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Hari Raya sermon by Jakim to warn against enemies of Islam

Reaction of selective comments from readers about Jakim’s  intention:

Odin: As most of us know, a sermon is a religious discourse delivered in a house of worship. It basically tells the adherents how to or how not to lead their lives so as to be better individuals and gain a ticket to heaven or whatever place it is that is supposed to be Shangrila and enjoy complete bliss.

However, the Hari Raya sermon that will be delivered sounds not just more like a political speech made at a ceramah, but one that aims to bamboozle and beguile, con and cozen, and deceive and delude its listeners.

What kind of religion does Jakim (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) profess to look after?

A_Malaysian: Hello, Jakim, who are the enemies of Islam, pray tell?

Name them if you dare. If you are talking about Satan then I would agree; but if by any way you are referring to non-Muslims in Malaysia, then you are way out of line.

See3: Jakim, how come you don’t have anything to say about the corrupt Muslims in power? Surely they must be the enemies of Islam who are undermining your faith?

So next time when you mention the word ‘hypocrites’, you just need to look in the mirror instead.

Anonymous$&@?: This is a clear-cut case that shows religious bodies in Malaysia are infected by political virus and are being used by their political masters as a tool to brainwash and control the minds of Muslims in Malaysia.

Tehachapi: It cannot be clearer that so long as Umno continues to govern the country and administer the laws, it is able to manipulate and exploit race and religion for its own benefits. However, this is very short-term thinking.

By dividing the people and sowing the seeds of dissent, Malaysia as a country will be more fragmented and weakened. In the end, when the country is destroyed, Umno will also suffer the consequences.

It does not take much effort for the Umno government to chase away the best of its talented people and keep only those who adhere to Umno’s parochial ideology; it is extremely difficult to rebuild a talent base once it is lost.

I am not surprised by the recent downward revision of the country’s Fitch rating. More unfavourable assessments of Malaysia’s prospects are forthcoming.
Will Umno ever wake up to admit that it has lost its direction and it is now disconnected from reality? Without a change in attitude, all races and all religious adherents in Malaysia will lose out and suffer.

Onyourtoes: Yes, what a timely reminder from Jakim to “be wary of hypocrites and traitors among Muslims”.

But of course, who among the Muslims who are hypocrites and traitors is a big question mark. Sometimes things can be most ironical and paradoxical.

Paul Warren: Honestly, anyone knows anyone who is a non-Muslim, who is bent on harming Islam or Muslims? I know I couldn’t be bothered with both.

I have friends who are Muslims. I am concerned about them and for them. But I have no intention about introducing them to any other way than that they believe in.

My4hope: A real thief assumes innocence by preemptively calling others thieves. And the utmost evil is to use religion for spreading hatred.

Fairnsquare: “As we celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we must realise that Islam’s enemies are using various ways and strategies to undermine Islamic unity and national peace.”

These are not words that put the celebration of Aidilfitri in the right mood. After a month of fasting, forgiving and blessing the less fortunate should be the right direction, But Jakim rather sow hate, discord and suspicion among the rakyat.

Two youngsters who showed disrespect to Islam and their actions were condemned by all. The headmaster, who used the shower room for children to eat, was condemned by all except for some who sought to politicise the issue.

The fact that these children, be they Muslims or non-Muslims, being required to eat in the changing room was not healthy. As to the other two incidents involving another principal and a dog owner – are these actions really a threat to Islam?

Jakim, how ignorant of you. It’s corruption, the nepotism, cronyism and the amassing of wealth which are the real threat.

Vijay47: Muslims will soon be celebrating Hari Raya. One would have thought that a message from of all things a religious body would have used the occasion to give thanks to God that they had fulfilled their spiritual and temporal obligations in the fashion expected by their faith, and to also remind Muslims of their earthly duties to themselves and their neighbour.

To our great shock, Jakim’s message is almost a declaration of war on non-Muslim Malaysians. Again, we are being accused of all manner of sins.

With you displaying such hostile militant attitudes, Jakim, how can you expect even the least respect for you and what you represent?

Truth be told, the painful truth be told, it is organisations and personalities like you which search for specks in your neighbour’s eye and ignore the beam in your own that discard the honour of your own religion to the gutters


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