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MH 370’s Flight path to nowhere?

mh370-immarsat_satellite_data-flight path


As this prolongs and things get dodgier by the day,Am starting to seriously wonder what was the cargo manifest, both the listed and if there may be any unlisted “packages” ??
Apart from the almost “half a ton of Li-on batteries” (at least that is what was told to the public) bound for Beijing , China.( spy novel fans or authors about top secret shady trade of sensitive materials/intel /info /industrial secrets / weapons by goverments, will find this fertile ground for imagination , a ” something everyone wants to get their hands on or prevent another from obtaining it by all possible means ,even deadly force, if necessary to intercept !” type of plot )

On a more sober tone.
The question i may ask is ” Why the hang up in releasing details of cargo manifest?
And why PM Najib seem so keen to jump the gun and dish out a tragic fatal conclusion when , no physical evidence from recovered debris can be produced definitively to confirm . Just because a satellite said so? That the plane flew into the wide expanse of the Indian ocean, towards nowhere, thousands of KM from anywhere?
And question to the US…CIA / NSA.who have often created an impression of their super hyper secret intel gathering ability , which they will neither confirm nor deny but obviously prefer to keep that impression, on land sea and space, practically 24 hours blanket surveillance globally, where if Kim Joung Un farts loud enough, they may pick it up and if NK fires a ballistic missile at a friendly , they will know instantly, track it and shoot it out of the sky, also in instant real time.
Question will be ..
Has any of their global monitoring hardware ( classified of course ) but maybe picked up and tracked an anomaly in a flight path that may be MH 370.?
Or , were any of their nuclear subs just happened to be in the neighbourhood and their powerful sonar devices or earthquake seismic early detection recorders picked up any loud bang/boom, or a after shock quiver ,that may be caused by a gigantic piece of metal smashing into water or ocean bottom ?


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