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allah in malay ?

Arabic terms for the holy Trinity are Allah al-ab meaning God the Father, Allah al-ibn mean God the Son, and Allah al-ru? al-quds, meaning God the Holy Spirit and their term for Jesus is usually Yasu not the muslim reference” ISA”..

Arabic-speakers of all Abrahamic faiths, including Christians and Jews, have been using the word “Allah” to mean “God” since Christian Arabs of today have no other word for “God” than “Allah” and have been using without protestation even in that volatile religious region.
Also the Arabic-descended Maltese language of Malta, population almost entirely Roman Catholic, uses Allah for “God”.

For Malaysia and the Malay language to claim exclusivity for the term “ALLAH” to be used only in the Islamic context, seems a bit arrogant if not Xeno phobic or Xeno manic..(if there is such a word).
Indonesian Christians and pastors pray or preach in Bahasa Indonesia when invoking the Almighty’s name, ALLAH is used, second nature to them and their language .
The question will be , is it possible for a singular race or a language in this world to claim exclusive ownership to a word in reference to the Almighty. and prevent it s use by other faiths.?

The impression is that here in Malaysia ,there is stubborn resistance to gain knowledge and understanding about the issue , mostly adhering religiously to teachings and be easily outraged at a perceived challenged to their faith.-selectively .hearing only what they want to hear as excuse to to rile up their passions in defence..
Resolution can only come via understanding which no one on one side seems to be eager to promote..anxious in jeopardising own self vested interest..or risk incurring the wrath of many.


Can Reason or Logic and a Spirit of Religious Understanding and Acceptance across the Faiths in Malaysia work ?

 When WE  Have Mindsets LIKE This and NGOs like PERKASA to consistently stirring up the emotions of the Malay/Muslims in their political agenda.

The Perkasa crowd in front of the court complex demonstrating .. and a selected rep was asked to say few words..representing the voice of the gathered demonstrators..


macam mana kalau keputusan mahkamah..?? (what if the court rules….?)


Insyallah..sebab ini la kalimah suci untuk kami umat islam,,akan kami pertahankan sehingga titisan darah terakhir.

.(god willing, we will defend this holy reference till our last drop of blood)

then screams” takbir.. Allahu Akbar. !! and crowd just reacts and follows the chant .. . with increasing intensity .3x


tapi akan aman atau…?  ( but will it be peaceful?)


A Guy walks up butts in and declares  …Perang.!!.( war) .then angrily walks off…

and the 1st commenter continues..  tiada sebab untuk pihak  sana dapat..sebab  apa , ini hak kami.. kami yang mengucap .(no reason that side wins, coz this is our right, we do the devotion with the prayer)

launching into the Arabic  prayer phrase  ” Asadulahi………..”   kenapa hak  ini   orang lain perlu dapat.? (why must this right be given to others)

then screams Takbir again..and crowd passionately roars  ” Allahu akhbar” again and again.


Sounds Like a battle cry..sensing  anger, so much resentment.. not a trace of any patience nor  grace.Or any hope nor  willingness to have a discourse about the issue..

And sure as heck ,a feeling that there is no possibility of reason being accepted into such closed mindsets that will definitely refuse to see  any other perspective but their one and only viewpoint.

No telling what individuals who possess such irrational indignation is capable of if the outcome of the court ruling should be anything else not in their favor !

One only have to contemplate on the behaviour of religious extremism so often portrayed in the media and recent outburst in our very own backyard to look at those responsible for encouraging these groups and ask

“‘ Are you guys sure you know what you are doing? And confident that lines will not be crossed and that the mob mentality can be controlled and kept in check ? “ It just require a few out of control fanatical nutcases for blood to be spilled.”

And fanatical lunatics like these can emerge from either side  without warning , just needing any excuse to use as fuel to  inflame their cause, misguided into thinking that their actions are condoned and they will be hailed as heroes/champions to  their communities.!

We as a society cannot take for granted that we are  civilized and matured enough to feel that scenarios like these will not happen.. There will be other incidents like that of the John Lennon murderer  or Ronald Reagan attempted assasination , type of crazy personality amongst us..

But closer to home , MPs  politicians or public figures can testify to the  ” death threats” or threats to inflict  grievous harm to their families including  children..mostly  by malicious , vindictive ,perverted minds but some of theses mindsets can be dangerous if  provoked into reacting with extremism , which is precisely the point.

How many of these passionate/misguided/perverted mindsets are there in our society that may just carry their threats all the way through if they are spurred on.?

Throw in Religious fanaticism and Racial communalism or Xeno phobia  into this very volatile explosive mix and it will be akin to playing with gunpowder,,if it explodes in their faces , others  in close proximity will not escape unscathed either.

 Playing with Fire is very risky , Flames can easily Rage  Out of Control and Burn our Whole 56 year old House down..

Is this really about the use of the word Allah?

Or seems to be more about  about voicing out against bully tactics, narrow mindedness –  The Establishment’s Authoritarian high handedness  and insensitivity to a minority  community and  respect in handling the issue. The establishment seems to be like acting on behalf of  the marjority segment of our society and forcing their will on the other communities , because  it is felt that their rights supersedes/ overrides all the other communities  and therefore  must be respected. The underlying message is that only they can dictate what is allowed , and that is non-negotiable..!

The concern is that the more one side compromises, the more unreasonable will be other demands  imposed on other aspects of a harmonious society.

Looking  at the demonstration and the state of mind of the demonstrators and the righteous anger perceived , the sense is that it is to intimidate  the minority groups and remind them of their  place..Pummeling them into submission via the vociferous voices of outrage that is clearly the loudest  since it is of the marjority..

It feels like more of a  ” jangan kurang ajar.! ”  message is being transmitted  out to the other minority communities in our multi religious society.  Like a classic Bully stating a message in no uncertain terms , to effect, ” we will beat you up bad if you insist on messing with us  and ask for what we don’t wish to give, Know Your Place.! . Just shut up and live with the Status Quo.!  Or Else.! “

Psychological Mental Bullying or Subtle Tormenting  of a bigger force imposing the Torment onto  a smaller one. the smaller group outnumbered 3 to 1 in figures..

The marjority screaming that the minorities are attempting to “usurp”  their religious / ethnnic  rights  , so , they do the “usurping ” first because they are in the position of power to do so.. How logical is that?


The Malay Language claiming exclusive ownership to an Arabic word that is not even a Malay word to begin with.  

Seems like Malaysian/ Malay language is claiming exclusive use of an Arabic word which they insist belongs to them because the Arabic term is used to refer to the Almighty God in Malay, , also since the Holy Quranic verses are in Arabic and not Malay, therefore the Malay language should own the Arabic religious phrases and references to the Islamic teachings and Arabic words used for religious references… qualifying the claim that only the Malaysian/ Malay language has rights to use it..?

If they have their way, even native Arabic speaking  Christians and other countries across the world who use similar Arabic terms may be deemed to be offensive to the Malaysian version of Islam if they were to use Allah to refer to the Almighty…it may infer that  these Arabic speakers have been very disrespectful to Malay/Muslims for a long time.
And that is how absurd the whole affair looks to the international community observing as it unfolds.!



Most people believe that everyone has a degree of wisdom, innate or spiritual wisdom, some have a lot of it, some a little, some almost none .but nonetheless everyone also believes that no matter how much we have, we can always use more of it… 

In religion it is an absolute , either you are wise or you are foolish, time and again we come across descriptions saying the wise person did this or said that and the foolish person did or remarked so and so.

More simply, either you are wise or you are not..
In the religious sense , using wisdom is an imperative command from God , it is not an option but a requirement..

And judging from the responses to this Allah issue . Is it really beyond solution or definitive depiction ?

Is wisdom or foolishness being applied in the response to this highly sensitive issue that can rip apart the fabric of our close- knit society?
Never has there been a more dire need of wisdom to ensure that religious bigotry and racial strife will not be played up to intense xenophohic levels .

Khaled Samad (PAS)  Marina Mahathir (Social activist) ,Yusri Mohamad( Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement )
debate on the  ownership of the word ALLAH at AL Jazeera

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