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MH 370., mourning after, time for answers.!


Could a cockpit fire explain MH370’s disappearance, British lawyer asks?

The crucial turn back move could have been the pilot’s attempt to get the plane headed towards the nearest airport to land a wide-bodied aircraft, namely Langkawi or Penang, after a possible cockpit fire. –

After reporting several fanciful theories to explain the mystery of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, British tabloid Daily Mail is now quoting a lawyer who suggested that a cockpit fire could have been the reason behind the plane’s disappearance.The crucial turn back move could have been the pilot's attempt to get the plane headed towards the nearest airport to land a wide-bodied aircraft, namely Langkawi or Penang, after a possible cockpit fire. - The Malaysian Insider graphic, March 28, 2014.

The tabloid said a fire in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 in Egypt in 2011 could have happened in the plane that carried 239 people when it vanished on March 8 while en route to Beijing.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER aircraft has yet to be found but investigators say satellite data showed it could have ended up in the southern Indian Ocean, where an international hunt has been taking place this past week.

Speculation has been rife about whether foul play by either the pilots or someone aboard led the aircraft to disappear, the tabloid reported, but said the fire which led to a Boeing 777 being written off in Egypt could explain flight MH370’s disappearance.

James Healy-Pratt, a member of the firm who is also a pilot believes the plane crashed after a fire broke out aboard.

“We believe in the simpler explanation that there was probably a form of electrical fire leading to a rapid decompression and that then resulted in the turn-back and the aircraft disappearing somewhere in the Indian Ocean,” he told The Times.

The British law firm, which is advising families of the missing passengers, is comparing the current situation with a fire that broke out on the flight deck of an EgyptAir Boeing 777-200 with 291 passengers on board as it prepared to depart for Jeddah from Cairo airport.

When the captain was preparing the aircraft for departure the oxygen levels were normal, the paper reported.

But 30 minutes later the first officer heard a pop followed by a hissing sound underneath a cockpit window to the right.

The captain tried to put it out using the fire extinguisher available in the cockpit, but it was too powerful and firefighters worked at extinguishing it for over an hour. The crew and passengers escaped without injury, but seven people including passengers, Egyptair staff and fire fighters suffered from mild asphyxia and were transferred to hospitals.

After an investigation Egypt’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Central Directorate (EAAICD) released their final report which revealed that the fire originated near the first officer’s oxygen mask supply tubing.

Oxygen from the flight crew oxygen system is suspected to have contributed to the fire’s intensity and speed.

The cause of the fire could not be conclusively determined. It is not yet known whether the oxygen system breach occurred first, providing a flammable environment or whether the oxygen system breach occurred as a result of the fire.

Investigators pinpointed a problem with the cockpit hose used to provide oxygen for the crew in the event of decompression, the paper said.

Following the 2011 blaze, US aircraft owners were instructed to replace the system – it was estimated to cost US$2,596 (RM8,500) per aircraft.

It was not known whether Malaysia Airlines had carried out the change, the Daily Mail said.

“In simple terms, this fault can cause a blowtorch type fire that will melt aluminium in a matter of seconds,” Healy-Pratt told The Telegraph.

“We believe that in due course, the crew will be regarded as heroes rather than villains, and we sincerely hope the Black Boxes will contain the data to back that up, and to prevent further needless loss of life,” Healy-Pratt added.

The cockpit fire theory has been supported by Chris Goodfellow, a Canadian pilot with 20 years experience, who hailed Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah as a hero, not a hijacker, in his fascinating explanation, which claims to debunks all theories about the fate of the missing jet.

He insists the only reasonable scenario is that a fire broke out aboard the plane and Zaharie was doing exactly what he needed to do in an emergency – get the plane to the nearest airport as soon as possible. – March 28, 2014.

sourced..M.I .cockpit-fire-mh370s-disappearance




Essentially the whole world wants to know , What actually happened to MH 370?

Why did it change course and flew into the indian ocean?

Who was doing the flying ? Was it being flown by a suicidal pilot or was it on auto pilot?

Was the cockpit crew unsconscious as the plane flew till it burned all the fuel ?

And the passengers .?  Were they also unconscious for the duration of the altered course that flew them to the eventual fate?

Until and when we have answers to these questions, we can only speculate and theorize and come up with a host of possible scenarios that may shed some light into this bizzare occurence that defys logic and common sense in many ways that,it can only be surmised , some very strange event happened onboard which resulted in the mysterious and tragic conclusion.

Even conspiracy theorist are hard pressed to offer a nefarious angle explaining the event..sometimes the simplest of explanation can be the answer to solve the most complicated of problem , which has everyone stumped but noone is looking at the right place for the explanation, all preoccupied with trying to solve the riddle with the most complex means but the answer could well be staring them in the face , and so simple that if only they have considered it.

So far , they have done psychological profiling , flight  simulator taken apart and investigated in meticulous detail, every single passenger and crew had a background check to look for any possible connection to suspicious links, ( each time something just slightly out  of the ordinary is inferred ,some  media tends to blow it up a bit out of proportion . For example ,  fake passports with Iranians = well , there could be a terrorist dimension because of the nationalities of the fake passport holders –

Then the pilot and his political affiliation in Malaysian politics – it’s  amplified into a suggestion of a possible suicidal mentally deranged and angry personality of the pilot who may be a fanatical supporter of the opposition leader who has been persecuted and hence he goes on a personal vendetta.

Neither was the co pilot and a flight engineer unscathed by the wild baseless speculations either.


 Cheap  sensationalization of some international media

Western standards of responsible media coverage ? Not an iota of integrity is borne by the sensationalist reporting who seem only interested in selling the news according to their sensationalized versions  , instead of responsibly broadcasting the truth as it surfaces..corroborated and verified.

A tragedy spun into a finger pointing spectacle on who is to blame , from the character insinuations to the co ordination of the search efforts. Negativity sells , bad publicity or condemnation is good news coverage. As if there is some form of perverted glee in some quarters of the international media circus mode of  coverage when it is being critical of the search efforts conducted and the release of information that they deem is way below the standards they demand..All other considerations be damned.!

And as the worldwide audience  looks on,, even certain huge  media conglomerates cannot be trusted entirely. Spinning and exxageration is part and parcel of their practice of reporting global news to their subscribers.


High Tech Global monitoring or 24 hour surveillance ?  Just B.S !

Radar , satellite data from the most classified intelligence gathering hardware of superpower goverments and also that of general aviation monitoring companies , data analysed again and again, and pieced together gradually like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle with thousands upon thousands of pieces,.

The thousands of collective man hours spent on piecing all the recorded data together by specialist or experts in the craft of intelligence gathering and yet the global audience is still no more closer to the truth of what transpired on that fateful night of the flight path of MH 370.

It seems so incredible that despite the technology available to the world now , all the high tech hardware in place , from the general publicly known satellites and radar plus other global monitoring systems that virtually blankets the globe in a perpetual 24 hour cycle of surveillance,

including the intelligence gathering hardware and exceptional HD capabilities of certain goverments .

Gizmos that are highly classsified, super hyper top secret , which are based at land , sea and space ,

Still incredulously , (like  if North Korea’s Kim Joung Un farts loud enough , their intel hardware can probably detect the sound, and  if N.K.  fires a ballistic missile aimed at a friendly country,they will know instantly in real time , and can blast it to smithereens out of the sky,also in instant time )

yet no intelligence has surfaced shedding light as to the final position of MH 370..apart from the altered course and the debris field from satellite imagery.

One would have thought that even if the plane had crashed into the Indian ocean , the huge boom of metal hitting water might have been picked up by some sonar device or earthquake seismic  measuring device or satellite recording data.


Common Sense deems this uncommonly bizzare!

Circumstances of this tragedy seems so bizzare  , if approach or line of thought adopted is from a common sensical perspective in trying to reason , why a plane on a direct flight path to Beijing will suddenly change course and continue on a different flight path that does not seem to have a destination .

A  heading that can only conclude in a fatal final destination in the middle of nowhere of empty expanse of the Indian ocean, thousands of kilometres from anywhere .

A situation ,any pilot or cockpit crew will be well aware of , in light of their fuel situation and global position in relation to their flight path.

So the question that begs to be asked is whether the cockpit crew were even conscious during the altered flight path to nowhere or whom was doing the flying and flipping the switches of the transponder or the flight stick to climb in altitude and etc etc??

Or were they out of commision due to some sudden violent circumstance in the cockpit,not of human intentional design?


 Personal theory that is plausible to myself . Passengers and crew Breathing bad air or Fire onboard aircraft!

Personally , sifting through all the wild allegations and speculations on what has been theorized on what happened onboard flight MH 370..

One plausible theory  I am mulling over to settle my personal restlessness and utter bewilderment is below.

Of course it counts as another one among the hundreds of speculations already aired , still , it makes a bit of sense to me , if we were to  look beyond the theories that exempts foul play in the equation ..


From what is certain is the fact that the flight changed course sometime during the very early hours.. a time when most passengers will have been sleeping or in a drowsy state..or in a relaxed state preparing to doze off the anticipated few hours before arrival at Beijing.

What if  the circulated air been breathed has been compromised or contaminated with carbon monoxide or another agent that severely reduced the oxygen content but not serious enough to generate alarm, thereby all onboard were breathing bad air without realising it.?


O2 deficiency in the extremities can cause drowsiness , fatigue and even loss of consciousness , if one  has been exposed to a very low O2 atmosphere over a  period of time without being aware of it..

Airplanes especially Boeings recycle air from the external atmosphere with HEPA filters  (High Efficiency Particulate Air)  that draws the air  into the cabin mixed with 50/50 per cent ratio of recycled air and ambient  filtered air, that ventilates the cabin..

It is highly unlikely of course , due to the design safeguards , due to some fluke ,  somehow , O2 content in the cabin breathing air is severely reduced , the passengers and the crew may be affected by a very slow gradual onset of oxygen deprivation to the body and especially to the brain . a.k.a Hypoxia.


( Among the symptoms of severe hypoxia , confusion / disorientation / hallucinations / behavioral change, severe headaches / reduced level of consciousness  and  unconsciousness )

Imagine the pilot and the cockpit crew , in a semi conscious dazed state.fighting to stay alert and awake, .pushing buttons that react to emergencies and changing course to navigate to the nearest airport ,so preoccupied with the corrective emergency procedures that ,in the disorientation and confusion, they forgot about  the O2 mask ,  only to lapse into unconsciousness before they could complete the emergency procedures and the plane just corrected itself ,perhaps climbing in altitude then correcting itself on auto pilot and flew on a heading towards nowhere till it can fly no more without fuel.


 FIRE..! Horrifying Thought to Theorize.!

Even scarier to contemplate ..! (if there really had been a fire in the cockpit and noxious fumes are in the breathing mix., it may be that somehow the fire is small and un noticed, melting wires or something happened to the batteries the plane had  in the cargo hold,- since it is known that there is an explosion risk of the batteries. that could  result in a small fire in the cargo hold releasing noxious fumes, which may have gotten in to the aircraft ventilation system very slowly , like carbon monoxide poisoning)


The other theory with fire as a premise, will be  a very rapid onset of fire in the aircraft , fire knocking out communications, burning and melting wires (which may  even explain transponder switch off because the wires were burnt through and circuit was disconnected) and engulfing the cabin with thick noxious fumes ,maybe fire that started from the cargo hold burning through to the passengers compartment and heat and acrid smoke permeating the cabin and cockpit , that the O2 mask may not be able to serve their purpose.


Not to be ignored is of course the fire in the cockpit theory as the above article suggest .  The  crew trying to extinguish the flames but it rages out of control in the cockpit.

O2, a highly flammable gas  that can ignite like a blowtorch if exposed to a mere spark or naked flame,igniting a  fire in the confined environment of the cockpit,  that may have again burnt through the cockpit’s systems, melting wires , that can knock out the com or explaining the sudden switch off of transponder, because like wires being cut, the electrical system has been burnt through and melted wires lose circuits and cannot convey electricity.!

Question will be , if this had happened, did the entire  cockpit crew succcumbed to the situation, and no one was flying the plane ?




Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or extremities is deprived of adequate oxygen supply. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body. hypoxia refers to a state in which oxygen supply is insufficient, .


Generalized hypoxia occurs in healthy people when they ascend to high altitude, where it causes altitude sickness leading to potentially fatal complications: high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE)


Hypoxia also occurs in healthy individuals when breathing mixtures of gasses with a low oxygen content, e.g. while diving underwater especially when using closed-circuit rebreather systems that control the amount of oxygen in the supplied air


The symptoms of generalized hypoxia depend on its severity and acceleration of onset.In the case of altitude sickness, where hypoxia develops gradually, the symptoms include light-headedness / fatigue, numbness / tingling of extremities, nausea

In severe hypoxia, or hypoxia of very rapid onset  confusion / disorientation / hallucinations / behavioral change, severe headaches / reduced level of consciousness / unconsciousness , eventually leading to the late signs which in severe cases can be  followed by death.




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