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Religious Guard-dogs of Malaysia

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RPK says: 

I must admit that I was pretty surprised to read The Malay Mail news report above. I don’t remember reading anywhere about the call to demolish the surau in Johor that had been ‘defiled’ by Buddhist tourists who prayed in it.

I did, however, read the news report about His Highness the Sultan off Johor ordering an investigation into the matter, the proposal to cancel the PR status of the tour operator (or was it the hotel operator) who allowed this thing to happen, the arrest of the tourist guide, and so on.

Wow! What a huge brouhaha over nothing. It makes one wonder whether these people are so free and have nothing to do with their time. Aren’t there more pressing problems to worry about?

I already wrote about prayer rooms all over the world being shared by all the faiths (READ HERE). Some smart arses then responded by arguing that a surau is a surau and a multi-faith prayer room is a multi-faith prayer room and that they are both not the same.

What else are you going to argue? That a fowl is a fowl and a chicken is a chicken and that they are both not the same? Is not a chicken also a fowl? In fact, a fowl can also be a hen, rooster, capon, pullet, poultry, etc. So what do you mean they are not the same?

surau is a prayer room. It is not a mosque. You cannot do your Friday prayers in a surau. You also need not do your sembahyang sunat masjid in a surau. I know one renowned ustaz (preacher) in Kuala Terengganu who smokes in a surau, as do some of his congregation. You cannot smoke in a mosque. It is haram (forbidden). Are you telling me that this renowned ustaz is a deviant? In fact, he is quite famous.

Asking for the surau to be demolished just because some Buddhists prayed in it is the height of stupidity. Apa sudah jadi ni? We are becoming a nation of idiots. If a dog were to accidentally stray into the surau would you also ask for the surau to be demolished, especially if it pissed on the carpet? And if we do not need to demolish the surau (because a dog strayed into it and pissed on the carpet) then why not? Is a dog cleaner than a Buddhist?

Sheesh! I don’t think I want to talk about this any further. If I layan (entertain) these idiots I might become an idiot.

surau is a prayer room or hall. It is not quite a mosque. You can even have a prayer room or surau in your home or place of work. But even if it is a mosque what is wrong if non-Muslims use it to pray as long as they take off their shoes and cover themselves decently? Anyway, in the first place, they would not be allowed into the mosque if they were indecently dressed.

All over the world prayer rooms are ‘shared’ by those of different religious persuasions. This has never been an issue for either Muslims or non-Muslims. So why is it an issue in Malaysia? Full article here   where-is-the-insult ?

sign at international airport

My Rambling Thots :

written by Bryan

It is all in the name. this time the word “surau”. probably just a large room designated for prayer as such , wonder how often it is actually used by muslims for their devotion at the resort., guess it is still dis respectful because of the namesake it was given which is where the offence was taken.

Similar to if the buddhist were doing their prayers in a designated room named a “chapel” ,as it were So what is in a name of a room or a hall? Serious ramifications judging from this affair.Serious enough to warrant the guy responsible being arrested for it. Just as well, it involved singaporeans, otherwise, there may be screaming for blood and retaliation, but wif singaporeans, proceed more cautiously. won’t want a international incident that will make us look bad.

.Despite all that ,  the response or more aptly  described retaliation is yet again seems too heavy handed and totally uncalled for in relation to the interpreted offense.

Just can’t help but wonder about this You tube “religion insulting watchdogs. they seem to be like cockcroaches emerging from all nooks and crannies. Thousands of resorts and they know exactly where and when the next “insult” will be at ,to record and upload..Divine guidance?

These watchdogs of religious sensitivities ,ever since they have been reared to guard the boundaries on what may be construed as being  offensive to the Islamic faith- have been consistently pouncing on all manner of crumbs they find or thrown their way.
In Malaysia this sign below may just be deemed offensive to Religious Purist. 
 It is seriously doubted that the appointed guardians of religious sensitivities  may pause at any point to consider other dimensions of  the “Insults to Islam ” that they discovered which may neutralize the severity of offence in revealing another light to the  story ,versus the usually biased account that they present to the easily provoked and excitable segment.
 Promoting goodwill among the  inter religious faiths in the country  is not in their agenda  at all.  If anything it is against their malicious design and may jeopardize their sinister intent to cause as much anger , resentment and misunderstanding as possible to further the cause of creating the perception of  their  race /religion under siege.
So , they are not going to look beyond what is determined as a  “sure fire insult ” guaranteed to raise the ire and stoke the passions of muslims if presented in a custom designed manner.. predatorial beast on feeding frenzy don’t pause to consider whether they are killing their food humanely..just kill and eat and move on to the next hunt.
But main thing is that the predatorial beast do need to feed to survive and cannot stop hunting …or risk starvation .Which is what may happen to the “guardian beast of religious propriety” in the country if they fail to find prey to sustain their survival.
  So they are still on the hunt as we speak , we won’t need to hold our breaths for long before the next ” Insult ” surfaces.
No issue too big or too petty.,too ludicrous or irrational..the main focus is the ” Insult ” angle and if can be determined that it can be made to stick ,to outrage and do more damage to the targeted audience’s psyche. their job is done, everything else are side issues not to be concerned with by them.
Afterall , these champions of the sanctity of their religion have a job to do with instuctions on very clear and definitive goals or targets to achieve which they are probably remunerated very handsomely for.

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