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Marina Mahathir..What’s in a name ?

Isma distributed 70,000 leaflets at mosques throughout the country after Friday prayers that slammed Comango for calling for the freedom to renounce Islam; the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) rights; the removal of Malay privileges; the freedom to embrace Syiah teachings; and the right for Catholics to refer to God as “Allah”, among others.

The Islamist activist group also named Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir and several others as Comango’s masterminds, besides claiming that 54 “anti-Islam” non-government organisations supported the movement.

FULL REPORT :the malay mail online/.ambiga-says-ismas-claim-mischievous-




Ambiga :   Do you see now  Michelle / Hilary the nonsense we have to put up with? In the name of a purported moderate muslim country.

Hilary Clinton:  Didn’t realise at all .You poor thing  Ambi…and  i thought only  my good friend Aung San Suu Kyi had it tough in SE Asia.

Michelle Obama:   Dear me, well , wonder what  Barack will make of this , maybe i can ask him  to hint  something , just to ruffle some Malaysian peacock feathers for the fun of it.!

Hilary Clinton:  Well Michelle , won’t really accomplish much because they seem to be  sooo confused, they don’t even seem to know themselves whether they are  extremist or  moderates. Problem is that they always insist on thinking the opposite when told one thing.

Ambiga:  Yup , my dear sisters , and that is why it is so exasperating to be an NGO or a social activist in my country Malaysia.


Through the years , we have oftened come across the name of Marina Mahathir as we read about her  exploits or directly from her own words  that she penned down herself.

words can be a window to a person’s soul and their true nature , because it is where expression of one’s own sentiments , opinions and emotions can be articulated unfettered,feelings and concepts of the mind , verbalized that they can be transmitted to receptive minds. 

Words can be a very effective tool in the hands of a one that is a virtuoso in conducting meaning derived from manipulation of words which can  provoke , incite ,instigate or charm , mellow , enchant or to elicit  emphathy or  understanding.

Writers have this tool at their disposal and the really good ones know how to use them to  good effect like MM , endearing her to many readers she managed to win over merely by articulating her thoughts in a way that found common ground with so many readers.

more so in the I.T. day and age , where if you are writing for some publication and they find content deemed sensitive or controversial, they have the right to request an edit just like the writer has a perogative to publish the full excerpt  in a personal blog online and not have to be pressured to alter anything.

Marina Mahathir is a name that verges on becoming public property. The very name  is evocative of  certain social  ideals and causes that has certain segments of  Malaysian society represented. Prominence given to causes and issues that otherwise may not have seen the light of day had it not been for Puan Marina to voice them out in her writings or musings.

Reading MM ,  her articles or musings usually come off as never sanctimonious , ironically sarcastic, sardonically witty, satirically humorous, not confrontational.

Controversial or adversarial or irritating, offensive , that  she definitely is not..

Sell out , pandering ,  condescending , patronizing , no way,  She is  anything But.

Poignant or frivolous ,not often but have happened ..

One thing noticeable is that she is very careful to be perceived  as being  political neutral and totally non partisan , undeniably considering the room’s elephant in her famous last name, is a feat in itself, yet she managed to separate that  successfully to a degree and developed an admirable  respect for who and what she represented in her views / activism work and carved  a niche for  her name.

Her writings are usually highly intelligent and bluntly frank and truthful regardless of subject or topic she writes about.

i have often read her satirical annoyance at certain things with glee  , and enjoy her serious pieces on social issues  immensely , for another perspective  from my own , raising issues in enlightening and educational manner .

No bombast, no exxageration , she doesn’t write to impress with her words but to stimulate with narrative and her prose is .often entertaining and easy and light to digest and instantly grasp that we either laugh with or be exasperated by the tone in which it was meant to be read.

And it is easily noticeable to tell that she tries not to offend any quarter which is a tricky manuever with words . Nuances , hints and intimations and allegories can usually be inferred in her writings if one were to really pay attention and  squeeze our cerebral matter slightly harder. when reading between the lines.

Direct references are not her preferred mode of engagement but her gentle intimations are generally adequate to portray her true feelings as to her real position on controversial sensitive topics or abrasive ,obnoxious or ridiculous public  personalities  that many will rather not write about.

At times she chooses to be blunt and straight to the point telling it exactly the way it is and who she is displeased by. And yet in spite of , she has never been hauled to court for slander because one suspects that the courts will be hard pressed to be favorable to any version or persons who are not on the side of the truth.

All the while , MM has made clear her stance as being a voice for social conscience , and  prefers to be Apolitical and non partisan in her  position  , so it is indeed surprising to find her in  the receiving end of a political allegation in a game played by  novice politicians out to make a quick name riding on her celebrity.

Marina Mahathir , a lot of effort have been done to build a proper representation of  what the name  stands for.
Think many will find the current attempted assasination of her characer  an affront , more so to those who know MM personally or is acquainted with the causes she highlghts and follow her  thoughts, reading them in her writings..

The years of slowly developing a  reputation with the pseudonym and to have them tarnish it by smearing it on allegations is difficult to swallow. It may feel like to many, a friend whose character is under attack.

Or  we as a society is being admonished for rationalizing things with our common  sense that is guided by  our conscience.

Lest we forget ” Marina Mahathir” is a name that very much represents certain ideals  and the plight  of a segment of the Malaysian society.

For many intents and purposes , she has tried to be  a voice of our social conscience that she has been broadcasting all these years.

The name MM is unavoidably public property in a way.Simply because many can relate to what she writes about.  Attacking this name is attacking the segment that is represented and of course the “public” that the name belongs to.

What is being defended  here is not MM the  person, she is more than capable in fending for herself, but MM the synonym of the ideals and causes gained through so many years , that she has consistently given prominence to in lending her voice and personal views at the risk of censure ,because of the ackward nature of the causes that many of us may  prefer to steer clear from

But on the other hand the reputation she has managed to built up revolves also  around philantropic causes and plights that are  things that pinches nerves within us. She has in the past in her writings  given prominence to Aids sufferers , victims of child abuse, social injustices,the racial situation , her calls for a Malaysian society in complete  acceptance of each other, critical of racial/religious extremism-as we all should be,    the absurdity of certain political manueverings and ludicrous  sheenanigans of our politicians and Goverment. 

Accomplishments that irrespective whether negative or positive, but point being that ,a high profile voice  like hers lent to any cause, which i am sure is deserving , for i trust this lady’s judgment of what may be futility and what constitutes as worthwhile ,  will give it more credence and help it attain or get closer to their objectives.

Therefore it is that persona , that spirit getting flak which doesn’t sit well in the psyche of Malaysians who identify with and will go forth to rally around protectively if the voice is under threat.

i am  more cynical about the manner and brusque cavalier attitude of the way the LGBT comunity is treated by the purported champions of propriety.

They are malaysians  also first and foremost, and it is unlike that they have  commited treacherous offenses. And if  they were to be compared to our politicians . They will be the ones with halos above their heads  if they are stood next to the hoove legged,goat tailed  and horn headed politicians .

I am aghast at the manner in which they are trying to demonized or villify MM and Ambiga  and the NGOs trying to pin on them the badge of apostasy and other evil accusations that paints them as demons out to spark a religious /racial revolution.

ISMA..? Not heavyweights..seemingly out of nowhere . Is there a deliberate design intentionally targeting the names highlighted that  has a nefarious plan ,conjured by some “Voldemorts” hell bent to cause more mischief and damage to the already fragile status quo among the racial /religious divide, just continuing where the Allah issue trails off ? But of course , this issue will be wholly a peninsular collateral damage on the east malaysia side.


Another far fetched conspiracy theory not to be taken seriously , may be the involvement of the famous last name, that MM has, making her a pawn unwittingly being dragged into a controversy just to sully it.? Then again it is just a meandering thought , far fetched but not to be dismissed, who knows what brawlers are in the in-fighting arena.

Afterall besides Comango, there are 54 NGO birds that they are aiming at with the one stone.

Another thought….

Has Perkasa sub-cotracted ka some of their dirty work to ISMA and other not so high profile NGOs ?. Usually issues like this  sounds more like their territory ma..and traditionally Uncle IB or or Abang  Zul will be the most vocal with statements especially seeing this as  regarding religion /race.

  What Gives Ya? Something smell funny? Noticed lack of heavyweight names playing the bad cop side.. the usual suspects who will be the most noisy and damning  leading the charge..inciting , fanning , instigating , warning , in effect blowing things as far out of proportion as possible.


Then again as the spirit of this blog states, just rambling thoughts, more fun.!!

And it may turn out that our theories can sometimes not be very far from the actual facts.

In Malaysia, the behaviour/antics of our politicians and  what constitutes as truth can be more bizzarre than fiction..Endless Possibilities..!


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