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Some Low Yat CCTV footage!

This is another hand-phone grab incident at Low Yat that happened on  6/7/15 ..

Different from that of the LOW YAT  Incident that led to the brawl and ensuing riots.

And it was quickly solved  by the Police and the perps were arrested!

Nonetheless,it gives an idea on how common theft like these happen in Low Yat plaza.!

But the car(Proton Wira) being wrecked and occupants attacked happened at Imbi Rd few hours

after the rioting in Bukit Bintang



As for the actual incident ..What IGP says….


But coming across the YT video below, It is distressing to note that such extreme positions and viewpoints

are  being held by certain individuals of the Malay community.and the lengths they will go to coerce others to see

things from their own racial lens or to play their politics along racial lines.

The individual speaking below – a Mr . Mohd Ali Haji Baharom..sure did not help to calm things down giving such a

confrontational , inflammatory speech on the night of the Low Yat / Bkt. Bintang incident.

Besides trying to flare it into a racial issue,also tried to drag politics or racial politics – into the incident,when the person named DAP at the end of his speech.

Unsurprisingly,turns out he is another aspiring /ambitious UMNO member / politician and staunch supporter of PM Najib.
And like many of his UMNO counterparts,have similar controversial viewpoints..


And his speech (YT video)  and message posted from his FB, offer a small insight or glimpse of his public stance on social issues.-

“Selaku Presiden Persatuan Veteran Melayu .. Nasihat saya kpd Ts Ketua Polis Negara jangan terlalu Emosi sampai nak jaga hati Bangsa lain.. Sanggup tuduh Bangsa Sendiri bersalah secara terbuka.. Orang yang Ts tuduh (PapaGomo) belum dijatuhkan hukuman oleh Hakim didlm Mahkamah.. Adakah tindakan Ts tadi Betul ?
Bagaimana Rakyat nak hormat Ketua Polis Negara ? Sebabkan Ts tidak tahu menghormati Maruah orang lain.


Even the IGP is not let off hook by going after PapaGomo..





Did the speech above contributed to the flare up in violence ?

That is debatable – yet it is likely among one of the reasons.

But  for sure it did not help to calm things down..

Many other factors can be added on that may have been the causative factors.

Apart from the inflammatory speeches-,it was  coordinated with social media posting lies-

with pictures of some bloodied victim of mob violence but irresponsibly suggesting the injured person

was also the  Low Yat victim (Malay youth) beaten up by the LY workers.

It was picture like this  posted by low lifes on the blogs that enraged

many who actually believed that It was True ! But whoever this poor injured guy is – He is definitely not involved in the Low Yat incident. And nobody was injured this seriously in the Low Yat melee..!

low yat vctm

Blatant Lie ! Some blogs used this picture to claim that the Low Yat mob beat him up..

Coupled with half truths all over social media and those who chosed to believe the claims that

the guys were scammed and were sold a cloned phone and they wanted a refund.

and those who had seen the video of the melee online and saw a group of Malay youths fighting

and being overwhelmed by a mob of angry Chinese (and the picture above of an seriously injured guy )

and that was enough to enrage many which  clouded their judgment


that in turn led PEKIDA to respond

with a 200 strong mob -mobilized in less than 24 hours-amazing response in such short notice-

Claiming in protest ,  biased police investigation – before the case was even closed and investigation still ongoing. .


Perhaps the harsh lessons here PDRM can look into are -..

The racial dimension should never have been to allowed to gain traction.

and things nipped in the bud as soon as potential trouble-makers are sniffed out.

Neutralize potential instigators and assume commanding presence.

Firm stern  strong Statements by PDRM and heavier police presence in anticipation at the plaza,

With no nonsense response till investigations are concluded,may have deterred the violence..

Preventative Lessons can be learnt by PDRM from this affair…

BTW,Whatever happened to the  Datuk Bandar or even the Home Minister?

Apart from the IGP who was at the scene and the MCA youth chief and the PM issuing a brief statement..

The Mayor of KL and the Home Minister seem reservedly silent on this incident.

And even senior Goverment Ministers ,and particularly and peculiarly , noticed UMNO seem to be low keyed and muffled on this incident.

When the public would have expected more stern voices of rebuke and concerned alarmed that something

like this happened- because it is a highly sensitive incident that involves Racism which should never have happened

and which the Goverment has been harping loudly for so long- about racial tensions- or how important it is to preserve racial harmony and those who incite racism and hate-mongering- will be dealt with severely.

Or how serious the Goverment is regarding Sedition and provocateurs etc etc… di da… la di da…

So..what say UMNO/BN now ?

Because,there are clear elements of racial provocation – plus attempts by some in exploiting a situation that had

nought to do with race in the first place, and worst, violence that was racially charged -did happen

Whereas the Opposition has been quick to respond ,and actually making a presence at the scene .

In  a show of force with many of the high profile opposition figures from PKR-PAS-DAP in a united voice reminding

Malaysians that our society has no place for such nonsense.!


Which laws does PDRM serves and uphold and enforces?

Return Deepa’s boy, PM’s Dept tells cops
June 5, 2014

Nancy Shukri says police should heed court decisions.

seeba300x200PETALING JAYA: The Prime Minister’s Department has urged the police to ensure the return of S Deepa’s abducted son to her home.

Referring to a court decision sanctioning force in taking away the 6-year-old boy from his Muslim father, Minister in the PM’s Department Nancy Shukri told reporters today police should take whatever action would be necessary to reunite the child with his Hindu mother.

“From what I’ve read in the media, Deepa’s ex-husband, who had converted to the Muslim religion, took their son with him after the Seremban High Court had given custody to the mother,” she said.

“The police should take the son away from the father and return him to the mother as the courts have been fair in their verdict.”

On May 27, Izwan Viran Abdullah lost his appeal against the Seremban High Court’s April 27 decision to grant custody of his two children to Deepa following their divorce. The Court of Appeal said police could use force to recover the boy from Izwan.

Nancy would not give a specific comment on last Sunday’s disruption of a Hindu wedding by officials of the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais).

“On the federal government’s side, we cannot be involved and speak on behalf of Selangor state,” she said.

“However, the government is currently working towards resolving religious and child custody issues between parents.

“After two recent meetings of a joint committee, we have identified mediation as a mechanism to resolve legal issues that involve Muslim converts and their former partners who are non-Muslims.

“The details are still being worked out.”

She was referring to a committee set up last

It is chaired by her and Jamil Khir Baharom, another minister in the PM’s Department. Nancy is the de facto Law Minister and Jamil Khir is in charge of religious affairs.



Sourced: return-deepas-boy-pms-dept-tells-cops




Nancy Shukri is from PM’s dept, essentially, she is like PM’s mouthpiece ,representing the dept ,and doubt that she will dare to issue statements without consultation.and clearance from her immediate boss. .Najib will have her head,if she goes above his head,.

Meaning occasionally, glimpses of sanity can be detected from our PM.( Phantom Minister)

But at least it is a postive that gives a sense of relief that not all is madness.


Which Laws does the PDRM serves and upholds / enforces? And protects civil society from? 


The IGP has been dragging his feet on this, reluctant to be caught between shariah court, seemingly siding with the muslim father but civil court’s ruling giving custody to the mother, but  father,  when he had chance goes and snatches the son from mother’s house, even slightly injuring mother in the process. .

.and despite clearcut contempt of court. and laws broken,

IGP says, as if he was siding with religious court instead of enforcing laws of civil society.,

saying ,no laws were broken, no need police action. father doesn;t kidnap his own child.

So, it ll be interesting to note his reaction on this statement.

Probably he ll just delegate the task to a subordinate officer and stay clear lest he shoots himself in the foot.Or will he ,as usual, be a politician more than the head of  law enforcement of the country.

Yet his inaction on this matter , as was the statements he made in relation to it,  was really irresponsible and biased, according to public perception.

Causing the public to wonder , if  PDRM serves ,protects and enforces the laws of the land based on the constitution

and they are duty bound to judgments from the civil courts or can they act as judge jury and lawyer as well..?

Isn’ t it their role to back up the judiciary, their authority is to uphold the court’s judgments and not within their scope to question ?

For  is it their role to be selective on upholding which rulings of the civil courts and are allowed to interpret it differently? .

which ruling to enforce and  uphold.

And decide which to take action and which ruling doesn’t require pursuing.

Isn’t that for the courts , the judiciary?

And  the PDRM plays the role of enforcer and to uphold the judgments and hence the sanctified laws of the land.

Let politicians play the political game.

No fear and favor.the  constitution is the highest law of the land encompassing all the people.Across the etnhic/religo boundaries.

All are beholden to the laws of the land.

And let the lawyers thrash it out,whether shariah or civil.  Meantime, if laws are broken or sanctity of the court’s judgement is held in contempt.

Then the role of PDRM is clear cut.

Or is it not??


Who is going Rogue,? The institution or the one in charge?


As it is now, the Extremist seem to have intimidated the PDRM and got the institution unsure as to what to do,and the limitations of their authority.

Reluctant to offend them , or playing politics instead of policing and law enforcing , if the inaction on clear cut contempt of court rulings(civil courts,that is ) are any indication,

of the message being broadcasted.

It  is not a very positive vote of confidence on the prospects of the trajectory of our Malaysian society overall,  based on law and order, laws  that our founding fore fathers wrote into the sacred constitution, and acknowledged  as the highest authority of all.

It must be noted that, although only certain individuals are involved in the judgement/ruling  of the civil court regarding this child custody case,

but the importance and significance of the response of our enforcement agencies and goverment  transcends all and .

(A positive note has been issued by the PM’s department and MCA. indicating emphasis on the secular laws of the constitution ,should be respected and upheld).

The significance of the actions/inaction  of  enforcement is the overriding crucial message being sent to the entire country. It is setting a  precedent or tone of what to expect in future cases with similar backdrop.

So , is this a foreboding of the deteriorating state of respect for the civil/secular laws of the land ?



Legislators debate and set laws, politicians play politics. lawyers argue the laws and judges pass rulings or judgements and police upholds and enforces court’s rulings and backs up the judiciary.

Isn’t that how a functioning democracy, even taking into account  flaws and abuses,  should be ?

All institutions with distinct roles , duties and authority,  that should not overlap.

The crucial dimension that has being overlooked by the Malaysian public, ..
they seemed to have  missed the importance or significance of the action/inaction of our law enforcement institution.

Procrastinating on their role to uphold and enforce  laws onto a clear cut “contempt of court” action , because of a  reluctance to offend the religious segment and play politics, conveniently ignoring their law enforcement role.

Instead of letting lawyers thrash it out in the shariah/civil courts,and the presiding judges to give judgment.

They seem to have decided to do their own interpretation and course of action.


It ought to be  a point for serious concern for our lawmakers.

For this  message sent to the entire country , setting a precedent or tone of what to expect from our Malaysian law enforcement institution ,

in future cases with similar backdrop involving religious affairs.
Is this a foreboding of the deteriorating state of respect for the civil/secular laws of the land ?

And every decent law abiding  Malaysian ,  who are convinced that we are governed by the  sacred secular constitutional laws written by our founding fathers of this nation , will be very concerned indeed.because this message will shake  their faith and sense of security provided by the laws.



Remember the legend of the brave Dutch boy who prevented a catastrophe to his community by his quick thinking and self-sacrifice.

Who had to stay there for days without food and water ,  till someone eventually came by ,  discovered his plight and the dire potentially disastrous situation

and went to get help.

The Brave Dutch boy  legend. who on his way to school,  noticed a slight leak in the dyke , breached by the sea-water that began to slowly  trickled in through a small hole.

And  the only thing to do was to poke his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water

otherwise the small trickle of water will slowly get stronger and becomes a stream that will also gets more powerful and develop into a torrent

that  smashes the dyke and a flood rushes in that can wipe all in its path. drowning all  before it in a wave of destruction ,

.( as it is commonly known that many coastal  lands in the Netherlands are below sea water level protected by the barriers of the dykes that holds out the water)

The brave boy had to stay in that position for a very very long time , suffering hunger and thirst ,  until  eventually a passerby

saw him and  went to get help . And the dyke was  repaired the leak sealed .

And the brave Dutch boy had ultimately helped  to  avert a terrible tragic disaster to his people!

“Moral of the story  act quickly and in time, recognizing that even the smallest or pettiest of events , seemingly insignificant ,may develop into something of mammoth proportions if unchecked, that could have devastating  ramification on  society/communities/ nation .

Even when one has  limited strength and resources for it may avoid or prevent  catastrophe”.


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