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Consultancy for Malaysian Goverment is lucrative.

how to skim money is probably what the consultants are advising ? Listen to Wong Chen”s computation estimates on the figures…

4 million rm a day. or 125 million a month on private consulting companies..

7.2 billion since 2009 or during  PM Najib’s administration ..or RM7,200,000,000.00.

Makan Gaji Buta kah, civil service , what are they hired for if private consultants are brought in to do what they are supposed to be doing in providing the expertise or technical know how.

In the written answer given to Wong Chen, the government states that private consulting firms needed to be engaged because civil bodies still lacked the “expertise and manpower” to help the government complete its plans..

It was revealed that the Prime Minister’s Department is the biggest spender when it comes to hiring consultants. It is estimated that over the past five years, the PM’s Department spent RM212 million on foreign consultants alone.

 The amount spent is more than double our Annual GDP growth rate…at this rate…should we be worried that the RM may eventually not be worth more than the toilet paper we use..
Or that the nation is going bankrupt and that one day the life savings we have are not even enough to buy the same toilet paper..Exxageration perhaps, still we need to think about these things and see what can be done now before nothing can be done later…
Or just stay in the pot of water like an obedient frog as the fire burns underneath and very slowly raise the temperature till it  boils the water with you the frog still swimming inside, then you will be cooked meat!



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