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tanda see or not to see, that is the question?

another form of Black 505 protest, support BN go see movie, if still want to protest and show dissatisfaction and are not-supportive ,  then stay away …since BN  gomen seems to suggest that they  endorse/promote the some Gomen ministers have indirectly implied.. so if box office receipts are good and the public supports the movie then it means that the recent religious/racial issues still fresh in the public’s minds ,that the Gomen have supported has successfully worked  to their favor.

An accurate depiction of events that exploded into a racial conflict and the relationship between 2 of our country’s political icons.?

Tale from the 2 Babas, Tamrin and Shuhaimi…the movie’s plot just smells like a “Red herring” when a smelly stinky fish is dragged down a street to divert attention away from something..( here it is painting an alternative truth)

Like what/who were really responsible for May 13.
Tamrin Baba’s revelations  had a credible ring of one with access to direct intimate knowledge that he revealed to the public on the real reasons behind the May 13 incident. that it was not merely a racial conflict but a diabolical plot within UMNO, A successful “coup” orchestrated against the Tunku plotted by some , then young Turks in UMNO., that ultimately led to his downfall- which the late Tunku also revealed in an interview years later.

Shuhaimi Baba’s red herring is the sub plot of the friendship of the 2 political icons, diversionary ploy while  1st part of the movie was on insinuating the  “truth”  of May 13 into the psyche of receptive minds or upon those not so internet savvy,

Just ask , where were the screenings done before and the ethnic composition of the test audiences and then think what may be the objective for such ?


Then again:

The double storey buildings in background were not even designed yet and spilt level compressors of thhe Ac were not invented yet in 1969.

so much for accuracy in movies. Inadvertently, this multi million Rm movie made seriousness into a silly farcical exercise.

Science fiction movie? The proton is a futuristic time machine that brought LKS to pee on the flagpole at MB house then transport him immediately to sabah, now we know how he did it..! Patut lah kena kencing ! you are Busted LKS..!

so much for accuracy. Proton Aeroback with sports rims in the background of a procession of  an angry Chinese mob out for the year 1969., There is even  Daihatsu truck (design of the 80s) to ferry the mob back in good ole 1969 .

Prof must be in town, Marty Mcfly has his Delorean and Prof got his locomotive, a  Proton Aeroback can work just as well.going back to the future to 1969..

To think they had 5 million Rm to work with and this is the artistic end production. Money well spent? .

A multi million budget and it has the feel of a very cheap  B grade rubbish of a movie they churned out.

.A supposedly serious story telling of the friendship of 2 political icons of our  modern Malaysian history.

They should have just allocated the budget to NameWee and few co- directors and asked them to make this movie , each with a different perspective, but allowing their creative juices to gel into a whole,  revealing the brutal truth ,regardless of whether it is palatable but truth is still told..

Instead of …

This movie  of Venerated Malaysian statesmen that had helped shape this country and the director/ editor/cinematographer can’t even get the ambience of the period right..

Shows the attitude and professionalism of our local movie makers and “how meticulous” is their approach towards movie making and the respect and dedication they have for their craft.

As it is  said ” The Devil is in the Details .

This movie is supposed to be a period piece from a very turbulent political era. And if gotten right , it could draw the audience and their imagination into the ambience of the 1969 backdrop , with time accurate props and more importantly the backdrops and settings  that can depict  the period/year under which the movie highlighted.

Attention to detail , everything relevant to that period . from hairstyle, fashion and automobiles and even a bicycle or two can achieve a desired effect transporting movie audiences back to that era. The age of The Beatles , Elvis , P Ramlee , Aziz , Nordin  Ahmad . Latifah , Saloma..

Movies like Penarik Beca, Bujang Lapok ,Anaku Sazali. So much inspiration and material to draw from..

And they allow a Proton Aeroback and split unit AC compressor and a building design that was not even designed yet into the background Makes you  wonder how  the audience will respond to a scene where a procession of a supposedly angry Chinese mob in the year 1969, react when they spot the Proton Aeroback with sports Rims parked on the side of the road

.(Wah..tahun 69 dah keluar model aeroback..) Exported from the future..canggih leh.!)

Gaffes like these show either mindsets that take the Malaysian intelligence for granted or are just not bothered by the tedious attention to detail dedication required to make what is known as a good movie production.

They insult their own profession by such standards of editing and disrespect the intelligence of Malaysian movie goers who may want to watch the film.

If they don’t take   their own efforts to make a good movie seriously , then how can they expect the local moviegoers to take them seriously as well and expect quality productions from our local film makers.

This Tanda Putra movie is hailed as serious piece from one of the better  Malaysian film maker/ director  .?

Artistic rubbish , another supposedly artsy fartsy serious story telling that has more emphasise on the fart generated.

So Again….

Serious story telling of a turbulent period in our nation’s young history, based on facts ?

An accurate depiction of events that exploded into a racial conflict and the relationship between 2 of our country’s political icons.?

Well..? Maybe credit can be given to the story telling of the friendship and personal sacrifices of the 2 revered statesmen.

Apart from that…

Come on..Who are we kidding?

 The overtones or feel of  the movie is as political as they come in attempting to drive a racial wedge into  the Malay community support  for DAP and rally them  back to UMNO ..via insinuating that DAP is associated with the communist bogeyman , and DAP is as Chinese as Mao Tse Tung..? 

And If the UMNO propaganda machine is successful, just mere mention of DAP and instantly the evil communist Chinaman image will pop into mind..This movie is clear enough as it is in creating that impression

The Real Tun Razak

a shortened version beginning from the time Tun Razak ascended to the premiership,introduction of the NEP and the noble ideals of balancing the economic pie  and ending in the China visit that united the races.

Tanda Putra podcast movie review…Uma and Joe  disgusted review of Tanda Putra after watching the movie..

won’t be surprised that it is an opinion shared by many:


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