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Maybe reason why UMNO is nervous about Diyana


Don’t underestimate the sense of fairplay and decency of the malay community in general. Even in the malay heartland, many are very nice decent folk who have good grounding in values and decency, and despise the sense of betrayal. like all good folk do..
The word “Di Aniayai will rouse their sense of contempt ,if they r told the truth of scums who will resort to disgusting tactics like photo shopping the bikini picture and victimize a innocent youth like Diyana, who merely wants to serve the community.
Kena Niayai ,si Diyana , kasihan gadis si muda ini, nak khidmat masyarakat pun, si jahat semua nak jahanam , ta hati perut, apa saja pun sanggup buat , demi hancur kan pemuda idealistic. menyerang maruah ..binatang apa mereka tu sanggup buat sampai macam ini..anak gadis muda pun di buat mangsa..suka main kotor saja..lawan adil ta boleh..

let the truth reveal the treachery of the dirty immoral tactics used to slander a innocent but not naive young lady. get them to feel outrage by exposing the truth of the dirty tactics..
Triple B threat, beauty , brains , bravery..UMNO is nervous , not coz of Diyana per se but coz of the trend that may be spurred on or inspired by her..and what she has the potential to represent.

Young upwardly mobile professional youth from the whatever whether malay/indian/chinese community joining a party that has no desire for racial politics.
evolving with the modern age into emphasizing a
political philosophy of meritocracy and also helping the deserving that transcends skin tones.
And that appeals to the young generation across the racial divide, who has a stronger sense of justice and fairplay, in spite of UMNO,whose outmoded divisive politics according to race is slowly going out of fashion like big hair of the 80s or the mullet haircut.
The malaysian youth of all ethnicities are gettin more sophisticated with their world views
Since there is no escaping the exposure to a world view so easily available in the media.. the proverbial frog and coconut shell or mind shackles or cow lead by nose is only in limited application now…eventually to go extinct, just a matter of time.
Just like UMNO;s brand of racial politics, the self appointed and purported guardians of the malays and champions of their interests and well being..Another few years maybe or a decade. They go the route of the Dodo bird..!

And think Diyana makes them nervous because she is representative of the unshackled youthful , exuberant, enthusiastic , idealistic ,independent new wave of Malay youth, that can prove to one and all, they seek no favours and require no handouts from UMNO and will do just fine, do not need a crutch if one is not lame.
May even do better in fact, without UMNO holding them back. IF she wins, a very definite Thumb to Nose at all the extremist, gender /racist bigots, delusional racial supremacist, the malay wannabes who try harder to be more extreme and prove their loyalty less they get branded as pretenders and risk not being accepted as one of them placing them in limbo with a ID crisis. all in that UMNO organization and associates.
Yikes this day and age.? who needs all that excessive nonsense as mental baggage..


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