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Ungrateful Chinese -ungrateful UMNO or ungrateful Malaysia?

Umno mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia has again played the race card by calling the Chinese in Malaysia ungrateful despite being given citizenship here, the privileges in the economic sector and the leeway to develop Chinese schools.“Despite controlling the country’s economy, the development of Chinese schools and the implementation of government policies which allows the Chinese to continue to prosper, the Chinese still wants to topple Malay political leadership from power.”

“Despite controlling the country’s economy, the development of Chinese schools and the implementation of government policies which allows them to continue to prosper, the Chinese still want to topple the Malay political power.

“The Chinese are now colonising the Malays but the Malays remain patient and polite as these are their traits,” he said.

“I pity the Malays for not coming to their senses. Even though they have given in to the Chinese, they continue to be hurt and betrayed.”

.extracts from : utusan-calls-chinese-ungrateful-again


Have often wondered what Malaysia will be like today if there were no tin mining and rubber economies so long ago  that gave the country a boost.

Probably Malaysia may have evolved into an mainly agrarian economy and a  proportion of the population mostly in agriculture  or in the fishing industries..

If Malaya had not been colonised or there was no mass immigration of the Chinese and Indians into Malaya to extract the raw resources .

If the Malay communities were the main people recruited to work the tin mines and rubber tapping.

If they were resettled into estates and away from their kampungs.

It is truly an image that is so difficult to visualize because it seems so impractical and out of place to reconcile the classic passive nature of the community with the rigourous demands of hard work bordering on enslavement that is required to work in the industries.

The community will probably have resisted and rebelled from such forced exploitative labour and easily retreated back to their own communities or kampungs and still subsist on fishing or growing their own sustenance.

Whereas the other “imported” communities had no choice,  many recruited , some forcibly , from their homeland thousands of miles away and hence it was a matter of shelter and survival, not just merely bread and butter issue.

The long hours , risk to personal safety , brutal physical punishments on tired bodies to work the tin mines.

The tedium and discipline needed for the early and long hours of drudgery in rubber tapping and living in squalor in the estate huts .

The risk involved in the exploration of forestries to source for timber and the dangers or perils of working in the jungles in the timber trade without the aid  and conveniences of modern  communication and mobility.

Back in the days when one had to physically do jungle trekking with all the inherent dangers to access and extract the timber logs,

The monotone punishing  routines that the “imported” communities underwent just so they can improve their lot and provide for better situations for their families.

So give credit where it is due..

Malaysia although has moved past tin mines and rubber estates but palm oil and timber industries are still active and contributes a significant portion to the Malaysian economic pie.

These early pioneers ,from the entrepreneurs to those on the ground ,collectively their efforts  contributed in shaping the formative years of the country , giving rise to the financial institutions ,corporations , brokerage houses and Ports not to mention the thousands of spin offs from them, trading houses  ,import /export , manufacturing , service industries that may not have come about so soon had it not been for the demand that was created by the industries.

Many of the conglomerates of today have their roots in these early days of their formative years as small enterprises.

So who were these people , that helped shaped Malaysia into what She is today? How many of them were from the ethnic communities or the indigenous people. How much did they contribute in the formation of Malaya  that evolved into Malaysia..

Would Malaysia be what it is today at this level , in the world stage if the efforts of these early pioneers had no role to play in nation building.

If Malaya had no wealth or resources to exploit, would there have been a Tunku to want to strive  for independence that we can chart our own destiny. ? The questions just go on and on……………..? ?

As a whole, the generations of today of us  Malaysians across all the ethnicities, including many of us who happen to be their  descendants , owe these early pioneers a debt of appreciation.

It was them who laid many of the foundations of this country that enabled us into evolving to the prosperity of Malaysia of today.

Malaysians prosper today because of the legacies and enterprises left behind by them that we can still interact and trade amongst ourselves and prosper each other, our destinies and lives of all the ethnic communities , so intricately intertwined that  in many instances , remove one link from the equation , the chain breaks.

Which is what distinguishes us as a nation with a diverse potpouri of ethnicities but collective identity. as Malaysian .


Chinese control the economy ? 

Common sense and logic will tell us that a country is as strong as it’s economic power. Control the economy and you control the country, and Chinese in Malaysia do not have much of a presence in the goverment dictating things.

If they control the economy, they will be lording over the goverment ,influencing everything to do with decisions and policies..and you cannot hide the effects of this  influence if you tried.
Malaysians are so daft.believing evrything they are spoon fed by the ruling Goverment

If Chinese control the economy and they feel under threat, wont it make sense that they will take steps to safeguard their interests, moving their money elsewhere , and a chain reaction will be felt but that is not happening.
The wealth and prosperity of all is so intricately interconnected  that all the races can be mutually dependent on each other to succeed.

All this “Chinese controlling economy conspiracy” , is just UMNO panicky rhetoric, but they still do business with the Chinese as well as all others, and even if Pakatan is voted in, it will still be a Malay dominated Goverment not Chinese as UMNO will like many to think and fear that Pakatan will just be a puppet of the Chinese.

Actually Chinese are dis- illusioned with the unreliability/unpredictability of UMNO, witnessing how politically frightening they are,with their instant pandering extremism, bigotry etc. , so only human nature to feel safer if they change UMNO with Pakatan, which is still , predominant Malay Bumi party but with different idealogies that the Chinese find more appealing and conducive to thrive under,and Pakatan has manage to win their trust.

Don’t they get it ?
The time comes when UMNO realize these and take remedial steps to address it is the time that Pakatan will need to worry and have a real struggle for hearts and minds of Chinese and the moderates from other communities. Including the Bumis/Malays.



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