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Salaries /Allowances of Malaysian MPs compared to other S.E Asia MPs

Why is Malaysia rated as among the very corrupted countries ? Among the many , one reason is likely that our MPs , if they do not look for other sources of income and depend fully on the allowances from the Goverment , they cannot survive, and pay their bills, salaries of staff and miscellaneous expenses incurred from performing their obligations as a public servant representing the ones who voted them into their current positions.

Realistically , Rm20k for monthly office rental, utilities , staff salary and own salary from what is left over for own personal bills and expenses , and being an MP, unavoidably there will be social obligations that materialises and need added incurred expenses from the YB’s own purse. .. etc etc..

Surely cannot expect MPs ,or YBs to go around asking/begging for donations..sponsors all the time.. they need to use time productively to  perform the duties they were voted in for ,  in the priority of urgencies.
The pay and allowances of our Mps place them in circumstances that will weaken the strong who try to resist the temptations of money politics, unless they have fortunes already of their own and can afford to sustain the high expenses.

Or they exploit their positions to the hilt which can earn them quiet fortunes if they know how to abuse and mis-use .

Shudn’t be like this, although cannot do anything about the greedy MPs but the Goverment shudn’t make life difficult for those MPs who still have integrity and sincerely desire to serve those who voted them there..

They shud be able to do so without hassle of financial constraints and worries or anxieties and can concentrate their minds fully on their jobs.

Pay MPs what they deserve but put safeguards/regulations to ensure accountability and no room for abuse, for their own benefit to guard their integrity and reputation as well as the public they serve.

We really ought to pay our MPs much more than what they currently earn but at the same time. Two birds can be knocked down with one stone.

Raise the salaries and allowances of the MPs ,by all means, increase it two-fold or even triple if that is what is deemed sufficient to allay their financial anxieties and can allow them to focus more on their public roles in serving.

At the same token , introduce laws and regulations,that gets tough on MPs if they abuse their positions for personal  gain. Very strict laws are needed to get the MPs in line and send them a message that it is not worth their while to mis-behave.

Financial compensation should commensurate with the public service, and punishment ought to be meted more severely to those who abuse and breach the public’s trust that put them in their positions of influence.

We need to draft more tougher laws to regulate the politicians and ensure more transparency and accountability and if an MP has pledged commitment to serve with integrity and dedication, there is absolutely no reason for them to object at all if implementation of stricter laws to regulate them is shown to be in their interests and well being , and with good intentions that is in  the spirit of the new regulations.

Why will they object if they are to be getting  a two or three times increment in earnings and allowances from the goverment unless they are hiding something., and new laws will threaten the status quo of their positions , fearing punitive repercussions of the new laws imposed.

But MPs who have nothing to hide and can show full accountability., will actually benefit from tougher laws regulating the MPs which is how it ought to be,  those who have more sincerity in their desire to serve will be rewarded adequately whereas those who are merely in it for  the money will need to be on guard because they risk prison if they mis-behave and abuse and mis-use their influence and positions and there is ample evidence to prove  it.

Eventually such politicians will get filtered out., upon realization that it is no longer worth their while to stay in the profession and even among those who are thinking of participating for all the wrong reasons.

The prevailing attitude or thought on participating in our local politicsto make money  ought to be ‘Don’t bother, not worth the returns on the millions invested to buy a public profile because, attempts to solicit returns has an added element of risking being sent to prison if the public profile is mis-used..! ‘ It  needs to be  made known that it is tough to make a fortune when you are in politics.

Want to make money , be involved in business , be an entrepreneur, investor but anything but a politician.

But if you seek a comfortable and fulfilling life  with meaning, serve the public . This is a very idealistic and naive trite notion but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be applied to a degree..

Want to make  money , don’t be in politics. that is the message / or should be !



The AMAZINGLY LOW salaries of Malaysian MPs

After the increase of allowances for state assembly members in Kedah, Selangor, Sarawak and other states, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Idris Jala said that as long as it is financially affordable, the federal government also plans to increase the allowances for Members of Parliament next year.

Two years ago, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had proposed the review of allowances for MPs in the Budget 2012, but the proposal was dismissed due to the opposition from Pakatan Rakyat MPs. It was said that Parliament opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim instructed alternative coalition’s MPs to oppose against the proposal with the reasons of economic downturn and inflation.

Since the salaries of Malaysian MPs have not been adjusted for nine years, they are among the lowest in Southest Asia.

According to the then Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz, the salaries of MPs in neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia are RM33,589 and RM18,118 respectively, while in Thailand, MPs receive RM11,572 to RM12,590 monthly.

In Malaysia, MPs receive only RM6,508 per month, not including the monthly allowances of about RM10,000.

As a MP carrying great responsibility, is the less than RM20,000 monthly salary, not including the allowance of RM200 per day when they attend meetings in Parliament, enough and reasonable? This is a commonly asked question.

A diligent MP with good quality will have to hire assistants to provide general constituency services while coping with various social activities, and from time to time engage the service of experts to assist in research and analysis for some major policy and governance issues, so that they are well prepared for debates in the Parliament.

All these need money.

In all fairness, the income of less than RM20,000 is indeed low.

As one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, this has caught some MPs in a dilemma.

However, for a low quality, not servicing and idle MP, the less than RM20,000 income seems too much, instead.

Therefore, the question of whether the salary is enough and reasonable for a MP or not should not be generalised.

The salaries and allowances of MPs are paid by the people’s income tax and the country’s revenues. It must be paid when necessary.

In fact, what the people care about is not whether the salaries and allowances of MPs should be adjusted, but whether the quality of them is worthy of higher pay, and whether the efficiency can really be improved, providing the people with better services after the treatment is enhanced.

If the government can consider raising the allowances for MPs so that they can hire researchers or assistants to assist in handling parliamentary work, it is undoubtedly a good thing and should be supported by both the ruling and alternative coalitions.

Of course, more importantly, the MPs must possess the noble sentiment of prioritising the interests of the country, as well as the people. Otherwise, it will be meaningless even if the best treatment is given.

Hopefully, every MP will involve in every debate much more seriously to speak or ask questions for the people in every major policy and bill tabled before voting, and create a Parliament with better quality and standard!

Sourced:  malaysia-chronicle./ The-Amazingly-Low-Salaries-of-Malaysian-MPs


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