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The creative writers!

The creative writers!

To be able to pen thoughts onto words and for those words to be reconverted  onto thoughts or mental imagery by  the reader ,emotionally is a gratifying feeling for the original creator to say the least,  and if an word expressionist is articulate enough in their prose to gain an appreciative audience or following , attracted or entertained or stimulated by the way thoughts are presented or how words are used to create visions or stir emotions , its like an  ultimate reward for the author , emotionally !

If it weren’t for the internet , its  near impossible even for the highly creative and talented writers to put forth their works , to be read and enjoyed by many , it factors on luck ,opportunity and personal social connections of the authors. Only God knows before the era of internet, how many works of artistic or educational and entertaining  merit lies some hidden place on a shelve or drawer gathering dust because the authors were unable to get it published, and thus  some just passed on , gave up creating ,disillusioned ,discouraged by the thought that their heartfelt prose cannot be shared!

But with the internet, and ease in which to set up a blog, authors can now showcase or convert their   heartfelt emotions , thoughts or desire to use words to form , to express , to exhibit , to shout out , hitherto their pent up creative emotions ,skillfully crafting or sculpting words, constructed in a way that  vicariously or lividly depict their thoughts and are able to publish without obstacle, giving access to all who know to seek out their interest online, creative prose  with potential exhibition to thousands who share a common interest in the views aired or the visionary images made by these works of artistic articulateness of words.!

Works which would have gone  unnoticed ,unappreciated and undeservingly , fading away without even being read by those who would have been genuinely appreciative of the creation in question if only they were to know of its existence! Seems a shame.

Blogs are like canvasses for the artistically inclined writers to express their art form!

And now these creative words’ craftsmen can have a personal  blog as a  platform to launch into cyberspace and immortalize their works. The really good ones will eventually be noticed as their prose gains more followers from word of mouth of an appreciative audience directing interested readers to their articles, gradually building momentum if the authors are prolific and consistent enough to sustain their writings and postings on their blogs!

And  for those who loves to read expressive words and know how to seek out  such works of art online, they will be rewarded , their thirst for an uplifting emotional or even for some ,a spiritual experience , satiated , as they discover such works of words that provides  that gratification.!


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