecure self caused by a worm sized dick..You must talk to yourself and touch yourself a lot .

Afterall ,just a matter of switching the pronouns from you to I ,or as mentioned before,,read what you wrote loud in front of a mirror, and for effect ,scream obscenities at that moronic schizoid staring back at you .


Bryan Wong 3 months ago

+Phil Surtees So , linguistic purist professor,giving free english out of foul obscenities?..btw.the incoherent rambling you pointed out ,are actually choice selection

from your post, your words -wasn’t using it at all back on you.meant exactly what was suggested bout the mirror,thats all ..why so touchy? tsk tsk tsk…



Check and Balance system in Goverments is to ensure noone appointed to powerful top ministerial positions have unfettered powers invested in them -and that they can be held accountable for their actions.
And that they cannot do as they please ,knowing that there are limitations to the power entrusted to them by the people and if they in any way abuse that power ,position and priviledges, they can be hauled up to answer for the misdeeds done.

But in Malaysia,it seems far from that principle, and the ones in power seem to be invincible and untouchable.
So powerful they seem that ,it is as if the check and balance principle does not apply to them.
And that does not portend well to a supposedly democratic country and good governance , when absolute power corrupts totally and it intoxicates those with that power to wield.
Nobody in any democratic goverment ought to be so powerful and influential that they fear nothing -and no need to fear accountability- nor be answerable to whatever breach of public confidence,since they seem to act or know that they are powerful enough to influence and to tweak the laws of the nation and have the institutions of enforcement and authority ,work to their advantage.
That is the worrying part. Too much power concentrated and consolidated in a few and no institutions that has the authority or power to ensure they stay in line and nor deviate “or else” with principles of good accountable governance of a country.
So do we have a Goverment that adheres to the principles of Check and Balance system ,that is the question?

And it is almost a rhetorical question.


“Suddenly we are treating new immigrants as if they’re the problem when your grandparents were treated like the problem, or your great-grandparents were treated like the problem, or were considered somehow unworthy, or uneducated, or unwashed?

Because unless you are a native American-Your family came from someplace else!


President Obama Speaks with Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Fellows at the White House!

“The one thing I know is that countries that divide themselves on racial or religious lines, they do not succeed,” he stressed. “Each country is different, but there are some rules if you look at development patterns around the world that are pretty consistent, and those are two pretty good rules. Don’t divide yourself on religious and ethnic lines and racial lines, and don’t discriminate against women. If you do those two things, you are not guaranteed success but at least you’re not guaranteed failure.”

One of the reasons why Singapore has been so successful is because “it has been able to bring together people who may look different, but they all think of themselves as part of Singapore”, said US President Barack Obama yesterday (June 1).

“That has to be a strength, not a weakness, but that requires leadership and government being true to those principles,”

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Malaysia’s name is in the international limelight for all the wrong reasons yet again!

Just when things seem to have ebbed off a little regarding the Altantuya murder and the alleged complicity of the sitting PM of Malaysia.

Al Jazeera decided to do a news documentary about the events surrounding  the high profile murder of the Mongolian lady.

The Response from Malaysian goverment and the complete Al Jazeera article below:






In Malaysia case- Circumstances that can lead to a Prime Minister’s replacement




I attended the Bersih 4 Rally as well, from Sat evening till following Sun evening..and i was curious . And what i observed and encountered gave me much optimism and hope.
For what was noticed was the age grouping of the participants.. .

Almost the marjority were faces estimated to be below 40 years of age but much more significant was that, a huge proportion of the faces were youthful looking 20 plus.
.I engaged some in conversation and discovered some surprises,- like that the label the pro-goverment media and Rally detractors and some of our political leaders descriptions of the Bersih participants were not accurate at they described that the rally participants were mainly from a certain pol party or ethnicity was far off the mark..
I spoke to East Malaysians , young students studying law in KL,

A Sarawakian told me his grouse about how he and many other Sarawakians felt about the fact that they were suppose to be in a Federation and according to Him, the relationship between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular ,was suppose to be like the type of relationship that Scotland ,Ireland and England has..

And many in his home state of his generation have become aware and feels that way. They are more informed and aware now and among the reasons He took up law was that – He plans to practice law back in Sarawak and then to be able to raise awareness among Sarawakians that they have been unfairly treated by the Federal Goverment..
I spoke to a Pa Cik,who had taken part in every Bersih Rally, And a staunch Anwar supporter.Needless to say,how he felt about things.
And then met a middle ranking civil servant from Putra Jaya whom i shared teh tarik and a general conversation. Although,what he hinted at that there was a tiny sense or murmurs of dis-content among the civil service,It isn’t anything surprising, and has been reported in alternative media.

I heard the general public voicing out their grievances on the impromptu podiums set up by the organizers,which anyone with something to say can use the platform to express their views.And the intensity of their emotions when they were expressing themselves reverberated through the crowd listening to what he had to say.
And besides the angry statements on the “donations” the 1MDB affair” . there were some genuine grievances of the people who felt screwed by this Govermental system of cronyism, discriminative policies ,blatant abuse of positions and influence fuelled by greed, corruption and unjust system that benefits only selective elite.
I just like many there – wondered ,why , i think i can put up with the discomfort of sleeping on the streets for a night,when a hot shower and comfortable bed to me was merely 20 minutes away.SInce I live quite near.
It must have been the atmosphere,it felt galvanising.
And i know I was in good company , among many who were from all strata of society.

From the decent blue collar working class earning basic wages to white collar professionals. Intellectuals to academicians. Business entrepreneurs to tertiary students. All ethnicities, class and genders represented. -and willingly lay their tired bodies to rest few hours on the hard concrete pavements or road surface..

Thousands did just that!
Without qualms, It does require a strong sense of commitment or outrage to do so.

.And guess that the commitment was to the collective sense of angry disapproval felt by all who chose to participate in the Rally -and the act represents a sign of their determination,resolve and unwavering spirit that the demonstrators want to show to those who are power intoxicated and abusing the very power the people feel was entrusted to them – that they may serve the best interests of the people but by no means help themselves to the till without ethical consideration nor remorse.

Prior to that i had wandered about in the early hours of Sun morning, 2 am and not tired enough yet to sleep.

And came across self organized groups of -Uni Students-who were discussing politics and engaging the public in a kind of open forum . A sign they put up that read  ” People’s Assembly”

They were the moderators and the gathered audience from the public were free to suggest topics for discussion or debate, and some intriguing ideas were put forth.(And they were Malay Uni students-if it is of any relevance).

Then in a very civil manner, there was the back and forth like in any debate,between those present.

Topics like ” What is the Significance of the Bersih 4? What next after the Rally?

How public awareness can be generated on the state of affairs of the country?etc.
Topics open for suggestions to those present and discussed /debated.
It really was uplifting to witness and realize that the Gen-Y are not all indoctrinated and there are amongst them very well informed astute in recognizing things for what they really are in the current status quo of Governance.

Following morning,i too ,got free breakfast distributed to the overnighters ,and the hot kopi-o ,freshly brewed , with a catchy invite- Mari “minum kopi ” Tak Mahu Duit Kopi.. The coffee was without sugar still it tasted great in a humorous way

duit kopi
.All in all,the atmosphere throughout was electrifying and inspiring.

But again, It is a positive to reemphasize the fact that, the faces of the very significant proportion of those participating -were youth in their twenties to early thirties from across the ethnicities .
There were those from East Malaysia . And from Penang , Johor , Many bused in.

And many came on their own from outstation just to join in the Rally..Speaking to them , found out that to many,It was actually their first time demonstrating anything , many were still quite young during Bersih 3.
And most importantly -.

Many also just came of age to register as voters and they stated they will ensure that they will play their role when the next GE comes.

And that- is a clear sign for hopefulness and optimism.

2 days that painted KL Yellow

I went and hung around the Bersih Rally from Sat evening till following Sun evening,more out of curiousity than anything,spent the night slept on the road like thousands of others and spoke to many strangers..

Downtown KL was swarmed by Yellow everywhere you look.for the whole 2 days.

.Estimate is 6 out of 10 people wore the yellow t shirt.-in the vicinity of Dataran 8 to 10 ratio..

Yellow everywhere,train stations,bus stations -pedestrian walkways Eateries.

Continous stream of people coming to and going back in the thousands , those that came early and left and those that came later – so on .- every train was packed with yellow shirts -again coming and going. so the few hundred thousand claims of participants has merit.
Point being,from what i personally observed of the composition of the Bersih 4 participants ,from all strata and class and ethnicity of society and as I noted- not all were politically inclined to one particular pol party or another.

And that they were mostly from a certain pol party and non patriotic ,foolish and so on- labels by the politicians and pro-goverment media -Rubbish !

Unpatriotic will not care enough to raise their alarm and outrage at what is happening to the country.The un-patriotic doesn’t get emotional singing the Negara-Ku at the Rally.nor will they even stand at attention.

Or spend a night to sleep on hard concrete pavements and street surfaces and not budge despite getting drenched and soaking wet in the rain-in a show of solidarity of resolve and determination to the Goverment of the day that they are outraged on what is being done to the country..

These are not actions of the foolish or un-patriotic citizens of Malaysia!

bersih4 crowd



my pm embarass

Few more Pictures click  link below







Out side Central Market-Downtowntown KL noon Sat 29th


Emerging from Train Station Already greeted by Yellow everywhere


Walking towards Petaling Street-Yellow is all I see


Into Petaling street


This is Chinatown–Swarm of Yellow-And not yet at Dataran Merdeka where the protestors are gathering


Banner at Puduraya bus station


Then I came across this sight..Jln Tun Perak stretch,as far as the eye can see leading into Dataran Merdeka

Lim Kit Siang walking amongst the crowd

Lim Kit Siang -wearing cap-walking amongst the crowd


Among the Reasons of the Protest


Meet Rosie the Chick with a cool Wig!


People’s podium.Anyone from the Public who has something to say can use this as a platform to share


A citizen capturing attention with his grievances and captivating the crowd with what he was saying


Bersih 4 affecting Businesses..Yes without doubt..This Mamak shop was practically full of yellow shirts for the next 30 hours. Mcdonalds along Jln Tun Perak had to lock their doors temporarily to stop people going in the cramped space-because too many people and a long Q formed..All eateries was doing roaring business .


Whoever claimed the Malay community was not present gotta blind. “Taking a break from the Rally for prayers”


This really impressed,despite the protest-the organizers made sure it will indeed be Clean”Bersih”


Every bit of rubbish was picked up by the volunteers..


It Starts with Us-Inadvertently even the Pillar of the LRT Add has a relevant message to the Bersih 4 rally!


Sun Morning 30th..crowd already building up


As far as the eye can see,Sea of Yellow!


Bar Council Lawyers standing by just in case Legal Aid required


Sat night..Packed crowd


City Hall in backdrop


Emergency vehicles on standby,


Old High Court building in background



Medical station with First Aid team on standby


Message not only on Banners and Placards..These guys are like saying”PM Najib,Wanna cross the road ,You will hafta clear the Bersih people’s obstacle!”

Hundreds of thousands made the effort to attend the rally-each single one is representative of perhaps hundreds more who were not there for one reason or another-easily represents voice of sentiments of millions-
And all they do (ministers and authorities) is to issue statements on the legality or the haram /halal dimension.
Totally ignoring nor addressing the reasons of what the people are expressing and protesting..Mind boggling they are so easily manipulated into positions and making banal statements that just worsens public opinion against them.particularly PM Najib..
Hundreds of thousands of people rally in a show of disapproval of his Goverment,and all he can do is ,state that He can rope in Felda in bigger numbers..

PM Najib ,it is not comparing who has the bigger” stick”..
And labelling the rally goers as unpatriotic- so far from reality a statement-for it is precisely their patriotism and love for the country and concerns what Najib is doing to it that has got the Bersih 4 protestors so riled up in protest=braving threats of violence -of being tear-gassed-of harassment-being labelled outlaws for wearing yellow.etc..not to mention thousands sleeping on the street on hard concrete pavements and road surface and getting soak and drenched in the rain,to show their resolve and un dampening spirits.

They should be taking the message of the Bersih 4 protest much much more seriously and not brush it aside.
And worst part is ,Najib hides behind the rhetorics of racial politics which his ministerial loyalist defenders use and he uses it as a shield to fend of detractors and to defend himself.against the mass disapproval of his premiership


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