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The BN Zoo..Bung Mokhtar the chief gorrilla..

Lets go to the zoo…and kick the BN Kangaroos.. or monkeys…especially the Bung “orang utan” Mokhtar from Sabah..See for yourself his antics. Not that hard to form an impression of him, as a shit stirrer for UMNO.

The parliamentarian barbarians are at the legislating gates..

This is our  Malaysian parliment civilization..

Wonder how many Malaysians realized why  Parliment is  sometimes termed as the August house..?

And that it is  because the word August (other than the 8th month on the English calendar) also means profoundly honored, Noble, venerable, majestic, awe-inspiring, often of the highest social class .

That’s why the duly qualified and elected members into the house are called ‘Honorable’!!

In B.M. ,  MPs are YBs (yang berhormat)…imagine that..?  Leave the rest to one’s own sentiments on what to make of that interpretation ..

It just makes your blood boil to see the sanctity of our Malaysian Parliment institution disrespected by the honorably idiotic BN/UMNO animals who were voted in to their seats by the people..

A bunch of nobly moronic BN /UMNO clowns making sure the public get their money’s worth, ” their own money that is”, that they used to buy the seats. Look at them behaving like a bunch of macaques fighting over bananas, makes the viewer go bananas.!

Even the speaker ,who is supposedly neutral fair and non partisan , but gives the impression that he is on that side of the animal divide at the UMNO/BN zoo

A  profoundly insignificant persona non-grata who has a Little Caesar complex , idol worshipping Napoleon and using Hitler-ish approach in his speaker role.

Arbitrarily ejecting MPs at whim or rejecting their debates, interpreting the Parliment standing order the way he sees fit , twisting it so that he can justify his actions with a lame excuse, as if he is  making it up as he goes, under the impression that  he is the  God of parliment house , and no one can oppose or challenge him , coz He just kicks you out with a flimsy excuse and nothing can be done about it.. in essence he can do as he damn well pleases in Parliment..and it is so clear as day whose side he is on..

At least on the opposition, can see a bit of  propriety in behaving with proper decorum in respecting the institution of parliment they are present in.Where the laws of the nation are drafted and debated.

Can we bring ourselves to respect the “yang di berhormat-ted  MPs”  especially some of those from  the UMNO/BN side, our  supposed lawmakers who often behave like uncivilized , crude , uncouth,loudmouth the venerable August house.

The people have  to respect the laws they make yet the savages  act as if laws do not matter and they totally disrespect and have no regard of the institution that legislates the laws that govern us.

MPs heckling each other is an accepted norm in parliment houses in many countries but the behaviour or antics of  some of the UMNO MPs are shamelessly offensive and outrageously spiteful..! They are not heckling , they are insulting.!

To think that this is the standard acceptable behaviour that happens all the time when our Parliment convenes…


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