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Nazir Tun Razak.Defender of his father’s legacy .?

All is not well with the Razak clan

An opinion piece titled Remembering Tun Razak by prominent banker Datuk Seri Nazir Razak (pic) appears to have struck a raw nerve with the First Family and their supporters – with possible dire consequences for the CIMB boss.

The consensus in the Datuk Seri Najib Razak camp is the article, which sketched the legacy of Malaysia’s second prime minister, was ill-advised and served only to provide ammunition for the Prime Minister’s opponents at a time when arrows are being fired at him and his wife from all sides.

In the article to coincide with the 38th anniversary of Tun Abdul Razak Hussein’s death, Nazir outlined the qualities that made his father a much respected figure. As the custodian of the nation’s coffers, his frugality was legendary.

On the rare occasions when his family travelled with him, Razak made sure that he paid for the expenses himself. He was also famous for his integrity and understood that he was a servant of the people whose trust must never be betrayed.

Nazir pointed out that his father was “People First”, long before the sound bite, and believed that there was a place under the Malaysian sun for every one of its citizens.

It is understood that the piece was put out to remind Malaysians of the Razak legacy and also to protect the family name.

It found favour with many in the chattering class who have grown despondent over Najib’s lacklustre performance as a prime minister and the downward drift of the country into a deep and dark abyss of religious and racial extremism.

Many considered the article timely given the roiling debate of lavish spending by the government and the seemingly cavalier attitude by ruling politicians towards hardship faced by Malaysians due to rising cost of living.

But in Putrajaya, the opinion piece was received poorly and it is no stretch of imagination to say that Nazir is persona non grata in the corridors of power.

Punitive action being bandied about range from making it clear that he does not enjoy the favour of the government to forcing him to consider his employment options.

Much of the talk could be just hyperbole, fuelled by a sense of betrayal. But what is clear is that ties between the First Family and their supporters and the banker have never been so strained.

Well-placed sources told The Malaysian Insider that there were many objections over the article and this included the lecturing tone, its timing and the motive behind it.

It was as if only Nazir was concerned about the Razak legacy, complained Team Najib. In addition, they felt that there must be a sense of loyalty to family, especially during difficult times.

And that sending a message to the PM through an opinion piece was out of order, particularly as it appeared in media not controlled by Umno.

The article dated January 14 was carried by The Malaysian Insider, The Star and Sinar Harian.

It is learnt that Najib and his younger brother have exchanged words about the opinion piece, with another piece, seen as more conciliatory, on the same issue coming out in the Umno-owned New Straits Times two days later.

Despite sniping by pro-government bloggers over the piece, Nazir is unmoved, believing that he owes a duty to his family to remind Malaysians of his father’s legacy and protect it at all cost.

sourced :  all-is-not-well-with-the-razak-clan


My thoughts..

If Nazir had a choice between championing his father’s good name that he inherited that his father worked so hard for and gave his life while in the service of the country and people he loved, a name Nazir will be very very proud of or see the actions of a brother who not only inherited the same name but also rose up to be in the same position in Govermnt , seemingly damaging the legacy .
i suppose he will be prompted to say something..

The late Tun Razak had many feathers in his cap ,on his shift as PM. he started the controversial NEP but under very noble design,to lift Malaysians out of poverty.(not expecting it to be hijacked by UMNO)
Made a historic visit to communist China (under challenging circumstances or political environment back then , and was welcomed hugely by Chairman Mao-significance of this trip lost on the current generation) ) opening up access or trade ,benefiting Malaysians..endearing him to all Malaysians and uniting all across the ethnic barriers in one heart. Which a grateful nation endorsed by giving Him and party an overwhelming victory in elections etc .

Najib has only inherited his father’s name but we are yet to see the magnanimous or humble qualities of the father in the son..His father hid his sickness from the public and continue to worry about the nation till his last breath..In essence , he gave his life till the last whilst still in the service of his country and fellow countrymen.

Tun Razak “served” the People and nation he led. But His son seems to expect the “reverse”. Tun Razak was loved by many because of the “ping pong” diplomacy when he visited China. His son becomes resented because of a gaff in ” kangkung” diplomacy?

Tun Razak and Najib ,irreconciliable differences in these words. Two  names representing two very different personalities.that are poles apart in terms of public perception and reverence..

Tun Razak, humble ,soft spoken but strong and determined..

Najib..public perception has it that seem to be anything but those qualities.

The impression he has created in his  public persona  is that as being indecisiveness , disoriented , submissive like a weak pushover and bullied by the ultras and the UMNO “old men” pandering to their whims.

Which is why it is difficult to reconcile the revered name of  Tun Razak in the same light . So far apart is the  public perception of the father and the son , an impression held by a large proportion of Malaysians..

Lest we forget , We are Asians with a culture that emphasize on very strong family ties and patriachal values and bloodlines that goes few generations in our genes..and preservation of a family” good name at all cost.
Nizar is being a concerned “son.”

We do not need to be children of great men to feel protective if we think our father’s name is being besmirched.
.But all the more so, if our father indeed had a legacy that is part of our country’s history..Like Nazir.!



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