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NameWee taken to tasks for sedition?

My Thots;

Perkasa is at it again- spewing vitriolic nonsense. Demanding that NameWee citizenship to be revoked. For what ?  Well , for being rude and uncivilized criticizing  the  “double standards”  in relation to the “The New Village”  movie that was approved by Finas but which  screening was  withheld because some shallow minds in the bureaucracy objected.

Not only that NameWee was going on bitching about the very unprofessional attitudes of the establishment that he deemed were double standards relating to the release of the New Village but also events that transpired in his professional life and the personal  hurdles placed by them that he had to overcome,(see video )

Now just being critical of the establishment for the double standards . Perkasa demands his citizenship be revoked.

If being critical of the establisment and perceived injustice  and being vocal about it,  is a valid reason to revoke someone’s  citizen ship. Then probably thousands of Malaysians  won’t  feel very secure.  Judging by the comments made in social media , mainstream and even the kopitiam talks, and even in the civil service , which is sometimes more brutal in their criticism , with profanities thrown in.

Yup, deport all of them who have being less than kind with their comments about the Goverment and see how many kampung folk will be left to govern.

Although NameWee’s  chosen method to express his frustration may be debatably crude depending on who views it , suggesting to strip him of his citizenship is way too much even for Perkasa standards. He was just being critical of the Govermental machinery and  not betraying king and country with his comments.

Any way you look at it ,It reflects the very shallow and narrow mindsets and thinking of the Perkasa people, as Mr. ShahBudin puts it in MI, they are not thinking out/in the box ,there is no box at all for that sort of mindsets.

Didn’t Perkasa  just champion the recent formation of a multi racial alliance of NGOs to foster better understanding and integration.The amalgamation of Percisma and Perimban  and form Mirac.

Isn’t it befuddling then that not so long after , they seem to revert back to their old ways of nitpicking at every  issue with racial overtones especially that which involves the other communities that can be used to create more resentment from the Malay community.

Instead of generating more approval with their antics , and being lauded as being a voice  for the Malay/Muslims , championing the rights of Malays and Muslims. Instead  they are creating cynicism and scorn as to their true intentions and what they really stand for with such extremism, that may  even disgust people   across the ethnic divide of well-informed Malaysians.

If we pay attention to the issues that NameWee raised in the video ,it had more to do with the unjust double standard treatment he suffered from the Government bureaucracy ,there  was no malice in his tone to provoke sentiments of Race nor Religion.

The  causes where  Perkasa  has  appointed themselves to be  moral guardians of . They sound so petty , paranoid and ludicrous..

For all actions ,there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. What goes around comes around. And I hope comes back to bite them on their behinds!

We are so  tired of Perkasa ,Utusan  and their ilk ,continuously trying to incite the Malay community to hate/resent  all and sundry about the other ethnic communities by painting a siege mentality. That the position of the marjority ethnic Malays and their race /religion is being threatened. So many of us know better on what the true situation is and how unrealistic  it can be. What challenge?

Maybe  the government ought to  take action against them for sedition and disrespecting their own noble religion , always displaying characteristics of narrow-minded hatred and bigotry that goes against the tenets of what their religion stands for, mis-representing the noble and  decent nature of the community they supposedly look out for , and the ideals of a diverse multi racial country.

Maybe they ought to be deported to Taliban country where they will feel right at home with their hatred of everything – just,fair and decent.

Or send them as observers into a country where minorities  are harassed and discriminated against , just because of their cultural heritage and skin colour or religious affiliation. Let them be on the receiving end for once to see what it feels like to have your dignities , sensibilities religious freedom and social rights and voice  trampled upon..The marjority trying their darndest to cow the minorities into submission via incessant screaming that it is the minorities’  fault when it is obviously their screaming that is doing the damage.

Knowing they have the Governmental machinery behind them thus having an invincible feeling that they will not be held accountable.

Oh why oh why did we fail to vote out this unpopular government..if that had happened , we won’t have had to put up with this nonsense and all that has been going on lately in their ploy to divide and rule.

If before it was more a personal sentiment and stand  we expressed in the ballot, but now we are more convinced n determined than ever to voice our displeasure come next round and this time will make sure to remind friends , families , business networks , social media network, our communities, to make sure that they help  transmit the message to as many fellow Malaysians as can possibly be reached of all the stupidity and offenses to our better judgement ,sensitivities and insults to our intelligence and compile everything we see wrong and indignant about the people we did not give our vote to , and all those associated with them.

No more !  To think some among us were willing to give them the benefit of doubt when they assured us change for the better can come from within them.

Sedition act ?

Lies and incorrigible liars. For an act that the PM promised will be repealed , looks like once again , he is an incorrigible liar and cannot be trusted to honor his pledges..judging by the frequency the sedition axe is being wielded left right and centre against everything we hold dear and perceived to be unjust. The sedition acts abused in Race , religion , politics , societal ills, miscarriages of justice..
What goes around comes around , hope those mis-using the sedition act keep this in mind.

The greatest crime of all: free thought

I have a whole collection of Che Guevara T-shirts. I also have a whole collection of berets — mainly because Che used to wear one as well — and I am sure you have seen pictures of me wearing a beret. I have the double-DVD movie of Che and have watched it so many times.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

(TMI) – He has made the news over and over again for about the same reasons – he raps about people and things one doesn’t normally expect to turn up in a rap song. And this has incurred the wrath of the authorities from time to time.

For a rapper who is no stranger to controversy, the last thing one expects Namewee to say is he is tired.

“I am just very tired. I have put in so much effort, wasted so much of my time and youth to promote unity through movies, yet they are doing this,” he told The Malaysian Insider, referring to attacks from Umno-backed newspapers and rights groups.

But this time, it is different. This time, Namewee is in the sights because he has come out in support of a movie that was slammed by the weekend newspaper Mingguan Malaysia for glorifying communism.

Yesterday, Malay rights group Perkasa even demanded that his citizenship be revoked.


Now they want Wee Meng Chee a.k.a Namewee’s citizenship to be withdrawn because he is alleged to be ‘glorifying’ communism. This means glorifying something is now considered a crime in Malaysia.

What does glorify mean anyway?

Glorify means to exalt, honour, acclaim, extol, eulogise, commend, celebrate, laud, sing praises of, etc.

And, that, some Malaysians would like to add to the list of crimes against the nation.

If we classify glorifying as a crime, that would mean we are declaring freedom of thought as a crime as well because glorifying is something embedded in your mind. You imagine or perceive something as worthy of exalting, honouring, acclaiming, extolling, eulogising, commending, celebrating, lauding, singing the praises of, and so on.

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