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Always politics,scandals, sex, crime, murder that is newsworthy!

Why don’t news like these get reported more..

on the 21st oct , mon. 2 small fishing boats capsized off Kuala Muda .Seberang Prai . when the wind suddenly picked up and sea conditions became very rough in an instant. 6 fishermen were thrown into the choppy seas,as they were frantically trying to go back to safety of the fishing port to escape the rough sea conditions.
Waves pummeled the small crafts and shifted the load of heavy fish nettings causing the crafts to be unbalanced and then as the other waves crashed onto the already tilting boats. capsizing the crafts.
5 fishemen were plucked out and rescued but one was lost and despite a search and rescue ops by the Bomba, Police and local fishing folk, no trace of the lost fisher-man could be found, and the rough seas made it very difficult and dangerous to effect a thorough search.
everyone assumed the worst and concluded that he drowned..

Following day , in calmer seas , a search ops was still ongoing to try to recover the lost remains.

Sometime around late after noon on the 22nd , news came in that a body was recovered by a fishing boat off Tg, Bungah , Penang Island.

Then, turned out that , the fisher-man had miraculously survived the ordeal, he had managed to cling on to a jerry can and managed to float but despite losing all energy after battling the waves and currents , still he had incredibly hung on to the flotation device in his weakened state..
Totally dehydrated and exhausted after his more than 24 hour ordeal, it was a miracle he was alive, he was apparently clinging on to life by a thread.
It would have been dreadful to imagine  what would have happened if he wasn’t found at that time and floated a few more hours. Miracles do happen!.
Personally , I was there supposed to do a diving job for undersea geological survey ,but aborted coz of the weather when it happened.

Gale force winds and waves that might have perished most strong swimmers if they were caught in such furious  sea conditions . it is a really a miracle the guy survived clinging on to a flotation device and battling the elements ,not only for a few hours but late morning when it happened and overnight and into the following day late noon when he was found. The storm and rough sea  had raged a full day on the 21st, calming down the next day.
God is looking out for this guy..

An incredible ordeal of survival, a common fisherman coming close to within drowning and surviving another day, Personal tragedy averted.

But could not  find any news organization picking up on this, uplifting account of survival of a ordinary fisher folk battling the fierce unforgiving elements of a furious sea and beating  the odds of survival merely floating on a jerry can for more than 24 hours to live another day..


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