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Karpal SIngh, A tribute!


For the sake of all Malaysians, especially the politicians, let us all cast politics aside for a moment and come together to honour a great Malaysian who truly believed in what he stood for was for the betterment of all Malaysians..

It will be truly ironic if somehow the physical passing of this great man , can be a moment of Reconciliation across all barriers , regardless of political affiliations , and even be a catalyst to be a unifying factor for Malaysians.
That will truly be a great legacy to honour the Tiger whose Roar will still echo down the conscience of all who aspire towards the dream of a true One Malaysia psyche that crosses all ethnic/ religo boundaries..
Karpal Singh , the man, may have left us to muddle on ,but the Roar of the Tiger of Jelutong rings as loud as ever..






justice, fairpay, equality for all creeds  based on  laws of the land and the sanctity of our constitution , cannot put a  price tag on it, probably what  Karpal Singh believes in..we must fight till our last drop of blood to defend the constitution and remove  traitorous  enemies who use and abuse it for personal gains and selfish ambitions., or we risk the death of the spirit of the law and no one can be safe nor protected by the laws anymore.




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