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Tun Mahathir’s slip of tonque may be revealing his true character !

Walau eh.. Tun M..Slip of the tonque or is it in one unguarded moment , He actually revealed to all, the side HE would much rather not be seen.

In yet another Tirade against PM Najib.He launches into the same old regurgitated points that he has been using as weapons ever since he began this crusade to topple PM Najib.

Although His opening remark was really a “killer of a remark!”

We (Malays) may be in the marjority but with  leader like Najib ! 

We will lose the marjority, People will not support Us.!”

I do believe that – This is the Fate that awaits Us- As long as Najib is in power !

Then came the familiar tirade about —

The financial scandals of the IPP over-valuation purchase and the TRX land bank shady deal of 1MDB.

Losing support from voters.- dropping his personal support/backing for Najib as PM

Cynical reference to BR1M

The Beholden to Tun Razak and repay his gratitutde to Tun Razak by backing Najib as PM

That UMNO will certainly lose the coming GE and Malays will lose political power and  UMNO as the champion and protector of the Malays.

Najib will doom  the Malay race and country and the Malays will not be able to recover if He stays as PM now.

Najib is destroyer of the Malay race , Religion and the country..

A new point Tun M made is that -Najib is worried that He may be arrested and face a Criminal charge for his mis-conduct.

No 2 ways about it-  Tun M is openly accusing PM Najib of being a criminal and have commited an illegal act.

Its totally understandable He is worried about UMNO losing the next GE and the fall-out that may ensue.

When He stated that PM Najib’s stubborn resistance to hang-on to  power maybe due to the fact that,Najib  may be worried of being arrested and held accountable for the “crimes”-

It may be a hint as to his own personal mis-givings as well.

Tun M was not exactly without controversy during his 22 year PM.

If UMNO really falls  and  is really booted out come next GE- what skeletons may be discovered or un-covered if there is an effort to really investigate.all past administrations mis-deeds ?

Although,in all probability,out of deference to TDM’s age and service, there may not be aggressive pursuing for accountability.

But , it doesn;t mean that ,un-covered skeletons will not be shown for all to see.

And that may be what is haunting  TDM,

If UMNO should lose it’s strangle hold on Putra Jaya with a new infusion of of completely new administration .

It is not hard to imagine that there will be cries for justice and retribution..and efforts to recover lost national wealth .

There are scores of worthy candidates from 3 administrations from Tun M to Najib’s ranks to choose from.

There must be  scapegoats to appease the ones baying for justice .!

Marginalized Malays? 

The only uncalled for remark ,was the reference made to the Singaporean Malays.

It doesn’t seem fair to the Singaporean Malay community for Mahathir to knock- in one sweeping statement

comparing Southern Thailand Malays to Singaporean Malays and others ? Where and Who?

Its common knowledge that he has issues with Singapore- esp with the late LKY but still,it

does not warrant a generalization on Singaporean Malays in such a patronizing way.

Surely the Singaporean Malays can speak for themselves without TDM painting  such a bleak

picture of them as a marginalized group,as if they are so oppressed and

denied equal rights as citizens of the Lion city.

Disrespectful to the whole SIngaporean Malay community ? But of course ,he is entitled to his opinion,

and there are SIngaporeans from the Malay community who concur but also dissenting opinions

from the same community who will like nothing more than to shoot down his “exalted” opinion.

Lest Tun M forgets , their revered former PM is Lee Kuan Yew not TDM.

It will be interesting to see if there will be a reaction from down South on His generalisation of Singaporean Malays as a marginalized community ..

Wondering how it will sit in minds and any will come forth to rebutt his statement to defend their status.

And doesn’t Malaysia have an open door policy for SIngaporeans of Malay descent..if they are as

oppressed and treated so unfairly,it would make sense that there will be a mass exodus to Malaysia.

,which is hardly the case!
Meaning-the SIngaporean Malays rather stay put and enjoy all the benefits of a SIngaporean ID/Passport

and 1st world standard of living ,top notch education for their kids -freedom of religious expression

where faith is a  personal relationship with their creator- without Goverment interference or intimidation –

and price to pay for all that – stay put as Singaporean and be marginalized or oppressed ??

As Tun M puts it succintly !

Starting from 2.20


Tun Siti Hasmah seems worried about wayward Najib or …?





Quite many may not have  noticed, – or it didn’t cross their minds to observe –

just because it was the highly endearing and respected Tun Siti Hasmah who said it -very briefly.

Simply because Tun Siti Hasmah is such a well loved gentle grand-matronly soul in the psyche of Malaysians -that in the few seconds that transpired ,

When Tun M and Tun Siti Hasmah came back from the Umrah, .

Particularly Tun Siti Hasmah sounding very concerned in her voice referring to Najib..

Quoting her brief remark…

“Saya berdoa depan Kaabah untul keselamatan bagi semua orang

Saya sebagai Ibu..Saya juga doakan untuk Najib pun

Supaya dia jangan membuat sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi Agama kita.”

(Lets consider Tun Siti Hasmah voicing her concern from a  perspective of a concerned Mother /Grandmother or simply a woman really worried about the well being of her close friends and family,-in light of whats happening in the political arena where her Husband is directly leading the charge in trying to dislodge the most powerful man in the country-(when they are at a golden age where most will just take it easy and do flower nursery or farming etc)

And indirectly her children , who are high profile personalities in their own right .. may get nudged or drawn in to the political battle royale  ,not to mention ,it may involve confronting close family friends/associates.

Worry may be too mild a word to describe how she may be feeling.!

Something’s gotta give, a winner means there will be a loser, and in the process , there will be the bruised/wounded-

Somebody may get hurt but  now the ones confronting each other are ,on one side is  Family (Tun M) and on the other Friends /Acquaintances She has known for decades..(Najib)  who is the son of someone they had a bond with Decades ago.. (Tun Razak)

Tough spot to be in between !


 In a nutshell, She said above…

I prayed in front of the Kaabah for the the safety (well being) for Every one!

I – As a Mother—I included a prayer for Najib.

That he may refrain from doing something that  is not good in our Faith(Religion)

Its so noticeable the seriously genuine sense of worry she expresses  about Najib.,and a certain sense of anxiety in the tone of her voice – as she tries to retain her composure but yet ,if one pays attention.. the saddened emotional tinge to her voice can be sensed -revealing her worry or she speaks about Najib,

In a tone that is reminiscient of what  Mothers usually use- when they talk about their own wayward  children- that sounds much like a very concerned mother whose worried that their child

“may have already done something wrong -but might be about to do another wrong and make things worst .”

A situation that may get most Mothers or parents so anxious and even frantic with worry.!.

Wonder if Tun Siti Hasmah in this instance  is feeling that way about Najib.?.



Being presumptious here a bit –perhaps she sees herself as a God-Mom to Najib besides his real mom. Tun Rahah Noah..She probably was already acquainted with Najib when he was in his diapers. and She feels a certain instinctive  maternal responsibility towards him.

And as with all Mothers..and the protective maternal instinct ,that will stand by their children/charges –

and forgive whatever transgressions regardless – without conditions..makes no difference..whether its a God son or adopted or their own..( An unconditional forgiveness that  is something that even Fathers cannot do ! )

Nonetheless,they can’t help but worry..!

Guess Women especially Mothers may know and understand this maternal instinct better..

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. who afterall probably watched Najib grow up, family friends with the Razaks-and perhaps have a close kinship / relationship with Tun Rahah..

Wonder how close were the Razaks and Mahathirs in the early years,especially the spouses , Tun Siti Hasmah and Tun Rahah..when their husbands were young turks and comrades-in-arms carving out their niche in Malaysian politics.,whilst they took care of the domestic front.

Between the 2 men in a common political struggle,there is bound to be a bond between them that includes their spouses and the protective paternal / maternal sense  extended to their children.

(Just being presumptious and mulling the above !)

On a more thought provoking stream

Gaging from Tun Siti Hasmah overall body language and tone of voice.

Is there something more alarming that  Tun Siti Hasmah knows about that is nor revealed.?

That lovely woman whose demeanour or aura genuinely projects a kind – warm and caring personality ..says out openly her worry about Najib – is in itself a cause for concern and contemplation.

For if there is something that we should have learned to take seriously ,it’s women’s intuition and  when they make remarks that directly affects them stemming from their emotional disposition ,may be wise to listen and mull on it- if there is anything to be deciphered!  Very different from reticence of men held back by pride and ego.!

And noteworthy is that Tun Siti Hasmah is not a politician . She is more known for her compassion and caring persona in public life when Tun M was PM.

She is definitely not the type who does  political double speak,, She is way too elegant -dignified and noble .

A lovely kind hearted Grand-motherly soul like Tun Siti Hasmah voices out a worry – may be a good idea to take it seriously and ponder on it – for it’s without doubt  genuine and sincerely  from her heart.,revealing her real feelings!

Hence when she expresses concern about Najib and  openly says that She earnestly “Prays for his well-being and that He will not do something drastic against His Faith.”  Its food for thought.!

It prompts one to think  whether , if it is  based on something – some knowledge  – she may be privy to -but She hope will not come to that..

Or then again –  She may be actually hinting a message  to Najib himself ,hoping he might be watching – Or as it turns out , is merely a genuine concern.!

But it does get one to wonder what the grounds are for the worry of  Tun Siti Hasmah

 Just mulling here,maybe reading too much into it and baseless afterall..nonetheless…

Viewing the video ,can’t help but  notice..!

The  emphasis in her tone of voice when she said…  “Keselamatan…….”


Then what was noticeable also was that it seemed to pain her a little when she said

” Saya sebagai Ibu…………………”

And the whole country knows about the spate of Tun M and Najib..

Therefore , its not too unreasonable to contemplate on – Just how far will Najib go to ensure he survives the onslaught from Tun M ?

And in his slug-fest  for his political self-preservation or survival…..

Will Najib  duel a gentleman’s feud?

Or is he capable of really fighting dirty to fend off the attacks and launch a counter offensive?

Tun M so far seems to be focusing on mainly the financial scandals and irregularities of Najib’s premiership,and trying to avoid getting personal ,apart from references  to Najib’s stepson.but then that was unavoidably questioning the source of the wealth..

Although there have been inferences to the spouse,yet it was still around the unexplained conspicuous excesses in  wealth and obscene spending ..

Will PM Najib extend the same courtesy to Tun M and detractors by not getting too personal and not drag family into the scrap?

Still  Tun M ‘s hint at the way the Penang UMNO vice chairman   and how they dealt with him  after he made a police report on 1MDB ,may be indication of what Najib may be prepared to do to fight off detractors..

Seriously seriously hope that Tun Siti Hasmah , when she said “Saya berdoa untuk “Keselamatan”  semua orang”.

She was just simply expressing a worry for the well being of all..

And she was just being a” woman- like the average women -who have tendencies  to worry or be alarmed in a over hyped way..

And that she  “was not feeling “threatened”  in any way.or She really knows something others don’t that is causing her anxiety .!”

Just like when she expresses, ” Saya sebagai Ibu……….”

” She is obviously worried about her family and those whose well being she cares about .”

As for this statement

“.Saya juga doakan untuk Najib pun

Supaya dia jangan membuat sesuatu yang tidak baik bagi Agama kita.”

Only the dear sweet lady herself Tun Siti Hasmah may know what she may be alluding to..

And does prompts the highly intriguing albeit sinister connotation in the query..

How  Far or Vicious  will  Najib and His ” Significant Other ”  and  His crew be willing to go to Win or Preserve his Position?

Is it “survival at all cost ,take no prisoners  ” type of confrontation?

What collateral damage will he be willing to put up with?

Of course ,who will be the ultimate expendable sacrifices in the UMNO stable?

Whether Tun M will get his way or Najib emerges intact is still to be seen,and the final bell is still many rounds away.

Its just gets more intriguing by the the show unfolds and things unravel slowly for PM Najib.



Altantuya Revisited.

The murder case that will not go away:

In  a brief Nutshell…events   that actually took place spanning from 2006 to present .

Altantuya Shaariibuu; 6 May 1978 – 18 October 2006), a Mongolian national, was a murder victim who was killed first and her remains destroyed with C-4 on 18 October 2006 in a deserted area in Shah Alam, Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur.

Her murder case is significant and highly volatile in contemporary Malaysian politics due to the alleged involvement of persons close to Prime Minister Najib Razak who was the defence minister then and controversial allegations that it might even be linked to the PM.

It was alleged that she was actually introduced by  Najib Razak (unproven) to Abdul Razak Baginda, a defence analyst from the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre think-tank, at an international diamond convention in Hong Kong, and had a relationship with him while accompanying Razak Baginda to Paris to work as a translator during his negotiations to purchase submarines from France for the Malaysian government.

As reported by the French newspaper Liberation, Altantuya found out that one of the parties involved in negotiations, Spanish company Armaris, paid out commissions of 114 million euros for the deal (reportedly one billion euros or RM4.7 billion for the purchase of three submarines).

The commission was credited in the accounts of a company controlled by Razak Baginda, Perimekar.

A letter written by Altantuya and found after her death admits that she had regretted attempting to  “blackmail” Mr. Baginda, seeking a $US500,000 cut to remain silent about her knowledge of the deal.

After being  jilted, she came to Malaysia  vainly demanding  payment. And lead to her demise under so very intriguing circumstances.

However, it was  Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the Malaysia Today website editor, was the one who had connected Najib Razak with the Altantuya murder.


Note to ponder: Operative word “Blackmail” she chosed to used – giving it a sinister and suspicious connotation with the Scorpene submarines purchase scandal and commisions to be paid out worth millions of Euros as backdrop.And suggesting she is privy to a lot more “shady “info or arrangements not many know about.



Tentatively titled”The translator who got greedy”

This is a true story that happened in Malaysia in 2006

All the elements of a good espionage thriller,murder , international intrigue,blackmail, influential political figures

involving Money,  hundreds of millions of Euros!

The Altantuya Shaaribuu’s case: how and why she was murdered!

Published in the Liberation French newspaper on 5th March 2009

This is the English translation of the Liberation French article:

Shaaribuu Setev is a bitter and disappointed man. Yet, behind the saddened face of this Mongolian lies a fierce determination. Seated in a sofa in the lobby of an Ulaan Baataar hotel rattled by gushes of a freezing wind, this sixty years old man is ready to fight. His face features, hardened by the suffering and the stern climate, and his intense gaze tell all. “My daughter has been murdered by Malaysians on Malaysian territory. And they did not have even offer a word of apology,” states this professor of psychology at the National University of Mongolia.

The assassination of his daughter, Altantuya Shaaribuu, took place in October 2006. This was a murder unlike others in a region where business conflicts or petty politics are often settled with a gun. Everything in this case, which started in 2002 when the French Spanish company Armaris concluded the sale of three submarines to the Malaysian government for the amount of one billion Euros, is out of the ordinary.

The impact of the “Altantuya case” in France, Malaysia and Mongolia has yet to reach its climax. The murder of the 28 year old Mongolian was the result of a “commission” at the price of 114 million Euros by Armaris to its Malaysian counterpart. This “commission,” which was acknowledged by the Malaysian government in front of the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur, has triggered a chain of events that has led to the assassination of Altantuya and the disappearance of several key witnesses in the case.


 How they killed her. Her body was blown to pieces with C4 explosives!

A report from the Malaysian police, written on 19th november 2006 and which has been kept secret until now (can be read below), reveals dry and precise descriptions as to how this young woman, a member of Asian high society, has been killed. In this document, one of the killers, a policeman of the Malaysian Special Branch named Sirul Omar, replied to the questions of an officer at a police station close to the murder scene. “When the Chinese woman saw that I was taking a gun, she begged me to spare her, saying she was pregnant. Azilah (the commanding officer of Sirul) grabbed her and [threw] her on the ground. I immediately shot the left side of her face. Then Azilah took off her clothes and put them in a black plastic bag. Azilah noticed that her hand was still moving. He ordered me to shoot again, which I did”, said Sirul. This is the first confirmation of Altantuya’s assassins’ identity. “Then we carried her body into the woods. Azilah wrapped the explosives around her legs, her abdomen and her head, and we exploded her.”

The revelation of this report in the French newspaper Liberation is the latest chapter in this colourful and dramatic saga featuring French weapon sellers, Mongolian Shaman, and Malaysian politicians. This case is explosive not only for the Malaysian government, since the deputy Prime minister Najib Razak (who is scheduled to become Prime minister at the end of March) is suspected of having links to the case, but also because it could embarrass the DCNS, this French company specialising in military shipbuilding. The French Spanish company Armaris, which sold two Scorpène and one Agosta submarines to Malaysia in June 2002, was bought by DCNS in 2007.

With her magnetic beauty and sophistication, Altantuya is reminiscent of the troubling image of a Far East Mata Hari. She grew up in Saint Petersburg (Russia), then studied at the Institute of Economic Management in Beijing. Besides speaking English, she is fluent in Russian, Chinese and Korean. The fateful cycle for Altantuya came into gear when she met Abdul Razak Baginda in Hong Kong in 2004. Baginda is a security expert and the director of the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, a pro-government think-tank. The two quickly became romantically involved. Altantuya, nicknamed Tuya by her friends, proved to be a useful assistant, helping Baginda translate from Russian to English.

Whereas Altantuya is young and beautiful, the rich and alluring Baginda is a well known figure of the Kuala Lumpur’s elite, notably because of his proximity to the Malaysian Deputy Prime minister and minister of Defense Najib Razak (he is also his security affairs adviser). Baginda parades in the most exclusive circles of Kuala Lumpur, sometimes accompanied by his legitimate wife.

In March 2005, Altantuya and Baginda departed for Europe, touring France, Germany, Italy and Portugal in the red Ferrari of Baginda, staying in posh hotels and dining in the finest restaurants of the old Continent. This trip, however, was not only for tourism: the contract for the sale of the submarines had been signed in 2002, but important details had yet to be settled. “We knew that Baginda was used by Deputy Prime minister Najib Razak as an intermediary for weapons systems deals, especially the high level ones,” says a regional security affairs expert.

At the end of March 2005 the couple was in Paris, where they met with Najib Razak. A picture shows the threesome in a Parisian private club. “Tuya showed me the pix. She said that one of the men was her boyfriend, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the other the “big boss”, Najib Razak. I asked her if they were brothers because of the names, but she said no, and that Najib Razak was the ‘prime minister’”, said Amy, Altantuya’s best friend (Najib Razak has sworn on the Koran that he has never met Altantuya). According to a private detective, now in hiding in India, the beautiful Tuya was also the occasional mistress of the deputy Prime minister, who was introduced to her by Baginda at the end of 2004.

The story became dramatic when, in October 2006, Altantuya was informed that the commission paid by the French-Spanish company Armaris had arrived on a Kuala Lumpur bank account. It had been paid to Perimekar, a company owned by Baginda. Altantuya rushed to Kuala Lumpur, in order to claim her share of the commission from Baginda ; she said she was entitled to 500,000 dollars. Baginda and Altantuya broke up prior to this. A jealous Rosmah Mansor, the feared businesswoman and wife of Najib Razak, objected any payment to Altantuya. Altantuya arrived in Kuala Lumpur with two other Mongolian women, one of them was a Shaman responsible for putting a spell on Baginda if he refused to pay. For several days, Altantuya harassed her ex-lover.

On the 18th of October, Baginda could no longer tolerate the daily scenes made by Altantuya in front of his house. He contacted the Director of the Special Branch, Musa Safrie, who happened to also be Najib Razak’saide de camp. On October 19th, 2006, a little before 9 pm, two police officers of the Special Branch, Azilah Hadridan and Sirul Omar, were sent in front of Baginda’s house where Altantuya was gesticulating and shouting. They had the order of “neutralising the Chinese woman.” They kidnapped her, and drove her ten kilometers away and shot her several times. Then, they destroyed her body with C4 explosives, a type which can only be obtained from within the Defense Ministry. Her entry into Malaysia was erased from the immigration records. It would appear that Altantuya had never come to Malaysia, because there is no trace left of her.

There is no perfect crime. The taxi driver hired by Altantuya for the day did not appreciate that his passenger was kidnapped under his eyes without payment for the fare. He took note of the registration plate of the kidnapper’s car and filed a complaint at the local police station. In a few days, the police identified the car and realised that it was a government vehicle.

Events unfolded that even the Deputy Prime minister Najib Razak could not impede. He tried to cover the case. A few hours before the arrest of Baginda, he sent him a SMS: “I will see the Inspector General of Police at 11 am today… The problem will be solved. Be cool”. A few hours after, Baginda was arrested as well as the two police officers of the Special Branch, Azilah and Sirul.

After a trial considered dubious by many observers, Baginda was acquitted with the accusation of having ordered the murder and released in November 2008. Accused of having perpetrated the murder, Azilah and Sirul appeared in front of the Court last month. If convicted, their sentence is death. The verdict is scheduled for the 9th of April.

Thousands of miles from there, in the Mongolian capital city Ulaan Baataar, Shaaribuu Setev, Altantuya’s father, is trying to control his anger. To him and his family, the acquittal and release of Baginda is symbolic of the unfairness of the Malaysian judicial process: “The Malaysian government is not even answering to the letters from the Mongolian Foreign Affairs Ministry,” he says.

When Shaaribuu came to the Malaysian Parliament to meet Najib Razak, the Deputy Prime minister had to escape through a back door in order to avoid an embarrassing encounter. The Altantuya case has become a key element of the Malaysian political game between Najib Razak (who is expected to become Prime Minister after the United Malay Nation Organisation (UMNO) Congress in March) and the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. So far, Najib Razak has navigated around the obstacles, but the murder of the young Mongolian remains a sword suspended over his head.

One of the most obscure aspects of the Altantuya case is the role of the Armaris company. In October 2007, the Malaysian Deputy Defense minister, Zainal Abdidin Zin, acknowledged in front of the Parliament that Armaris had effectively paid 114 million Euros in commission to Perimekar. He maintained that it was not a bribe, but a payment for “support and coordination services.”

Was there corruption as in the case of the Taiwanese frigates in which the French DCNS was also implicated? DCNS, a private company with public financing, has declined our request for a meeting. “Nobody can comment on this case,” was the sober reply of the DCNS Press relations officer in Paris. A document, which could establish a link between Altantuya and the French company is the guarantee letter written by Abdul Razak Baginda so that his mistress could obtain a visa to enter the Schengen zone (of whom France is a member country). The French embassy could not refuse this service to a man decorated with the Legion d’Honneur. But the role of Altantuya in the submarines negotiations is still not clear. Intelligence agencies find her background intriguing and the Russian FSB (ex-KGB) is following closely the case.

R.I.P Mdm Altantuya
or will you haunt those responsible for your demise?

In Ulaan Baataar, Mungunshagai, the eldest son of Altantuya, who is 12 years old, is traumatised by the death of his mother. Altanshagai, the youngest, who is five years old and mentally handicapped, has not understood that he will never see again his mother. “He is asking for her all the time and is staying the whole day prostrated on his chair. Every evening, I bring him sweets and I tell him that his mother gave it to me for him”, says Shaaribuu Setev, the grandfather of the two boys. As for Baginda, he settled down in the United Kingdom with his family. He never uttered a word of regret on the deadly fate of the one who shared his life for two years.

Arnaud Dubus (in Kuala Lumpur, Ulaan Baataar and Paris) Arnaud did extensive research into this story and travelled the world in search of the truth.



This is the original cautioned statement – in Bahasa Malaysia- that Sirul Azhar Omar made in the interrogation by the police on 19 November 2006 that confirms  how Altantuya was killed :



The police cautioned statement above translated into english : 

On 19th  November 2006 I was asked by the investigating officer K/ASP Tony Anak Lunggan to record the statement of a Malay inmate

named Sirul Azhar Bin Haji Omar Kp RF 125591.

The inmate was then brought to me and I ordered the release of his handcuffs.

I then interviewed the inmate who appeared to be proficient in Malay. I also found the inmate in good health.

I then read out the warning under Section 113(1)(a)(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code to the inmate as follows;-



S. Do you understand the warning that has been read and explained to you?

J. Yes I understand.

S. Do you have any questions about the warning?

J. No.

S. Do you want to give a statement?

J. Yes I want to give a statement.

S. What do you want to tell me?

J. As a member of the Special Action Unit (UTK) on an undetermined date 5 or 6 days before the incident on 19thOctober 2006

while I was in my office I received a telephone call from Tuan Azilah (Azilah) the officer above me requesting that I meet him in Central market. I could not meet him at the time because I was together with Tuan Khairy as his driver.

At that time, I was driving Tuan Khairy to deliver hampers in Selayang and Batu Caves. On my way to there roughly after 12 noon I received another call from Azilah who asked me where I was and I told Azilah I may be late coming back as I was assisting an officer and I replied I would call him back after completing my duties.

At around 3.00pm, after dropping off the officer at the office in Bukit Aman, Azilah telephoned me again and told me to meet him in Central Market.

At about 3.15pm I met Azilah at Central Market. He instructed me to observe Malaya Hotel where the woman who was disturbing the businessman [sic] stayed. Azilah also informed me there were three women staying in a room on the 8th floor, the number of which I am unable to recollect.

After that I went together with Azilah in my car, a Satria bearing registration number WEA 4717 to look for Malaya Hotel.

On the way there, Azilah talked about a reward of between RM50,000 and RM100,000 if the case was settled. Azilah and I however failed to locate the hotel after circling the area many times.

After failing to locate the hotel, Azilah and I returned to Central Market and while we were there, Azilah asked an artist at Central Market for directions to Malaya Hotel.

The artist, who was Malay, drew a plan of the location of Malaya Hotel.

After that Azilah and I walked towards Malaya Hotel. We reached Malaya Hotel at 4.00pm.

When we arrived at Malaya Hotel, Azilah invited me to go to the 8th floor of the hotel. After we reached the 8thfloor Azilah showed me the room that was occupied by the woman who was disturbing Razak.

While on the 8th floor, Azilah asked me to “shoot to kill” all three women in the hotel room and asked that I stay in any one of the rooms on the 8th or 7th floor or any other floor with all lodging expenses borne by Azilah.

I informed Azilah that I would not be able to do it because of the presence of CCTV (closed circuit television cameras).

Personal note:

(Phew ..! When CCTV saved the lives of 2 innocent ladies with Altantuya: Or there would have been 3 murders instead of one. Wonder if the ladies realised how narrowly they escaped being murdered,in their hotel  room because of the CCTV)


After that Azilah and I took the stairs to the 7th floor to find a suitable room to stay. After looking at the room, I found it to be unsuitable and Azilah and I returned to Central Market.

Upon arriving at Central Market, Azilah ordered me to use my car and drive to Razak’s residence to observe the residence. At about 4.30pm Azilah and I were driving when Azilah pointed Razak’s residence to me.

I then drove my car and reached a petrol station near the Puduraya area. Azilah filled the petrol tank with RM30 worth of petrol. After filling the petrol, Azilah and I drove back to Razak’s residence in Damansara Heights.

After observing Razak’s residence, Azilah and I returned to Central Market to enable Azilah to get his car.

After dropping Azilah at Central Market I went to the UTK office in Bukit Aman. After that I did not contact Azilah again.

On 19th October 2006 at about 8.30pm while I was at home in Kota Damansara, Azilah contacted me via his mobile phone and asked me to go to Razak’s house immediately. Azilah also mentioned there was a Chinese woman who was causing a commotion in front of Razak’s house.

I was ready at about 8.40pm and drove my jeep bearing registration number CAC 1883 towards Razak’s house in Damansara Heights.

Upon arriving in Damansara Heights, I stopped my jeep a distance away from Razak’s house. After parking my jeep, I walked towards the entrance of Razak’s house.

When I arrived in front of Razak’s house I saw Azilah together with a Malay woman in front of the house. There was a car and Azilah was outside the car and the Malay woman was inside the car.

I saw a Chinese woman talking to an Indian man whom I did not recognize and also a Chinese taxi driver who was seated inside the taxi and security guards inside Razak’s house.

I then entered the car which was a red Proton Wira and sat in the passenger’s seat. While I was seated in the car, I saw Azilah persuading the Chinese woman with the help of the Malay woman to sit in the same red Proton Wira Aeroback where I was seated.

The Chinese woman entered the car and sat behind me while the Malay woman also entered the car and sat behind Azilah who was in the driver’s seat.

While Azilah, the Chinese woman, the Malay woman and I were seated in the car, the Chinese taxi driver came and asked for the taxi fare from the Chinese woman. Azilah gave him RM50 but the Chinese man demanded an additional RM150 because he said he had to make several trips. Azilah then gave the Chinese man RM100.

After that Azilah drove the Wira car towards my jeep. Upon reaching my jeep, I alighted from the car and drove my jeep out of Damansara Heights towards Kuala Lumpur. During the journey, Azilah called and said we would have to transfer the Chinese woman to my jeep and said that we should look for a spot.

When I arrived at Jalan Duta I stopped my jeep by the side of the road and got down from the jeep and I asked Azilah whether the spot was suitable to do the transfer. Azilah replied that it was not suitable and suggested Bukit Aman instead.

I then went ahead to Bukit Aman followed by Azilah closely behind and arrived at Bukit Aman at about 10.00pm.

Upon reaching Bukit Aman, I stopped my car at the back of the Bukit Aman officers’ mess and Azilah together with the Malay woman brought the Chinese woman to my jeep. I noticed the woman was refusing to get in while being pushed into the back of my jeep.

After the Chinese woman got into my jeep, Azilah entered my jeep and sat in the passenger seat. I drove out of Bukit Aman followed by the red Proton Aeroback which was driven by the Malay woman.

I could no longer see the red Proton Aeroback driven by the Malay woman once we had passed the entrance to Bukit Aman.

Along the journey, Azilah asked me to find a place to “shoot to kill” the Chinese woman. Before arriving at Jalan Duta I noticed the back left tyre of my jeep was punctured. I drove through the Smart Tag lane at the toll booth and stopped on the left hand side of the road to change the tyre.

While I was changing the tyre, I noticed two Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers on duty but I continued to change the tyre with Azilah’s help.

After changing the tyre, I drove to my house in Kota Damansara to take the explosives that I had kept there. After taking the explosives I got into the jeep and drove to Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor before arriving at the Punchak Alam forest reserve at about 11.00pm.

At the Punchak Alam forest reserve as I was bringing the jeep to a stop, I felt a pain in my stomach and got out of the jeep and relieved myself (defecated) not far away from the jeep. After I had relieved myself, I went back into the jeep and at the same time I saw Azilah outside the jeep carrying a bag containing an M5 weapon and silencer from the jeep that was located at the foot rest of the passenger seat and gave it to me ordering me to “shoot to kill” the Chinese woman who was inside the jeep.

After asking for the Chinese woman’s articles, the Chinese woman surrendered her jewellery. She then asked to be allowed to urinate. Azilah brought her down from the jeep and I saw the Chinese woman urinating by the side of the jeep.

After urinating, she saw the weapon that I was holding. I saw that she was in a state of fear and she pleaded not to kill her and said she was expecting.

At the same time, Azilah wrestled the woman to the ground and I could see that she had fallen and was in an unconscious state. I opened fire towards the left side of the woman’s head.

After the Chinese woman was shot, Azilah removed all her clothes and I took a black garbage bag and Azilah put all the Chinese woman’s clothes into the bag.

After putting all her clothes into the bag, Azilah noticed movements in the Chinese woman’s arm and ordered me to fire another shot but the gun did not fire. I then emptied the weapon and loaded the gun again and fired another shot at the same area which was the left side of the woman’s head. I then took a black plastic garbage bag and with Azilah’s help put the bag over the Chinese woman’s head to prevent blood from spilling.

After that I lifted the hands of the victim while Azilah lifted the legs of the victim and we carried the victim into the woods. Azilah then carried the bag containing the explosives and handed it to me. I took the explosives and attached it to the victim’s head while Azilah attached the explosives on the victim’s legs up to the abdomen.

Azilah then pulled the long wire towards the jeep and I altered the position of the jeep so that it faced away from the woods and drove the jeep about 15 meters from the victim.

After the detonation of the explosives, I pulled the excess wire into the jeep and left the scene and headed towards Bukit Aman.

Azilah and I arrived at Bukit Aman at approximately 12 midnight. At the UTK office, Azilah handed me approximately RM430. After that I had a bath and changed clothes and put the clothes that I wore during the incident together with the victim’s clothes into a plastic bag.

After that, I entered the jeep and drove the jeep to a rubbish container in the Bukit Aman area near a construction site. I threw some of the victim’s belongings and the wire that was used to detonate the explosives together with the empty bag that contained the explosives into the container.

After throwing the things, I drove the jeep out of Bukit Aman and head towards my house in Kota Damansara. I threw the victim’s clothes and my own clothes along the way to my house.

I arrived at home at about 1.00am and to lay down to rest and slept. After that I did not have any contact with Azilah until I was sent back from Pakistan and was arrested.

S. To whom did the MP5 weapon and silencer belong to?

J. The weapon belonged to the UTK Bukit Aman and was for my use.

S. What do you mean by the word “jimat”?

J. Jimat means “shoot to kill”.

S. Are you telling the truth.

J. Yes it is the truth.

The statement was read back to Sirul Azhar Bin Haji Omar KPT/Paspot RF 125591.

S. Do you wish to make any amendments or additions to your statement after the statement has been read to you?

J. No

S. Are you giving this statement voluntarily?

J. Yes

The recording of the statement ended on 9th November 2006 at 1635 hrs.

 English Translated statement sourced from =sirul-azhar-statement




Missing person report

When it was realised Altantuya had gone missing on 19 October 2006, her cousin lodged a police report and sought help from the Mongolian embassy in Bangkok.

The Malaysian police found fragments of bone, later verified as her remains confirmed with a DNA test, in forested land near the Subang Dam in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam.

Police investigation of her remains revealed that she was shot twice before C-4 explosives were used .

The source  of the C-4 remains unclear.

The two arrested murder suspects have been named as Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, and Corporal Sirul  Umar.

They had been members of the elite Unit Tindakan Khas (the Malaysian Police Special Action Unit or counter-terrorism unit) and were both assigned to the office of the Prime Minister Najib Razak,  as bodyguards, who was  the Defence Minister at the time of the murder.

Abdul Razak Baginda was  charged with abetting the murder.


According to court testimony by Altantuya’s cousin Burmaa Oyunchimeg, Altantuya had shown Burmaa a photograph of 3 persons taking a meal together: Altantuyaa, Razak Baginda, and a government official.

Burmaa identified the goverment official in the photo as then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.,when he was questioned by Karpal Singh,lawyer for the Sharibu family.

On 31 October 2008, The High Court acquitted Abdul Razak Baginda of abetment in the murder of Altantuya, with the prosecution saying they would appeal the acquittal. To date, the appeal has yet to transpire.

Trial continues

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar were ordered to enter their defence and testify under oath.

On 10 November 2008-It was announced that the murder trial has been postponed to January 2009 to allow the defence more time to prepare and gather witnesses.

The witnesses sought included Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin and private investigator P. Balasubramaniam,

whose whereabouts was unknown at that time.

On 3 February 2009- Sirul Azhar pleaded with the court to not pass the death sentence on him, as he was like “a black sheep that has to be sacrificed” to protect unnamed people who have never been brought to court or faced questioning.

“I have no reason to cause hurt, what’s more to take the life of the victim in such a cruel manner… I appeal to the court, which has the powers to determine if I live or die, not to sentence me so as to fulfil others’ plans for me.

Verdict, appeal and  sentence

On 9 April 2009 ,

High Court Judge ruled that Sirul’s and Azilah’s statements were “unbelievable” as both accused only blamed each other.

Both were sentenced to death for the murder of Altantuya.

Wrapping up the 159-day trial, the judge said both of them failed to raise any reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case.

However, their lawyers planned to file an appeal.

Both policemen showed no emotion when they heard that they were sentenced to be hanged until dead.

Their family members accept the court’s decision and denied any political elements in the verdict.

The two policemen appealed their sentence in late August 2009.

The Court of Appeal has fixed a date for their appellate hearing for 10 June 2013

Attorney-General’s had decided not to appeal Abdul Razak Baginda’s acquittal in the murder of Shariibuu’s daughter Altantuya.

 23 August 2013 –– Sirul and Azilah were acquitted on by the Court of Appeal.

Reasons given for the acquittal were- failure of the prosecution to provide a strong motive for the two men to murder the victim and the failure to call for the cross-examination of Najib’s aide Musa Safri and Najib Abdul Razak.

The acquittals have drawn the derision from many Malaysian.

Appeal over the acquittal

The prosecution immediately made an appeal to the Federal Court over the acquittal of the Azhar and Sirul which was heard on 23 June, 2014.

The Federal Court on 13 January, 2015 overturned the acquittal of both individuals, finding them both guilty of murder and sentenced both  to death.

Sirul did not show up during the appeal hearing and was believed to be in Australia.

The current Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar has made an extradition request to Australia calling for Sirul, but faces difficulty due to Australia’s policy of not extraditing individuals to countries to where they have been sentenced to face the death penalty  .

Sirul was detained by Australian immigration authorities in Brisbane, Queensland on 20 January, 2015 after Interpol red notice was issued for his arrest.

Among the Controversies.and cast of Characters in this highly charged Murder intrigue.

Full transcipt of the SD above can be viewed at the link below:


Raja Petra later distanced himself from the statutory declaration in a television interview with TV3, saying its accusations linking Najib Razak and spouse Rosmah to the murder were repeating information passed onto him by opposition figures, rather than information he knew to be true himself.

He also  stated that he did not genuinely believe that Rosmah was at the murder scene.

He also later clarified and pointed out that he had always been consistent in relation to the statutory declaration, saying that he had never directly accused Rosmah of being at the scene of the murder, merely repeating what was told to him.


Statutory declaration by P. Balasubramaniam(PI to Razak Baginda)

A second statutory declaration was filed on 1 July 2008 by Abdul Razak Baginda’s private investigator P Balasubramaniam, disclosing then deputy Prime Minister Najib’s links and Altantuya.

Bala said the police omitted information about the relationship between Najib and Altantuya during their investigation.

In the statutory declaration Abdul Razak had told Balasubramaniam that the deputy prime minister had a affair with  Altantuya .

Former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the case.

However, the RCI has not been convened on this issue.

It has been claimed that Balasubramaniam’s allegation on the involvement of Najib Abdul Razak on the murders of Altantuya could have political motivations, as the press conference for the allegation was made at the national PKR Headquarters.

Retraction and disappearance

The following day Balasubramaniam made a retraction of the statutory declaration he made on 1 July 2008- in a second statutory declaration and its replacement with one that erased  allegations with references to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Altantuya’s murder.

Accusations surfaced that this new statutory declaration could have been due to intimidation or inducement, and was done not on his own free will.

Malaysian police said on Sunday 6 July 2008 that they have asked Interpol to help find the private investigator who has been reported missing since making explosive claims linking the deputy premier to a murder.

It was discovered later that Balasubramaniam is said to have taken refuge in a neighbouring country with his family.

It is assumed that Bala was running away because he either received death threats or a massive bribe.

Reappearance and retraction of second statutory declaration

After his reappearance Bala claimed that he signed the second statutory declaration without even reading it, claiming he was threatened

Bala was also quoted that a member of Najib’s family, which was revealed to be Najib’s younger brother Nazim Abdul Razak teaming up with a Deepak Jaikishan, a businessman with connections to the Najib Abdul Razak’s family, made Bala withdraw his first statutory declaration and offered him RM5 million to do so, but that his first declaration was true.

Bala has continued to reiterate that the first statutory declaration he signed was the truth.

Bala has been actively campaigning for the Malaysian opposition giving talks on Najib and Rosmah’s alleged role in the death of Altantuyaa  before his eventual death by heart attack on 15 March 2013.

Deepak Jaikishan

Malaysian Indian businessman Deepak Jaikishan in the later part of 2012 held several press conferences regarding his role in the retraction of Balasubramaniam’s first statutory declaration and the supposed coercion in making Bala signed the second declaration.

He also made damning accusations against Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, implying they were the ones giving instructions and had prior knowledge of coverup of the first statutory declaration.

He further revealed that it was the Prime Minister’s brother Nazim Abdul Razak who paid off Balasubramaniam.

In a biography launched on 19 March 2013, Rosmah Mansor ,the PM’s spouse , denied any involvement with the murder of Altantuya, stating that she was attending a special session with the Islamic Orphans Welfare Association on the day in question, and describing the accusations against her as “slander”.



Sirul Azhar (latest events )

Sirul Azhar, the former police commando who was convicted for the murder of Altantuya, revealed during his detention in Australia that he was under orders to kill Altantuyaa and that the real murderers were still free.

He also mentioned that Najib’s aide-de camp Musa Safri and his superior should have been made to testify during the murder trial.

Sirul’s claims have been immediately rubbished by Najib and current Inspector General of Police Khalid.

The opposition has asked Najib to explain why he was asserting Sirul’s claims were “total rubbish”.

WikiLeaks and the Altantuya Murder

Cables show the US embassy in KL feared “prosecutorial misconduct” during the sensational 2009 trial

The US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur closely followed the trial of the accused killers of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu and frequently discussed whether current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was involved in the killing, according to diplomatic cables supplied to Asia Sentinel by the WikiLeaks website.

The diplomats, like much of the public, also speculated that the trial was being deliberately delayed and feared what one cable calls “prosecutorial misconduct” that was being politically manipulated. The embassy officials based their concerns on sources within the prosecution, government and the political opposition.

The cables also draw attention to an intriguing allegation that then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may have attempted to use the proceedings to implicate Najib, a claim that was quickly hushed up in the Malaysian press.

Full article :  asiasentinel./wikileaks-and-the-altantuya-murder/



But Of course there is  Anwar Ibrahim not far behind smelling blood:

July 19 2011:   (When Pak Lah was still PM)

A private legal deposition, revealed by Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on July 3, implicates Deputy Prime Minister Najib in the high-profile Altantuya murder case. The deposition, based primarily on statements reportedly made by Altantuya and murder defendant Razak Baginda, indicates that Najib had an affair with Altantuya, Altantuya assisted Najib in the controversial purchase of French submarines, and Najib attempted to intervene on Razak Baginda’s behalf at the time of his arrest. 


Raja Petra Kamarudin



  1. (C) A private investigator’s legal deposition, revealed by Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on July 3, implicates Deputy Prime Minister Najib in the high-profile Altantuya murder case.

The deposition, based primarily on statements reportedly made by Altantuya and murder defendant Razak Baginda, indicates that Najib had an affair with Altantuya, Altantuya assisted Najib in the controversial purchase of French submarines, and Najib attempted to intervene on Razak Baginda’s behalf at the time of his arrest.

The investigator claims that this information was suppressed by police and ignored by prosecutors.

Anwar’s revelation of this information comes as he launches a political offensive following recent sodomy allegations, which he believes were instigated by Najib.  Meanwhile, Anwar and the Opposition coalition are set to begin a series of nationwide rallies, including a major gathering on July 6 near Kuala Lumpur.

The national police chief announced the military would join the police in tackling illegal assemblies in an emergency situation, a role the military last played during the 1969 politically-inspired race riots.

Najib and the government of Prime Minister Abdullah will need to respond, both to Anwar’s explosive revelations, but also to the Opposition leader’s political offensive, including plans to hold nationwide rallies.

Explosive Revelation

On July 3, as the next step in his energized political offensive, former DPM and de facto opposition coalition leader Anwar Ibrahim released a statutory declaration (similar to a deposition in the U.S. system), made by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam on July 1,linking Deputy Prime Minister Najib to murder victim Altantuya Shaariibuu (ref e) and implicating Najib in efforts to subvert the investigation of the case.

(Najib’s advisor Razak Baginda and two members of Najib’s security detail are currently on trial for murder in this case.)

Anwar produced the explosive affidavit during a press conference on July 3, with Balasubramaniam standing by his sid

(SBU) Balasubramaniam bases his statement on conversations he had with Razak Baginda and with Altantuya; on events he witnessed acting as Razak Baginda’s investigator; and his experiences under arrest and in the courtroom at the opening stage of the murder trial. Among other things, the affidavit includes the following damaging allegations against Najib and others:

– Najib and Altantuya had an affair and that Najib introduced her to Baginda.  (Note: Najib has repeatedly denied knowing Altantuya. )

– Najib, along with Razak Baginda, was with Altantuya in Paris in connection with the negotiations for the purchase of French submarines, and that Altantuya believed she was due $500,000 for her services.

– Najib asked Razak Baginda to take care of Altantuya, as Najib did not want Altantuya harassing him.

– Najib, in a text message, told Razak Baginda he would meet with Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan to resolve the issue of Razak Baginda’s impending arrest for murder.

– Police omitted the above information that Balasubramaniam provided during his seven-day interrogation regarding the murder, and that prosecutors never addressed any questions to him during his court appearance

Anwar stated it was evident the police and prosecution team, especially IGP Musa Hassan and Attorney General Abdul Gani manipulated the case to protect the DPM and hide any linkages of the DPM to Altantuya. He declared that the declaration further confirmed a clear and consistent pattern of manipulation of the criminal justice system since 1998.

Anwar continued by saying he is worried the IGP and AG will again manipulate evidence and statements during the probe into alleged sodomy charges against Anwar.

Anwar’s incendiary revelations follow a statutory declaration by controversial blogger Raja Petra in which he alleged that Najib’s wife, Rosmah, was present at scene of Altantuya’s murder.

In addition, on July 1 Anwar publicly accused Najib and Rosmah for being behind the current sodomy allegations against Anwar, which is now under police investigation.



Anwar and Najib have entered a very high stakes political game. The risks to both men are tremendous, and not limited to their political careers.  Najib will be damaged by the latest serious allegations, coming on the heels of other statements implicating him and his wife in the murder, and the existing widespread public belief that the ongoing Altantuya murder trial has been the subject of political manipulation.

Najib and the government of Prime Minister Abdullah will need to respond, both to Anwar’s explosive revelations, but also to the Opposition leader’s political offensive, including plans to hold nationwide rallies.

Sourced :


And there is  added perspective on the reasons to implicate Najib on the Altantuya murder ,RPK posted  that it was  to attempt to prevent his ascendancy to the premiership that Tengku Razali may have a better unobstructed opportunity at becoming PM… See-  Altantuya and the Ku Li connection

Perspectives -Then And Now-PM Najib interview from 2008 -In the space of mere few years.


This Interview took place in August 2008:

Najib admitted the accusation that he was linked to the Mongolian woman (Altantuya Shaarribuu) had damaged his reputation but he said the accusation remains an accusation as there is no proof against him.

The Sun

DEPUTY Barisan Nasional president and Umno deputy chief Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak says Umno is willing to change and will discuss various issues with BN component parties in order to reach a consensus with them.

He says Umno will not ignore the feelings of other component parties just because it is the dominant party of the coalition.


The deputy prime minister told the Chinese dailies which interviewed him in parliament last Thursday this when told that Umno’s partners in BN, in the wake of the March 8 general election, felt that BN as well as Umno have to change.

He said it is very unfortunate that there are still some people in Umno who continue to play up race issues.

But he stressed it is not BN’s policy and the remarks and acts of certain hardline Umno members are not representative of Umno.

“We don’t play race issues, we are a party which talks about fairness and justice.

“Some people belong to the hardline. If you want to judge a party, you have to look at the party’s policies and plans.

“We keep reminding them (the hardliners) not to utter remarks that will create uneasiness among races. Unfortunately, there are still a minority who go overboard in their remarks. But these are their personal remarks, which do not represent Umno’sstand,” he said.

During the interview, the deputy prime minister delved into a number of subjects:

On becoming PM in 2010

Najib said he does not see any reason why BN cannot continue to govern and as long as BN continues to govern and Umno carries out its succession plan, he is confident he will become the next prime minister.

He said although there are a lot of negative rumours about him, he believes that one day the truth will come out, to quash all the rumours.

“I am not worried about these rumours. What (Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) uses to attack me, such as the Mongolian woman incident, the Port Dickson incident 10 years ago, are malicious and created. They make personal attacks but cannot produce proof. I believe the public will one day see the truth.”

He said if Anwar makes his way into parliament, he will not be the only target of Anwar’s attacks as the latter’s target is the whole BN government.

“But clearly, Anwar sees me as his greatest threat,” Najib added.

The Port Dickson incident

Najib said the alleged incident, as brought up lately by Anwar, in which he was the alleged actor “did not happen at all”.

He said there is no truth to it and he is not worried.

He said his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had laughed off the rumour.

“If it really happened, my wife would have killed me 10 years ago,” he quipped.

“I was not even in Port Dickson. Why should I be afraid? Why should something which allegedly happened 10 years ago be brought up only now? He (Anwar) really knows how to make up stories.”

The Mongolian woman

Najib admitted the accusation that he was linked to the Mongolian woman (Altantuya Shaarribuu) had damaged his reputation but he said the accusation remains an accusation as there is no proof against him.

“Because they have no proof, they doctored a picture to show I was with the Mongolian woman. Clearly, it is a doctored picture and crudely done.”

He said Umno members believed he is innocent.

“I have explained to them, as well as sworn in the name of Allah Almighty, that I have never seen this Mongolian woman. It is a serious matter to swear like that in Islam.”

Chinese’s requests

Najib said some Malays indeed felt the Chinese have asked for too much over the issues of education and government scholarships.

But he stressed that it is the view of just a section of the people who do not represent the majority of the public or the government.

They are not in the government, he said.

“We will continue to listen to the voices of the Chinese, and to understand their wishes. We have made some adjustments after the March 8 general election.”

Defender of Chinese education

“I am a defender of Chinese primary school education. I have often reminded the Chinese voters that in 1996, during my tenure as education minister, I abolished section 21 (2) of the Education Act 1961, to ensure the perpetual existence of Chinese primary schools,” said Najib.

On MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting’s request that the government undertake 100% the construction of six primary schools approved prior to the general election, Najib said MCA, Gerakan and the Education Ministry will meet to find “creative ways” to build the schools.

He also said as long as the government can afford it, more Chinese schools will be built.

Permatiang Pauh by-election

Najib admitted that the Permatang Pauh by-election is the toughest battle he has come across.

He said in the past by-elections, BN had the upper hand, and although it was at a disadvantage in the Pengkalang Pasir by-election, BN still emerged victorious.

“I will not tell you our chances but we will try out best,” he said.

Asked if a poor show by BN in the coming by-election would affect his political future, Najib replied in the negative, saying what BN adopts is collective shouldering of responsibility.


CNN Cristiane Amanpour interviews Najib

Najib with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. - CNN International file pic, November 1, 2013.

Najib with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. –

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has insisted that his government is not “racist at all”,

pointing out that it caters to the needs of “small minorities” as well.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour yesterday, Najib said he was trying to achieve his long-term goals and vision for the country, but quickly said that “the majority of the people must not be marginalised” to maintain stability.

“We do cater as well, in a very inclusive way, for the small minorities,” he said. “We are not racist at all.”

“My priority is to ensure peace and harmony in Malaysia. That is uppermost in my mind,” Najib told Amanpour in London, where he was attending the World Islamic Economic Forum.

“It’s very alarming to see what’s happening in the Muslim world. And it’s about time we come to our senses and realise that moderation is the only path that will ensure peace and stability for the Muslim world, and for the wider world.”

Najib vehemently denied allegations of government corruption and electoral fraud during the last general election, a question which Amanpour put to him.

“By and large the allegations are totally unfounded,” he insisted.

He drew attention to his “very positive record”, which he said included abolishing the draconian Internal Security Act that allowed for detention without trial….



i have disbanded the ISA “—- sure ,only to have replaced it with a just as draconian law under another name.

my priority is to ensure peace and harmony in the country.. ”
operative word here is harmony…how harmonious can our society be when racial and religious issues are being played up intentionally to intense levels and your goverment is largely resposible for all the brouhaha in the name of political expediency.That my dear PM, is a very hypocritical statement to make especially when it is your own administration that has created the friction between the communities, least of all by yourself blaming the other ethnic community for your political party’s poor performance


long term vision , growing pains ? …. seems more like you are killing the baby before it has a chance to grow.


inclusive policies…
reforms in policies are precisely what is driving talent away”brain drain is directly caused by the racist policies of the affirmative action that favours the marjority at the expense of minorities, denying them prospects in education and advancements.


how can you lay claim to the position of  Malaysia taking a moderate stance when the whole world has been criticizing our country as having extremist policies regarding Race/Religion ,and not without merit.


Dear PM , you cannot sell what you don’t have…you cannot represent what which is fictitious that only exist in theory.The international community are not as dumb as many Malaysians are, and especially the media.. They see through your  transparent rhetoric as clear as day.



Malaysia’s Multiracial Promise Marred by Bigotry

Race-based incentives, crackdowns on opposition figures, and an exodus of non-Malays: how Malay supremacists are creating a divided and fearful society

Malaysia is that rare country with an unequivocal national narrative. It goes something like this: Malaysia’s 28 million people, comprising mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians, make up a moderate and modern emerging democracy. Unlike members of other multi-ethnic countries, they respect one another’s beliefs and values and share a commitment to achieving prosperity. The official religion is Islam, but other faiths are freely allowed and celebrated. This is one harmonious place.

Much of that narrative is true — but not all of it. Malaysia’s economic miracle has stalled, and while the nation is, indeed, somewhat pluralistic, it is no melting pot. Indeed, it is a society where people define themselves first and foremost by race.

The Malay Card

PM Najib is facing the same dilemma his predecessors have since the earliest days of Malaysian independence: balancing the perceived needs of the Malays, both political and economic, with those of the country as a whole.

At the heart of the problem is the reverse-pyramid shape of the Malaysian economy. Though the Malays and other indigenous peoples, together known as bumiputra in Malay, make up about 60% of the population, they have traditionally been poorer than the Chinese and Indian immigrants, who have long dominated the nation’s business and trade.


After Kuala Lumpur was struck by murderous race riots in 1969, the  leadership, amidst  an air of alleged conspiracies in political jostling for power,( intriques which surfaced years  later)   determined that it may be a good opportunity to transmit the message that communal peace was impossible without economic balance.

The result was the New Economic Policy (NEP), introduced in 1971, which aimed to raise the Malays’ share of the economic pie. Malays were given preferential access to public contracts and university scholarships. Any company listing on the stock market had to sell 30% of its shares to bumiputra investors.

Though some measures have been softened or eliminated over the past two decades, many pro-Malay privileges remain. Certain government contracts are available only to bumiputra-controlled firms, for example. Malays even receive special discounts on home purchases. The affirmative-action program has become so ingrained in the Malaysian psyche that it is akin to a national ideology.

It is also controversial. Critics contend that the pro-Malay program too often benefits the connected few over its intended targets: the poor and struggling. All car-import permits, for example, are awarded to bumiputra-controlled firms, a policy intended to foster entrepreneurs in the community. But government audits have revealed that Malay businessmen with access to the permits sometimes sell them to minority traders who don’t — at an instant profit.

“Unfortunately, as [the NEP] was implemented over time, some of the zealots, politicians and bureaucrats included, tended to become more racial and emphasized more on the people who have relationships with them,”. “That’s where it went wrong.”

Malaysia is fond of presenting itself as a beacon of multiculturalism.

But intolerance and division are increasingly the hallmarks of the current administration with Najib and UMNO at the helm.

Political expediency at any means without scruples is the accepted norm for retaining power.

The return to court of 66-year-old opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim — who has spent the last five years fighting “sodomy” charges that he insists are politically motivated, and now awaits the verdict of a government appeal against his acquittal in January — is the latest fissure in the nation’s fractious politics.

Others include the announcement of $9.4 billion worth of race-based incentives and a worsening climate of racial bigotry and hate speech that has seen Malaysia declared one of the world’s least tolerant societies.

Despite lauding itself as a democracy, Malaysia has been characterized by racial politics since 1971, when statutory privileges for the Bumiputra, or “sons of the soil” as the Malay and smaller indigenous minorities call themselves, were introduced in the wake of bloody race riots.

Ethnic Malays make up roughly two-thirds of the population, but Malaysians of Chinese immigrant ancestry are generally wealthier and better educated. (According to Najib, they are 50% wealthier.)

On Sept. 14, statuary entitlements for secondary education, government-linked jobs, entrepreneurship and housing were increased for ethnic Malays at the expense of the Chinese and Indian population.  “[The government is] insisting on a racist agenda at the expense of the country,”

PM Najib, however, insists that the policy is fair. ”We are doing what is right and we are doing what is equitable,” he said upon announcing the move.

Nobody takes the PM reassurances that the non-Malays will not be sidelined seriously, merely because, the non-Malays have for the most part managed to thrive in spite of,   as they figured out how to manuever around and  exploit opportunities under the Umno system.

All these so-called new empowerment programs will encourage is the perpetuation of a rent seeking culture, patronage, corruption, cronyism and entitlement which would merely encourage a whole new generation of Malay, Indian and Chinese charlatans, tricksters and opportunists who would play the system, all the while whining of how corrupt the system is.

When the prime minister ask the people  “not to misunderstand the Malay economic empowerment”, only the most ignorant, uniformed, myopic Malaysian would view these programs as anything other than restrictions to their community and a possible boon to the unscrupulous Malaysians,especially cronies and their network who will make use of the system to further their own agendas

.The near unanimous opinion among economists is that racial entitlements for Malays come at a cost for the country.

“Racism does not have a good track record. It’s been tried out for a long time and you’d think by now they’d want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management.’The problem with Umno is that they have not realised how deep the hole they have dug for themselves and the Malay community.

Curiously, Najib,  previously described himself as a reformer who wanted to dial back Malay entitlement through his 1Malaysia drive, which championed ethnic harmony, national unity and needs-based instead of race-based assistance.

The promises did not last long, however. “This guy has portrayed himself as a reformer of the highest level, but what he is actually doing is very much against reform,” .

Instead, Najib appears to be focusing on hardliner and ultra racist  support , which he needs in order to avoid losing his job and stay relevant at UMNO .

Reserving key posts for unqualified people, for example, simply drives talent away. One out of ten Malaysians with a tertiary degree migrated in 2000 — double the world average — while 90% of Malaysian migrants to Singapore were educated Chinese. Currently more than one million Malaysians work abroad out of a voting population of around 13 million.

“Economic advancement and progress will suffer and we will lose competitiveness because of the brain drain,” . Last month, Malaysia cut its 2013 growth forecast from around 6% to as low as 4.5%.

Malaysia is  already entering  2013 and to prosper and be competitive in a Global setting ,the Malaysian Goverment has to acknowledge at some point that , to keep talent in the country ,  those who need help should be helped , but it should not be based on race.

To modernize ,Malaysia needs to move beyond race based politics, and identify  the best and brightest minds in the nation by singling them out early and give them a boost , overlooking whatever ethnic background they are from.

If the Malaysian goverment wants to inculcate patriotism or loyalty to the nation among the up and coming generation of the best and brightest minds in the talent pool..

Allow them to be only  Malaysian , and nothing else.!

waythamurthy…wayTha minute.!

Malaysian Insider news article:

Another minister tells Waytha to go if he can’t toe the line

The Defence Minister has joined a growing chorus calling on Deputy Minister P Waythamoorthy to resign from his Cabinet position if he wants to act like a representative of a non-governmental organisation.

Echoing Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who made the same call yesterday, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein said Waythamoorthy, the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, should think rationally before making statements now that he is in government..

“Being emotional on it is not the right way of a leader. I support Datuk Zahid….101 percent. As Cabinet ministers we have to be responsible

( but it is exactly the problem here, WaythaMurthy is thinking rationally for once and expressing his very responsible remark to his own concerned community , and poor sod is being held to task and villified for it )

“We cannot place our personal political interest above the collective interest of the government,” he said after meeting US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel in Kuala Lumpur today.

Ahmad Zahid had told the former Hindraf leader to quit his Cabinet position after Waythamoorthy had questioned the police shooting of five alleged gang members.

“In the war against crime, there should be no quarter given to criminals,” Ahmad Zahid had said. ( Except for  criminals on assault charges , that type of  lawbreakers can be allowed not only a quarter but even 3 quarters or make up one whole.) ( at the same token no quarter given also includes condoning  cold blooded  execution of human beings aka Malaysians who break the law)

Waythamoorthy had said he will not be silent on issues just because he is in the government. ( and so Waytha , you gotta put up or shut up or get the heck out) (full report)



What gives? Hishamudin covering Zahid’s back..?

But then it  also has the same stench from the same toilet that he was not able to clean up during his shift as the toilet maintenance guy. Now it falls on Zahid Hamidi to purify the smell and clean up the reeking stench emanating from the department..

But Waytha is appointed by default means He ought to be in Najib’s Waytha turning out to be a wild stallion that Najib is having a hard time to rein.

It may also mean that Najib is having second thoughts on his decision to appoint WayThamurthy , figuring that He doesn’t need him afterall..? He did do admirably well garnering the Malay votes which turns out is enough to keep him in place. He doesn’t need the support of the other communities if the  results of the GE  13 were any indicators

So he just needs to go all out to consolidate his standing among the Malay electorate and that will be enough. All others be damned ,for all he cares. Main thing now is to endear himself and UMNO to the Malay voters and  he will do just fine.

WaythaMurthy. ? A useless liability? Nothing useful Waytha can contribute to his  table or stable. Not much of a vote bank or community support to draw from seeing as  Waytha’s  own ethnic community’s support base seems to have abandoned him in droves. .

Get rid of him and good riddance ..”Tak Boleh pakai “,  just like the products and grads of our Education system.

Najib has to use the combined forces of his cousin and Zahid now  and more recently , Najib’s poster boy of suave and intellect ,the Berhormat-ted , OX-ed educated of a  Minister, K. J  ,   and probably few “more influential” voices that may emerged if it really comes down to that and he will need to borrow  more firepower or  manpower to send a message  to  get him to pack his bags or fall in line and  Kiss his hand whenever He extends it to Waytha’s face .

Waytha is supposed to kiss and lick the Hand,,ai..yo yo…Not bite IT..!

So it will be interesting to note whose voices will emerge calling for the ouster of Waythamurthy..since it can be  ascertained by the names whose side they  are on.

Whether it is from Najib’s camp  or the other side of UMNO..or sending a message on Whose side They want to be seen on. or will be setting up camp..

So far Zahid Hamidi- Hishamuddin , KJ , all undoubtedly Najib’s unwavering and grateful loyal sidekicks.. and  the voices that may surface in a common call for Waytha’s resignation can be an indicator of who are  Najib’s supporters within UMNO and who is the battle lines are drawn pre election and the troops align themselves behind their preferred Generals who will make their positions clear in days to come..


As for WaythaMurthy , he should take to heart these  Chinese sayings from the 36 stratagems..

Borrow knife to dispose of  person ?” or  more accurately ” Killing with a borrowed knife.” which essentially means borrowing other’s people power to help  eliminate a threat. When one doesn’t want to reveal themselves, “borrow a knife” (from an outside force) to eliminate a threat. By doing this, other’s people power can be used for  own gain.

Creating rivalry among two groups is a powerful way to borrow other’s people power. It may be possible  to swallow up one or both groups once they are exhausted from their bitter rivalry.

Creating distrust and anger between your enemy’s leader and followers is also another way to borrow people’s power. Either the leader or the followers will be removed in the end. Either way, your competitor will become powerless. That is what it means to “kill with a borrowed knife”.

( mull over the split in Hindraf now ,Uthaya and Waytha camps and contemplate on this strategy above ? )

” funeral service is over , no more need for the taoist priest” or ” pulling the plank after crossing the bridge !” –

Both the above phrases basically  suggest ingratitude after one was recruited to help neutralize or counter threats that could have been destructive to an organization or individual  but  after the design was accomplished and problem solved , then the one recruited  is discarded like rubbish – of no more further use, seems to be a very popular tactic in political game plays.
Waytha needs to urgently decide- whose side does he want to be on..before the UMNO battle royale. (take no prisoners) erupt s..

And that also explains why  Najib has been so quiet all this time. but in actual fact his Silence is Deafening!

Why say anything when everything you say will be twisted and used back against you anyway..and also when you can have others who will gladly take the heat for you and be the bad cops.


Police needs to be on the Good Moral side not on the Evil  Dark side of the Force.

Yet  in good conscience , it needs to be considered that  the police are not the criminals and law breakers they hunt down and apprehend, a clear division must exist between good guys and bad guys..that has something to do with morality and human decency !

otherwise , what is the difference between law breakers and law enforcers , if all are stone cold killers , acting as reprehensibly as each other?

Police have a moral responsibility to respect and uphold the sanctity of our country’s laws. just because gun toting criminals may shoot and murder in cold blood, policemen cannot/must not have the same mentality as them . that is what separates the criminal low lifes / scumbags and our noble respected law enforcers.
if the police are just mindless  trigger happy killers , executing criminals at whim, then what is the difference between both ? It can also be classified as cold blooded murder unless of course they were in a firefight and had to shoot to kill justifying self defence . But if , for sake of argument , the criminals had been disarmed and neutralized, but they were still executed in cold blood?

Many will think, dangerous armed crooks who were shot and killed deserves what they get for breaking the law.! But if they were really executed in cold blood , then there is no separation of the law and which side the police  are on.  It will be like a lawless, wild wild west shoot 1st, ask later.
Police must always be on the moral high ground, no doubt , appreciated and honored for risking their lives upholding the country’s laws and protecting the public’s security.
But if the cops break the laws they uphold, then meaning and significance of their role is lost. Therefore they cannot be or act like the criminals they  hunt  or else they will risk being labelled as criminals with badges, licensed to kill ? Not a good image.

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