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MH370,why is it that circumstances seem to be getting more suspicious?

after so long , one would have expected many  of the conspiracy theories floated around the vanishing of MH370 to have been debunked or that the public will have gotten numbed or blase  by it all and not taking any of it seriously, especially the later ones that are making the rounds.

Yet , the reverse seem to be happening..And the conspiracy theorist seem to be gaining credibility on some of their conjectures ,presented ,  backed by their arguments which appeals to common sense.of a stumped public hungry for the truth, or at least some version that can shed a bit of light or make some sense to their complete befuddlement of events.

It is not without merit either, that each time an official version is broadcasted to the public to digest, trust these C.T guys to  shoot it full of holes, pointing out the discrepancies or inconsistencies in the official releases..

And it isn’t like, the debunking of official versions is shooting in the dark at random, hoping to hit a mark or throwing stones blindly in the hope of hitting something.  They actually make more sense than what the officials are saying, and some of the press releases are so dodgy and contradictory that , even the general public can smell “the stinky tofu” without any help from the detractors among the conspiracy theorist..

Is it any wonder that the element of trust or  even the benefit of doubt is no more a privilidge extended to the officials and is withdrawn, that only concrete evidence will be accepted from now.

So far , the official versions have been going on in a repetitive cycle . the first cycle being , we can’t find the plane , we are not sure what happened , we think it may have flown there.then it goes back to the first statement!

The second cycle, we can’t find the plane , we think it may have flown on south, it may have crashed into the Indian ocean but we cannot confirm it..

But of course all theses “facts” are corroborated and verified before they were released to an anxious global audience..

Whipping the predatorial instincts of  the conspiracy theorist, ( that can also be found among the ranks of the international media , yes , surprisingly??  among the journalist , not all , of course, there are still a lot who hold on dearly to their principles of journalistic integrity)

But the susceptible ones goes into a feeding frenzy mode.. To be fair,  if the public were to sift through all the  theories floated , amongst some that emerges are of the totally ridiculous to  the inane (the usual suspects from – alien abductions to flying into a black hole or a time warp ending up at some point in the future or the past or like a very episode of star trek, were beamed up to a mother craft in deep space or just disintegrated in mid flight due to some atmospheric anomaly and on and on into dozens of variations that a fertile  imagination can unleash..) yet there are some versions or theories that seem to be credible and appeals to the common sense.

But from the theories are also the aspersions being cast on the victims of the missing jetliner. From the passengers to the crew , the pilot especially getting a lot  of the attention. The foreign media as if they have sniffed on to something worth hunting down, like hound dogs , hounding the family with write ups that  insinuate doubts to the integrity of the person who has years and thousands of hours of piloting experience behind him,coupled with the fact that he is also a loving parent and spouse , a decent family man who is as common and without controversy as they come, yet the latter part conveniently omitted , but as far as the some of the press is concerned, it is not relevant to the angle they are pursuing, which is of a troubled individual that may have cracked psychologically.

And for those who may have taken their bait with their mumbo jumbo, then they  may buy into their attempted depiction of a suicidal loony on a vengeful outing because of  fanatical political affiliation in Malaysian politics or that the co pilot is a an irresponsible flirt who lures sweet young things into his lair(cockpit).

The pilot’s hobby and dedication to his profession spun into a sinister plot as they unceremoniously tresspass into his residence and commandered his flight simulator that they can do forensics and see what they can infer into what is not there at present.

And to my utter exasperation, the theory that to me has to take the cake, has to be watching in disbelief as some really  dumb American blonde and some dumber male versions from Fox news actually expounding  on the fact that the pilot has a muslim sounding name, therefore has to be part of some global islamic conspiracy to fly the plane into some mayhem.

All that can be inferred merely because he is a muslim? Brilliant! Well, one certainly hopes that someday they will stick their heads out or crawl out of that reeking foxhole and do away with the stench of fox crap they call news.Don’t get me wrong, i have a lot of respect for American journalist who really tell it as it is but sure as heck, this dumbo blonde on Fox news does not count among them. If anything, she gives those gutsy American journos  a very bad name and a bad taste in the mouth, her and her ilk. She ought to be spanked for being so naughty!

And despite the fact that after a through investigation by the authorities, domestic and international , clearing his name of  any suspicion of foul play, the foreign media still seems to be on this scent, judging by the articles after the fact..

And adding to the aspersions of character dubiousness, are suggestions as to some of the passengers backgrounds and a conspiracy of billion dollar proportions.

But at least , this time the passengers  were portrayed  as unwitting victims to a murderous diabolical plot to gain control of high tech cloak and dagger stuff.

(see earlier posting ” The circus gets more intriguing/ entertaining) )

And of course, not to be left out will be the cargo manifest, which if the foul play element planned and executed by sinister minded humans is discounted, then the highly volatile shipment of close to half a ton of LI-On(lithium ion) batteries takes form.

Afterall , there are documented past incidences of precisely same type of cargo onboard airplanes that exploded and cause plane crashes, some of the crashes fatal. Yes, it is plural, more than once , where Li-On batteries on air cargo brought down airplanes.

So there is speculation and suspicions of the Lithium ions as being a possible suspect that ought to be looked into…and on the same note, the CTs are also questioning whether there is more than meets the eye on the cargo manifest, that is not being revealed fully.

And the Malaysian authorities are actually encouraging this line of suspicion by issuing statements that details of the  cargo manifest cannot be fully revealed for the time being. Fuelling the flame of suspicion to a higher intensity.What is it (info) that the Malaysian authorities are withholding and not forthcoming with ?

Baseless speculations of course , that there is cargo of a very classified and sensitive nature to Goverments. (stuff or plots that spy novels thrive on)


As it were , many may be surprised that quite a few of the theories are  actually digestable and perversely  credible that makes a bit of sense in this so illogical  vanishing affair of flight MH370

The question is of course , How do you make a 777 disappear? How do you create the illusion of a behemoth sized flying aluminium can just vanish without a trace?

Under the nose of the most advanced surveillance and global monitoring technology that runs the gamut of land , sea , space , that the world , mainly the superpowers , has since put in place?

Unless of course, it is by design that a collective decision by those that may be guilty by association of some sinister nefarious development , not to be completely forthcoming in the release of details of the plight of the flight of MH370.Even if the very selective few are already privy to what has happened and where MH 370 is.!

And on the other corner, stands the underdogs, the CTs,(conspiracy theorist ) who will not take BS sitting down, So there is a match up between the wits fighting to win over the common sense of the global unwitting audience..

Smart money is of course on the official authorities in control and coordination of the SAR efforts and the press releases, yet it is difficult to write off the underdogs and some of their versions that appeals to many who  don’t want to be spoon fed willingly , when the taste of the feeding may not be agreeable.

There are many among us who indeed have our intelligence that carries us through days and not easily we will allow our wits underestimated nor insulted or misled  if it seems that way.


From day one up to this point, there hasn’t been a shred of physical evidence that will definitively indicate beyond doubt of a fatal conclusion to MH370.apart from the shaky theories ,conjectures or even official conclusions premised on radar / satellite data /evidence?.

A flight path put together by the data that has room to be disputed , which is the case currently. So it is a case of what the global public  choose to believe, rather than , what is beyond reasonable doubt based on solid physical evidence, makes no difference whether to believe or not , facts are facts.! Which is not the case at all.

The international media is not much help either. Instead of responsible coverage , they are actually fanning the flames of mistrust with their baseless sensationalized speculations or insinuations on every imaginable angle.

.Inferring things to a gullible public that are hard to swallow but nevertheless ,like meat being thrown to ravenous wolves on a feeding frenzy.

News is not news without negative connotation. There will be no one to blame or criticize and made to look bad..

The voracious appetite of the news gorging public prefers to be outraged and have an excuse to  lash out at something/somebody.

Thats what these media organizations and their journalist  thrive on , positivity or empathy are practically non-events, not newsworthy, but things that has a potential to be twisted into some negative dimension will always generate a form of mildly sadistic curiousity or satiate  perverted lust for dark tones in events., .

.Even the genuine conspiracy theorist are taking their cue from the purported news agencies that supposedly verifies and corroborates facts before they publish it.?

Yet somehow, there is no smoke without fire as it were.And the statements and press releases from the official versions has the look and smell of cheese.. Full of holes and smells bad.

From the last voice  communication from the cockpit ,which the first version was simply ” All right ,Good night.” and which they seem to be certain was from the co pilot ,  but as it turns out ,there is now a  complete about-turn on that version and revised into ” Good night  three seven zero” .

The strangeness of this doesn’t escape many, not so much in the greeting but the significance is in the fact on how the Malaysian authorities can release the 1st version to the world but to retract it now into a revised version after so many days?

It only fuels more doubt and contributes or reinforces the the suspicions of the world that the Malaysian authorities may be withholding crucial information and bending facts thats has been released.

One seemingly inconsequential remark has now been generated into like a full episode of CSI..  Forensic investigation on the voice has been called so as to ascertain the real person who made the greeting.. A  regular ” Who said It”  mystery !  For sure it ain’t the butler this time!.

Then probably on why the words were chosen, each and every word  and syllable  dissected, perhaps the tone in which it was made., voice analysis maybe by specialist  ,to determine if there may be duress in the pattern, or if there is a double meaning that can be inferred in between the lines .

Diverting attention away from the ongoing search efforts for a spell , as the hungry media devours this new development .

The other puzzling bewilderment on the minds of many..

Why switch off the transponder ? Was it an deliberate act of malice?

Was it some  stealth technology test to see if it the cloaking  exercise works and how far  they can go undetected?

But a horrifying conspiracy theory .. the stealth gizmo failed and they were detected and thought to be hostile because of the “cloaking” , was not recognised, intercepted and ” escorted” to some where???  Or worst, blasted out of the sky because of mis identification and thought to be a hostile , which is precisely what the world cannot know about?

Or simply, there really was a fire onboard , or some explosion at the forward cargo deck just underneath the cockpit, that blasted into the cockpit, or something similar somewhere in the cargo hold, that runs all along the aircraft, and the pilot was trying to fly to Langkawi, the closest runway that can cope with a potential crash landing of a 777 , because the fire melted the wire bundles,knocking out electronics that powers navigation and communications? And noxious fumes were slowly suffocating those onboard.

Why did the pilot climb in altitude ? To knock out the passengers onboard rendering them unconscious so tha he can carry out some  diabolical plan .

But is it plausible if he did that to have better visibility and to glide to Langkawi airport if he can spot the land mass of lights from the island  from that altitude because he could be  manually flying  the craft without electronics . No radar, com or navigation but only compass as a navigation tool and Langkawi just happens to be a  north west heading from Penang which correlates to the  the flight path after he purportedly climbed to higher altitude..But dense clouds hampered visibility so he decide to descend to lower altitude beneath the clouds. Afterall, it is early morning and daylight was hours away. And Penang airport as with the other airports was in a densely populated area to risk a crash landing that may sacrifice more innocents if  a crash landing  turns out badly.

And then  descended into a very low altitude because of same reason, manually flying the air craft,  and he needed to fly under the clouds for visibility but overshot Langkawi and mistakenly flew to the Andaman islands land mass that he thought was Langkawi, realised his error and turned around, as the flight path suggest.But succumbed to fumes and lost consciousness as the plane flew on a southerly course into the Indian ocean on auto pilot till it ran out of fuel…

But the above is just a wild speculation , i cannot resist throwing in to the mix.which probably is easily dispelled.

There is another mystery in the final flight path to the Indian ocean that has a very big question mark and not as easy to dispel.

Which is that of Diego Garcia naval base…

The link below will explain just how improbable that MH370 can possibly fly in towards the Indian Ocean totally undetected and not intercepted by scrambled jets of the US navy due to the fact that it has wandered into their sensitive turf. And if the pictures in this link are any indication , with stealth aircraft , carriers and other highly sophisticated arsenal ,, it is completely unbelievable that a commercial jetliner or any flying craft can enter the zone surveyed constantly  by Diego Garcia base  unchallenged ,or at the very least have their movements tracked and monitored..


Meaning that if indeed MH370 flew into the indian ocean and has the fatal ending as is suggested by the Malaysian PM.

How is it  that Diego Garcia has no recorded data/ intel on any anomalies of a flight path  which will constitute  an incursion into their zone and will have  been tracked by the base.

Another scenario is that , Is the current  search effort that has been diverted to concentrate on the southern corridor a gigantic smokescreen , and all along, the debris is to be found at the northern corridor but if the SAR efforts was focused there, something may be found that will prevent ample time to cover the tracks of what has transpired, that MH 370 was blasted out of the sky because of a mistaken identity.

Just like what  happened to KAL 007 many years back when the Russians shot it down and it can happen again. Goverments have no recourse nor remorse for expendable sacrifices deemed collateral damages  when it comes to protecting their highly classified military assets . They will resort to all possible means, lethal if warranted ,  to neutralize what is deemed hostiles.!

But of course all these are just speculations that are spun from wild imaginings of a exasperated and bewildered mindset seeking answers

to the worldwide  mystery of the decade


Divers may know something about this,expanding gases in cargo deck that runs along the whole plane under passenger compartment.,and not pressurized same as cabin pressure. a bomb not smuggled but in plain sight, wondering if a pressure differential can cause mangosteens to explode as trapped gases from rotting fruits expands(not 1 or 2 kilos fruits here here but in tons) in their sealed contaners or other cargo as altitude has decreased atmospheric pressure , Imagine if xplosion was in forward cargo deck just under cockpit, just blast up into the drivers seats.yah?









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