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More than a dozen plus issues on religion and race in 2 months.!

1..FaceBook posting of a ” Sally Yen ” insulting Islam,then turns out picture of the pretty girl was of a china-girl taken by a Chinese photographer,who probly cannot find Malaysia on a map. But weirdly when that became public knowledge , things got suspiciously  silent on the issue , maybe the issue didn’t achieve a desired effect by using Chinese name  , or could be that the objective or goal was made successfully and message was sent out to the target audience in the mainstream media , that only reported on one side of the insulting Islam by a Chinese girl,  but not the revelation that it was a fake FB profile used to post the irreverent message ,suspected perhaps to be a hired agent provocateur.

2..Then of course Alvivi and bak kut teh..  maximum political mileage gained by  BN . Able to  appease UMNO hardliners and religious purist.      killing  two  birds with one stone , both race and religion card  played together and actually made UMNO look good on how the issue was handled , fanning it into  yet another issue of Chinese disrespecting the Malays and their religion. The “no bail overkill advanced punishment”    allowing UMNO to score politically.

3..followed closely by the chinese boy abduction ,”saya hina islam scrawled on his body”, b4 anyone knew what exactly happened , pics of the inflammatory  words on his body taken at police station was posted online n went viral. Gleefully satiating the perverse sadistic intent of pro BN bloggers and other pro BN  social media having a field day wif it slamming the poor robbery victim with bile, but again when it turned out was a crime to extort money , the pro BN social media became shamefully low keyed on the crime when in d beginning just a mere pic of the scrawled words and the stupidity of Alvivi photo was enuff excuse for them to scream hatefully on – murder them! blood letting till death ! kill them in cold blood.! they deserve to die for insulting Malay/ Muslims . etc etc add nausea..

4..then IGP making that premature statement from seemingly nowhere ,milking an unexpected opportunity to fan racial sentiments yet again.. linking incident of insulting Islam and Alvivi .. As if there is a premeditated intent to cause anger by suggestively inferring..

5..Allah issue and the Bishop n Perkasa ,..Religion obviously the weapon of choice here.. perception of Islam being challenged by other religion can rile up passions among the not so well informed in the Malay community. Who hear only what they want to hear that they can heighten their anger directed against other faiths . Christianity of which a large proportion of christians happen to be Chinese.Hardly coincidence. Perkasa recognises that and exploits it as another wedge to drive into the divide and rule.

6.. Child conversion..Again religion as  means to an end. pandering to the hardliners and religious purist to gain favor.

7…. school canteen debacle hiding children in shower room during ramadan,.  This time around no need for inflammatory statements or outrageous antics by any NGOs. Just a little nudge here and there by UMNO taking sides and was enuff to keep controversy alive.  it basically took on a life of its own, splitting public opinion into two camps. Inadvertently creating another  divisive situation along racial lines..

8. Frustrated HM scolding balik Cina/ India , selected and intentionally played up loudly and publicized.. If this incident was kept low profile and handled quietly , no issue , but by virtue of making it a national incident by publicizing it and blowing it out of proportion.Antagonizing the ethnic communities with the statement. Unavoidably another racial slur but culprit is not the HM but whoever wanted the version to be broadcast to the mass public knowing full well it has potential to create another wedge driven into the ethnic  people’s psyche

9….Kind hearted Maznah n her dogs celebrating Hari Raya ,

why would anyone dredge up a 3 year old video , timed it in such a way to post it on social media near to Raya after intentionally using a very inflammatory title guaranteed to provoke a response..” Video Hina Islam” and a very brief write up in the description ,ostensibly fuming with rage at the religious insult..if not to surf another wave of the “insulting religion” trend .

Another possibility could have been mistaken identity. thinking it was a Chinese person in the dog video..but nonetheless..despite finding out that it was a Malay/muslim in the video, it still turned out useful when  adapted to use as a tool along religious lines .

9a… And a cause for the religious bodies to take up educating “wayward” malay/muslims and guiding them back to the straight and narrow path,  winning approval from religious hardliners and ultra conservative factions in UMNO and beyond in the land of the simple minds .

 Religious Liberals vs ultra Conservatives..and with the looming UMNO election …have to appease as many as possible.


10. . DPM Muyhidin statement jumping the gun in reference to the “dog celebrate Raya together” video  but nonetheless making the “insulting race and religion” connection as a reflex knee jerk response , because the trend is to capitalize and exploit everything that can be used as a weapon to further incite and divide the races-  integrity and conscience temporarily set aside – when it is about attacking other communities , but he had to back off when it was found to be a Malay/muslim girl that was in the offensive video…ooops  , shot off mouth without verifying , must have been awkward for those who fed him the info and got all excited having yet another Chinese scapegoat to bash and maul but in their over-zealousness to attack, forgot to check the ID of the dog handler – afterall in the video – Maznah did resemble a  Chinese person and many had mistaken her for a guy,  creating the  wrong impression .

11.. Muslim girls beauty contestants barred from taking part in the pageant ,  the  authorities using the religion card. ( see no. 9a  for possible  motive  on the strict banning of the malay/muslim girls from contesting.)

12.. New Village movie/ Tanda putera , seen as another political tool to get some mileage from the race angle..

Seriously doubt that the reason of objection is that it seemingly glorifies communism..The movie is about the “Chinese” in Malaya.With a very Chinese feel to it since ,it is about a “Chinese New Village”. And thereby if right emotional Chinese buttons can be pushed or manipulated making Malaysian Chinese  feel  some kind of emotional attachment with the chinese connection in the movie.

Otherwise the controversy will just die a natural death not even noticed by the Malaysian cinema going public.  Think the operative word is again  “Chinese”.  Another handy emotional racial toy  that can be used for poitical expediency..

12a...Yet , one cannot brush off a sneaky thought behind the intention of reviewing the New Village. A publicity stunt. Positive or negative , no such thing as bad publicity. Afterall financiers or backers of the movie are well connected to influential figures and media corporations friendly to the Goverment.!. 

13…Namewee bitching about double standards in the local movie industry and n Perkasa  calling for revoking citizenship.  If that is really legit , then Perkasa maybe trying to see if it can get traction on  fanning the Race card with this topic. . NameWee does have notoriety in rapping and making videos slamming the racist figures in the past , even though not his intention but he does have critics accusing him of being a Chinese bigot., something Perkasa can use to their advantage..

But one must note , that any form of controversy affecting entertaiment figures ought to be taken with a pinch of salt.(see 12a) esp since this came  on the wake of NameWee’s movie release date..( just mulling)

14..Recently , Teresa Kok and her allegedly asking for a share of the  zakat pie , slander by the famous gutter news paper up to their old Racial bigotry news reporting, probability on instructions from political masters. .

All the above in d space of 2 months?

Every single one of these issues with the common theme of either insulting religion mainly Islam- or not respecting Malay community propaganda – being fed to the ignorant segment..

As the greedy Sarawakian ogre Taib will say, somebody has been very diabolically “naughty”.

There is definitely an overkill of hate mongering from one source with a pattern emerging. Fresh off the social media cooking pan has emerged  few more FB postings again ,highlighting insult to Islam by public figures.

(think it is high time that the investigators take a good hard in-depth look at the ones who highlight the “insults”, no stone unturned , one never knows what one may find and where it may lead to , what intriguing and shocking revelations may be uncovered-if looking at the right places)

Getting hard to keep track of the alleged insults to religion that there is a chance of the incidents just fizzling  off.  The public is getting a overused and worn feeling with it are getting numbed by it all.

And all these not taking into account various other deliberate ploys to incite the races to resentment immediately on the aftermath of post GE 13. Remember the Chinese Tsunami and Apa lagi Cina mahu? And the insulting agung fiasco etc etc …so many incidents in so little a time,  ordinarily , these issues may have been used over a  5 years or more if used sparsely by UMNO or BN to keep things in check and ensure that the divide and rule agenda has enough fuel for fire-  but looks like  now- it is open season – no restraining and control and all unleashed at once –  stemming from the panic and paranoia of losing power.



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