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Feeling threatened and insecure don’t sit well with people’s psyche.

KUALA LUMPUR – The government has never neglected other communities in economic development, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He said the government was a firm believer in the role of the private sector in economic development, an area where the other communities, particularly the Chinese, were much stronger at.

“The government policies that promote and enhance the role of the private sector will certainly benefit the Chinese community in particular,” he said.

He cited that in the awarding of some contracts to Bumiputera companies, they were weak in terms of the entire supply chain.

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Wonder if this Goverment realizes that the other communities are feeling less secure of their positions in light of so many recent developments lately – especially in the religious /racial and recent societal controversies – feeding in to the negative  environment of the country. And statements by certain powerful ministers and influential Malaysian personalities ,on their positions regarding issues that are seemingly illogical and irrational , only managing to create distrust and suspicion and cries of foul play from the minorities .

As if xenophobia is rearing its ugly head in Malaysia.

This worrying feeling of insecurity is not only about financial positions  but is affecting the very well being of their psyche and identity of being Malaysian, especially when one is not of the Bumi community.

Frankly , the people would rather feel neglected by the goverment – never mind then, they can still fend for themselves because they are able to and can afford to do so.

But  the problem is not feeling neglected by the Goverment but feeling oppressed , bullied and worried that their positions in this country  and livelihood are threatened, which is much more alarming.

The  goverment seem to think  that by scaring the other communitites via creating a worrying insecure  environment may work in driving  support back to them, they could not have gotten it more  wrong in underestimating the people’s sentiments and possible repercussions if they were to adopt this strategy –  since when has anyone supported any goverment they resented.. human nature never responds well to feeling threatened ,  they will want to eliminate  those they feel threatened by the 1st chance they get.

Govrments sowing an atmosphere of intimidation and  of insecurity may work for the ignorant mindsets  but never on the psyche of well informed and those who feel secure enough in their positions to be able to and also afford to do something about it, either choose to  leave for greener pastures or lend their resources to help effect a change in goverment through the ballot, if they are convinced that it is the only option because they have lost their trust and hence hope for the present Goverment..

Collectively , the resources can be very formidable , not only financial ,also intellectual and networking , especially when the consciouness is  united in a determination to effect a change ,convinced that it is the only recourse for a better situation for their respective communities , the  well being of the nation and their children’s future. and mainly to feel secure as to their positions and identity of nationhood relative to their position in the world.

Many are willing to sacrifice a lot in what they can contribute to try their best to make that happen.


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