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screw us and we multiply.

The megalomaniatic cleptocrat’s have zero empathy for their own peoples .
We need to go back to our original cultures and rescue our values  and stop absolutely this manipulative attempts to control minds and our wellbeing . Those responsible for these are  people that are so sick because of the power they wield , it makes me sick, and I know because I know I am   being screwed over by them !
But  methinks ....

a Government over-facilitating the people in exchange for votes and voters using the “this is a democracy” card in exchange for disobeying the law and getting away with it.
On the verge of bankrupting the nation running up  humongous  debts because of non-democratic means of governing acting in authoritarian ways -completely disregarding the people’s will and the country’s interests in order to facilitate themselves and calling the whole system a democracy.

A dysfunctional democracy- SHAMOCRACY-  practiced in Malaysia.
No matter where in the world you go, whatever the continent the place, the poor always seem to suffer at the hands of the rich. Whether through religion, politics, class, always pitting  people  against each other and the ones who really benefit are-”  the super rich and powerful”…….when will this ever stop, i wonder?

Be aware of what is unfolding before our eyes and perversely disguised by politicians and media. There must be an  insurrection! This nightmare needs to be be stopped! The people must unite against the elitist tyranny who wants to easily take possession of what was earned for through the  efforts and sacrifice by the people!

Ethics, integrity are just words, means nothing to politicians! Wake up and do what you can,
or it will be A bit like finding out you have STD, and then start wearing condoms.
Too little too late.

Power-To-The-People-Time-to-Voice-Out-Our-Stand =by Zainah Anwar


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